Does This Great Guy I Met Online Like Me, Too? Quiz

Have you ever met a guy you really liked online, but were unsure whether he liked you back? Take this quiz to find out! (Note: This is just for fun, so please DO NOT SHARE personal info with some random guy based on your result, OK? And if your gut tells you he's too good to be true, believe it.)

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    What platform did you meet him on?
    What platform did you meet him on?

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790 days ago
i met this guy on this platform (not gonna mention it) when we first talked we just argued and like annoyed each other but now its more like playful sexual tension talks and i think im falling for him like ughughugh
794 days ago
Ah, I met this guy called Alex somewhere (not gonna specify where) we have been friends for 4 months and I kinda like him and he legit told me that he loves me and that he simps for me (simp ąlert) I like him but I don’t wanna tell him that cuz he’s a player and I just don’t wanna get hurt... We’re best friends and he broke up with his gf yesterday (the same day he told me that he liked me, wait a sec, he said he liked me since the day I met him-) And he’s been pretty sad about that and I love him more than anything... And he’s pretty cute too :333 And I’m sure that he’s real, but I like this other guy too but eh.. I hope all of y’all date your dream guy/girl... Have fun and uh peace ✌️
806 days ago
so i had a sleepover with a firend and we did tiktoks and my firend met him on omegle and they got there snaps and my bff send a vid of me and her danceing and he said i was cute and stuff and i video chat him and he sounded CUTEEE he flirted with me a little i liked it
809 days ago
Ooooh so I met this little boy named Gon on roblox and I think he really really likes me. ⭐️😳💧
809 days ago
I met some guy in my game: Among us, and I fell in love right away, but I'm still a bit unsure about him😂
811 days ago
hey kirs it’s elle here where’s ur acc gone.. i would say i miss u but u were kinda mean tbh we could’ve at least played minecraft together. u didn’t even say bye :(
847 days ago
So, I met him online, and he is really nice to me..Well, he flirts a lot and shares his personal problems with me..We used to text everyday..He even talked to me about his past without me asking for it..Then we talked every nights late till midnights...Then suddenly he was lost..And then he comes after about a month and says the reasons he couldn't come online and was sweet, nice and flirty again...But rn again he is gjosting me and I have a feeling that I like him..well he is hot and cold with me..sometimes he treats me like I am soo special and sometimes he acts like I don't even exist...Well I have been missing him and idk what is he feeling or what we have...Its confusing and one of my friend says to avoid him for a while...
878 days ago
so i met him in a mental health. i am in a group there. his sister was there too. she added him there. he didn't talk much there. i thought he was an introvert. one day he just texted something normal there and i replied sarcastically . he went offline without replying. i thought he is offended. so i texted him saying sorry. he said i don't need to apologize. after that we didn't talk. he wasn't online in the group too. i thought he left that app. but one day i was online at night there. he was online too. we both were the active members only in the group that time. so he texted there i talked to him a lot that night in the group. one other friend joined the conversation later but she went offline soon. then after talking to him a few minutes i went offline too. he was online ig because it was noon there. i talked to him after waking up too in the group. we talked a lot. after that he went to sleep. my friends there started shipping me with him. then i did something i thought i should apologize to him for that. i texted him again. he replied to me after one day ig because he was out with his friends. he was saying sorry to me because he didn't reply to me earlier. then we started talking . he talks a lot in dms. i thought he was gonna leave that app. so i asked him. he said he is not sure yet. so i told him not to leave. he stayed. after that we talked every day . i mean every single day. our time zone is so different so we can only talk to each other 3 hours per day. even tho i don't share much things about me still he tells me everything . he tells me everything that happens to him everyday. he even told me that i am the only person he talks to there. he told me that if i ever leave that he will quit too. ithought he likes me. but he has a girlfriend. i don't know.
891 days ago
i used to really really like this guy online that's 2 yrs older than me and we talked almost every day
i feel like he was dropping hints that he liked me but maybe i was just overanalyzing stuff
bc i'm stupid, i shared almost everything about me with him via "chapters" of an autobiography-ish thing (don't judge) and deleted them the day after i posted them
a few friends also contacted him as well and he called me his s/o but then told me that it was a joke to try to degrade me
then he said i was "🐬 annoying" to a few friends lol
he blocked me and then i found out that he'd sent my chapters to a friend even tho i specifically told him not to
but like why did he screenshot them in the first place? did he have all of this planned out? or did he just want to keep a bunch of my info? what's happening?
907 days ago
The boy i met got angry at me cuz in the game, he kept dying (i think.. idk) and i kept going afk cuz i was busy, and he left the game and now idk what to do, is he really angry at me??? We were such good friends even on the first day i met him online.
921 days ago
I'm not sure about the test results because it only says he might only wanna have "sex" with me which I don't believe. We met like almost 3 months ago and we know everything about each other... he always tells me that I'm kind, sweet and the only one he trusts... we also know how our bedrooms look like LOL. the only thing we don't know about each other is our looks... but we describe it. We used to rp in the chat for fun as if we live in one house (his house also he lives alone irl) and he always hugged me and carried me. He also asked me on a date!!!! we also slept on each other's laps and we shared his bed onse (we only slept and it's just a rp) . He has a gf but he keeps telling me he likes someone else but don't wanna break her hurt so i thought since I'm the only one who he keeps laughing with and feel comfortable talking to I think I'm his crush... also I like him but I'm scared... we r both teens and he is a year and half older than me and I have never dated anyone in my life... also I don't believe in true love but now Idk anymore... we live so far from each other (plane journey for over 24 hours) I think i could use any advice from u guys.
923 days ago
Hes already my best friend tho
923 days ago
I met dis guy in a game like a few days ago, and i have a crush on him... hes 1 year older than me tho. I THINK he likes me...? Idk. He seems to like me becuz he is asking if imma girl... alot. And even asked, "Would u say yes if i asked u on a date?" To make sure imma girl lol. Idk
924 days ago
H E L I K E S M E ! ! ! ! ! ! !
942 days ago
so i met this guy online hes so overprotective hes always texts me like everyday to see how im feeling or how was my day and always says ily and sends me cute texts and does rp (role play) hes always hugs me in role play and gives me forhead kisses and tells me to stay safe when im going to bed or offline . omg and when im back online i find like 9 to 10 texts from him , he likes calling me short and cute im 4,11 hes 5, something . and we love aurguing about dumb stuff and he always replys to everything on my story ,i love him so much ,we promise to meet each other one day , we both plan to go bird watching to gother one day . he always open up to me and we always know when one of us is sad . and we like calling each other names . hes gay tho but i still love and support him .hes always there for me and i will always support him in everything .i just love him hes the best guy friend ive ever met online
968 days ago
He might like me!!!!

The only problem is that my parents don't let me on the site I met him on anymore so imma sad.😢😥😭

What do I do!?!?!?!??! My parents are soo strict and mean!!!

Plz help me.
988 days ago
Does he love me or not
1023 days ago
“She don’t like you” *insert donnys theme* F boiz
1026 days ago
Sorry again for recommenting stuff😅
1026 days ago
I met a boy on a game and I know he's an actual kid because his brother plays sometimes on his account and I can tell because his brother changes the avatar and his brother won't speak to me and when I give my friends proof they get angry at me but I know he is an acual kid. I met him 3 weeks ago. I have a crush on him but he's an online friend but I asked him if we could meet sometime and he said that he wants to know me better first and then we could. In case he's a catfisher I would have my mom around me when meeting at some point. It seems like he likes me too.