Does He Like You? (Middle School Girls)

Let's face it...middle school guys are just so DIFFICULT to figure out. Do you suspect that maybe one of these pains in the posterior likes you "like that"? Wanna know for sure? Well, this quiz could definitely help you find out, so take it now! Good luck!

  • 1
    When he talks to you, he:
    When he talks to you, he:
  • 2
    He has:
  • 3
    Does he talk louder or about crazy, daring things while around you?

  • 4
    How often does he talk to you?
  • 5
    Who approaches whom at school/other activities?
  • 6
    Does he get jealous when you talk to other guys?

  • 7
    Does he have a girlfriend?
  • 8
    What does he talk to you about?
  • 9
    Does he tease you?
  • 10
    Be honest....Do YOU think he likes you?

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1339 days ago
well cant ever ask him out bc of quarantine ;-;.
1457 days ago
He sat beside me on the bus a few times! I awkwardly moved away because trust me the “Older Kids” would make fun of meh. I don’t know if I should tell him or not. We talk a lot and make fun of each other and spit our tongues out at each other. He held my hand once by an accident. IDK HELP. hi
1480 days ago
Hello fellow Humans. I was just hoping to get your opinion on what I should do. There is this boy whom I really like. Whenever I think of him I smile and the little moments we have together make my day. Wow, got really off topic there. Anyway she told me he liked me too a bot ago but I told him I did not want to date. We still talk, stare at one another, eat but it feels, what's the word, awkward. I want to ask him to my school dance but Ian too shy. Should I ask him. Does he even still like. Please don't judge my hormonal induced panic. Please answer truthfully to this comment *cough RANT cough*. It would mean a lot.
Remember you are beautiful and amzing. Don't let Anyone bring you down.
1505 days ago
Read my name that is the answer
1524 days ago
I threw a textbook at his head. Multiple times. I told him I hated him. I smacked him and stole his stuff. I thought I was being "cute". I. Was. NOT. Don't throw books at your crush, kids.
1532 days ago
Does he talk to me

😭😭😭💔 ya about his girlfriend I'm his goto
I hate the friend zone BUT he needs to find out if she's cheating (me
YES YES YES YES YES PLZZ BREAK UP WITH HER, sorry I know it sounds bad and iij want him to be happy)
1617 days ago
IDK if he does or not, my mom and friends think he does but they can all jump to conclusions pretty quickly. Just the other day we were at camp for the firework show and my little brother and I were setting up our hammocks when he came over and suggested that we should go to another spot that he 'knew' about and was helping us re set up our stuff but then he said going to go sit with the rest of the staff but not long later he came back almost seeming set to get to know each other better and make me laugh. I do like him I just don't know if it's me wanting to think he likes me or if he actually might so I wanted to get some outward opinions of people who aren't constantly shipping us.😅
1665 days ago
We’re both hella awkward and shy 24/7 but it’s even worse when we’re together, example;
Today he ran into me and I quickly apologised then he said something like “no it’s ok it’s really my fault” and then we awkwardly went back and forth saying that it’s not the other person’s fault.
1681 days ago
-Everyone ships us
-His friends told me that he likes me
-My friend asked him if he lilies it when I’m around and he said yes
-He was looking at me and blushing so my friend told him and he said, “I have a sunburn.” She said, “It’s winter.” “I was on vacation.” You were here yesterday.”
-He’s better at sports when I’m near
-He’s always looking at me
-He’s always talking to me
-His friend and him were looking at me and his friend said, “When are you going to tell her?”
-His friends tease him near me
-He defends me
1684 days ago
40 percent he likes me
1695 days ago
OK so I liked this guy and I was pretty sure he didn’t like me back. As time went on he was still nice to me but I started to not like him as much but then I feel like he started noticing me more like he would stare at me and compliment me the thing is I don’t know if I still like him back. Like In lots of movies and my friends all get like nervous and scared around their crushes but I don’t feel that way around him so I don’t know what to do help!🤯
1755 days ago
He's my friend and he hangs out with me a lot and my friends think he likes me so I'm just trying to figure it out.
1785 days ago
@updated yeet - omg I can totally relate to basically everything you said. I still can’t tell if he likes me, but the school dance is coming up so I guess we will see lol
1785 days ago
ok so my friends told me that my guy friend was flirting with me in the library at my school. He wanted me to shake his hand (I knew he had something in his hand) so I shaked his hand and he gave me a dollar bill and said that this is a good way to pass notes and after he wanted his dollar bill back and I wanted to tease him a bit so I decided not to give it to him and so we kinda fought over it in the middle of class while the teacher was looking at us (we had a friendly fight lol) and I eventually gave up because I knew it was his dollar. idk but my friends said he was flirting with me there and I don’t know if he was. Also, at the end of the class he told me that one of his friends (who is also a girl but he treats me differently than her) asked him if we were dating. after class, my and me friend who saw the whole thing gave me a look and was like omg. me and my guy friend have been friends for a few months and I don’t know if he actually likes me. my friends tell me that they have “observed” that he likes spending time with me and all, but when one of my friends tried to tell the other friend what she thought about my guy friend (me and my 3 friends were walking home like usual and my guy friend comes out of nowhere and said he’s gonna follow me to my house because he didn’t have his bike but when one of my friends noticed that he likes spending time with me and she tried to tell my other friend since me and my guy friend was ahead of them but I noticed that they were talking about us so I looked behind me and all of the sudden my guy friend goes up to them and asks then what the were talking about. ik this doesn’t sound unusual, but he seemed nervous). Also, when me and my guy friend first met, he was dating someone and at the end of the day he broke up with her. Plus, during gym, me and my friend were talking and all of the sudden my guy friend and his friend come up to us and all of the sudden his friend asked me if I knew (place girl’s name here) and I said yes. Then he said that my guy friend broke up with her a few months ago (no, this isn’t the one he was dating when we first met). after that, my gym teacher blow a whistle and they left. now considering that I don’t speak to my guy friend’s friend, me and my friend started freaking out so I told her to watch him and she caught my guy friend staring at me from across the gym multiple times. The quiz said that he likes me, but I’m getting mixed signals. Now, I know there has to be some guy taking this quiz so I need help; does he like me or not?? (yes ik my grammar 🐬cause this would take way too long to edit)
1787 days ago
hi its yeet again. i have some updated feed:
-during movies in our class, i noticed that when he’s close or next to me he always talks and looks at me. if im not that near he barely talks other than whisper to his best friend,
-i rarely, or NEVER see him with other girls, except for once.
-he seems like he starts to randomly start a convo with me. Like when we have a free discussion time with the class he says something and looks at me and we kinda start talking.
-he shares his personal/family stuff with me.
-he acts extremely weird when i’m around, like he just acts like a plain weirdo lol
-ive noticed at lunch, he’s been looking at me a lot lately(or my direction at least?. his friend has been doing it too
-2 days ago one of my friends said at pe, she thinks she heard him say my name? :O
well. yeah..
1802 days ago
ok so i need help. i like this guy and he used to talk to me all the time and got super defensive and embarrassed whenever someone commented that he probably liked me. but suddenly one day he just stopped talking to me altogether. i kept trying to talk to him but he never really wanted to keep the conversation going. that lasted for like 3 months and now he is talking to me again. every time i look at him he’s looking at me. he also tries to start conversations but i’m not really good at social interaction lol. idk what happened in that 3 month period??
1805 days ago
why does 9 not have a "no" option
he doesn't :..(
1806 days ago
im s boy and i like this girl right, but this test says i dont, i wonder if she thinks i dont like her.
1828 days ago
Heart means stop talking.
1828 days ago
There’s this kid who I like, and we have two classes together, and he DM’s the campaign I’m in in my school’s d&d club. One time, in our circle group, which is the randomest and, According to my friend Molly and her boyfriend Ethan, is ‘the best’, we were talking about stuff, and he gave his hat that he wars every single day to a girl in our circle, Ariana. (This is not what i am concerned about. We have a game in our circle where whoever has his hat is the queen of the circle, and Ariana usually gets it.) I told him that Ariana looked better in his hat than he did, and he stopped wearing the hat for, like, a week. When we play D&D, he usually uses me as his examples for stuff we need to do. Like, one time, when he was telling us that we need to be quieter and listen to him, he said. “I can’t be like, ‘Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan’ every time I need to get your attention.” (We figured out a strategy where he raises up my friend’s stuffed turtle, Bozo the Platypus, and we 💝.). Does this mean anything to you dudes?