Does This Great Guy I Met Online Like Me, Too? Quiz

Have you ever met a guy you really liked online, but were unsure whether he liked you back? Take this quiz to find out! (Note: This is just for fun, so please DO NOT SHARE personal info with some random guy based on your result, OK? And if your gut tells you he's too good to be true, believe it.)

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    What platform did you meet him on?
    What platform did you meet him on?

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1921 days ago
We’re really close friends and we already seen each other and heard each other’s voices..SO UR THINGY IS WRONG ..;-;
1926 days ago
Mkay but on the "are you sure it's actually a guy," I started laughing because it's a girl that I am talking about xDlmaooooo
1958 days ago
I love how the first comment is talking😍about this site, but it *did* say this wasn’t accurate. Lmao. I swear, some people need to read. 😂