Does He Secretly Like Me? Quiz (Body Language)

You never talk - you never even say hi - yet you've got a huge crush on him. And who knows? Maybe he's crushing on you as well. Words and teasing aren't the only ways to know - there are subtle signs that give away a boy's emotions and desires. Take my quiz and find out more!

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    Do you ever catch him looking at you before you look at him?

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3 days ago
He stares at me everyday, nonstop. IM FREAKING OUT, he could have overheard that I like him, and he has 4 ex girlfriends. Turns out I'm not the only one who into him. I need helppppppp.
72 days ago
Hi im ryann there is a boy i really like we both really really like each other but we dont know what kind of relationship we r in can u please help me
80 days ago
Hi!! i'm miyoung, i'm 13 and i'm an idol trainee. I met an older guy, his name's Hyunwoo. He's also training to be an idol. and he's so talented!! i have a HUGEEE crush on him. but he's my best friend's twin, so i dunno if thats weird. hyunwoo oppa has been looking at me a lot nowadays and he gives me butterflies!! aaaaaaaa hes so cute. i took this test to see if he likes me or if its just my imagination.
peace out!
80 days ago
He's my lab partner this year, and he acted pretty normally around me during the start of the year. But lately, he's been looking at me a lot, and plays with my stuff(like the book im reading) quite often too. Also once I was gonna grab my bag and i bumped into him and he was like 'oh no' and went all red and hid behind his friend!! this is so unlike him, cuz he never ever blushes.
the thing is, i just had a traumatic break up a month ago, and im still not over my ex. my ex moved on and now he has a girlfriend too but its not the same for me. so im not sure if i wanna get together with my lab partner yet.
143 days ago
441 days ago
I got: "He has a huge crush on you. Go, girl! I hope this is what you wanted to hear! Now go find a way to let him know you like him, too! Subtle or not-so-subtle - the approach depends on the guy, and you know him better than I do! A handwritten note is always nice, unless you write like a doctor and he can't understand your charming love letter. But I digress. Go get him, and good luck!"

If only it were that simple. The guy at work is SO introverted and it's difficult to hear him or get him to talk about anything other than what he does for a living. He can come across a bit...abrupt, but I don't think he means to be like this; maybe he just speaks his mind.

I have caught him looking at me if I turn around and give him eye contact. His eyes come over all soft/dreamy and he has this really shy smile on his face. This is a guy who doesn't lighten up that much around people. If I am talking to a male coworker he doesn't know I will look over at him and he starts puffing out his chest and looking more...anxious. Once at a company Christmas party I was talking to someone on the same team as me and this guy passed our table, gave me an intense look and as he passed my chair he put his hand on my back (just below my shoulder blades) and was rubbing me.

He will only try to talk to me on my own - anybody else around and he will just stare at me and hang around near me. If it looks like I am on my own and then someone appears he will just pull away from me without saying anything. Very hard to know what he wants if not knowing when the right time is to speak to him. The last thing I want is to make him uncomfortable.

He also went out of his way to help me. He has no involvement at all with my department but he reached out to me a week ago about some support with my work.

Urgh so frustrating that I like someone so shy and I am shy myself!
543 days ago
How funny i pray for the same thing!!and i pray that if it is HIS will we'll end up together one day. ahhh the thought
656 days ago
I got he has his eyes on me. I really like this quiz because he talks to me sometimes but I always get tongue tied or we end up teasing each other. But I ALWAYS catch him staring at me. Even a friend of mine notice he was staring at me and I didn't even mention it. I hope he likes me we are both strong Christians so I pray if God wants me to be with him he will admit it
739 days ago
Yup! Ik he has his eye on me,
bt this wud be 1st tym I'm so confused abut how he feel about me.
796 days ago
Sorry I dint mean (dies) I meant"(seems")
796 days ago
And, also he seems like he dies like me, I notice him staring at me while I'm not looking..
796 days ago
I beylg God to make him like me back I really like him and I want him to like me before its not too late PLS
796 days ago
@lyla same for me Im sometimes really shy to say even a word since I started to catch feelings for him I try to say something but I- just can't do it most of the time and I get really jealous when heis with other girls.. Cuz I'm worried he'll have feelings for someone else.. ๐Ÿ˜
796 days ago
He likes me as an friend???
.... K maybe ..๐Ÿ˜• I'm not even friends with him.. I barely cannot talk to him properly I get tongue tied most of the times Coz I'm kinda shy and more shy around him..
No but it doesn't mean I haven't talk to him even a bit, when I was a new kid I have talked to him pretty much, he knows my name and I have told him some of the things abt me! And after I started catching feeling for him he even started to knows things I never told him! ๐Ÿ˜ณ AND IM SO FRIKING CONFUSED HOW HE KNEW THAT
I don't remember telling that even a bit! ๐Ÿ˜ถ is he noticing that I have a crush on him?

AND yep STilL LuV Him UwU! I'm not sure about him but I hope he feels the same too ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’–
862 days ago
@Nanc uhh i thought of that wth... ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
914 days ago
THIS QUIZ WORKS! Aww, thanks so so so so so much for this lovely quiz! It showed that he has 'A Huge Crush' on me. And I got some courage with this result...went and asked him if he loved me...YES! Hip,Hip,hurray! This quiz got me a boyfriend, and made me experience love! Thanks so much:)
914 days ago
I just hope this quiz works! It showed that he loves me but he hasn't yet asked me out...hope he really loves me!๐Ÿ˜…
931 days ago
Just as a friend... but he literally stares at me so much in social studies class. Thatโ€™s all he does in the class, but he will never approach me. BUT HE ALWAYS LOOKS AT ME AND- I JUST CANโ€™T WITH THIS GUY!
931 days ago
Is it me, or canโ€™t anyone els answer client answer the questions because of the freaking mask there wearing ๐Ÿ˜ญ
956 days ago
@Lyla I say go for it and confess your feelings, but wait for a good opportunity when you are both comfortable in a laid back environment and just having a good time.