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Does my crush like me quiz?

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This quiz a will ask you ten questions some scenario quizzes some aren't. This quiz isn't 100% accurate because no quiz can tell you what another person is feeling or thinking. That is until we have mind reading technology!

  • 1
    Scenario question- You're at a party and you see your crush standing at the snack table. You walk over to him and begin to talk, he?
  • 2
    You are now on the dance floor together. What does your crush do?
  • 3
    At the end of the night everyone is leaving, your guy?

  • 4
    The next day at lunch you see him talking to his friends. You walk over to him and ask 'Can I sit here?' He says?
  • 5
    No more scenario questions! Does your crush stare at you
  • 6
    Does he ever touch you

  • 7
    What's your relationship with your crush?
  • 8
    Do you have a lot in common with your crush?
  • 9
    What do you talk about with your crush
  • 10
    Is he single?

Comments (18)


385 days ago
He's not that into you.
Well, you didn't do so great in this quiz and I think you should probably keep looking cause he's not into you, YET! If you really like this guy keep perusing him, but don't be creepy.

that what i get after answering ONE question -_-
614 days ago
im a girl and i have a huge crush on this girl called issy .the test says we should be dating.our friends ship us soo much as well and when in PE class and we do a wave with our hands they always try to make us two join hands and one english lesson our friends were interrogating us to see if we like eachother and we both were blushing sooooooo hard.
617 days ago

become friends with her (if not already) and once you have gained her trust tell her your feelings. If you want you can talk to another trusted friend first. If they ditch you then they weren't good friends
624 days ago
It says he's in LOOOOVE with u:) yay
654 days ago
You too should be dating. He most likely has feelings for you! Ohhhhh MY LOOOORD HES IN LOVE WITH ME!!!!! >-
1124 days ago
Omg!I did not know he liked me so much
1130 days ago
So ima girl and I have a huge crush on this other girl! Her name is Kadel and she’s so pretty and nice and we are in to the same kind of stuff!! The test said we should be together and I’m thinking about asking her out, but idk how. Any advice??
1152 days ago
I’m scared. My friends all say “he likes u” and Ivy just annoys me an goes “Sofia and Brayden’s sittin in a tree k I s s I n g”. ZI ignore her. I tell everyone I don’t like him but I do! And all we do is hold hands at dismissal and scream at each other
1197 days ago
My crush is one of the most amazing people in the world. His names Zach and he’s just awesome. We met at this acting company I work for, and we recently hit it off at the summer camp the company had. He has this adorable messy brown hair, bright blue eyes, and braces, with teal bands(My favorite color). One of my best friends, Jade is currently talking to him during the autumn show (I only do the summer and winter shows, but Zach and Jade to autumn to). So who knows what she’s up too!
1228 days ago
I have a crush on a boy called Samuel he is the cutest boy in the codes he sosn,t even know I like him it's so crazy wow I'm so scared to tell him well to be honest I can,t tell him it would be sooooooo imbaressing and I'm only in year 2 I'm to young for a boyfriend or crush I'm so nervous to tell him any way he has grown cerly hair he is so cute and even on a school trip I was in his mum's group it was so funny and I think his mum likes me it's so funny I just really like him so much it's amazing baby I will tell him in year six if he dosn,t moove out of this school by then wish me luck

PS only middle school bye everyone
1384 days ago
I got," you two should be dating.He has most likely got feelings for you.If you aren't already dating you should be! If he's shy try making the first move". I'm also shy and i dont have enough courage to ask him 🙁
1418 days ago
It was really fun I liked it now I'm gonna do another gymnastic's quiz cuase I like gymnastics
1433 days ago
I am also really fat ☹️
1464 days ago
I thought I was gonna try not to have a crush, but I couldn't help myself. I am a hopeless romantic that tries to be independent.
1464 days ago
When I first met my crush, I thought his name was Tony Stark, because his name is very similar. (Same last name, and name starts with T) I told him this, but it was kind of awkward because we are both nerds, it was in the beginning of school, and we are both shy. We have lockers by each other and sometimes are seats are close. A few times I think I saw him glancing at me when we were at our lockers. Maybe it is because I looked ugly or whatever. Anyways, he has braces, messy brown hair, glasses, and really pretty eyes. One of my groups of friends sits by his table, so it's kind of strange. When we were in the computer lab, I was goofing off and we were having a really fun time, but he is friends with a lot of girls and a lot of people thing that I'm lesbian (I am bi) so I don't know if he would like me. One time his seat got taken, and he sat next to me. I don't know him a lot because it's only about three months into the year, but all I can say is a lot of people may not know him, like him, or even think he is cute, but I think he is the cutest little nerd in school. (P.S. I can act really natural around boys/crushes because I am friends with a lot and have a lot of brothers.)

A to-young-for-love middle schooler.
1556 days ago
I've thought about it and I'm going to try to not have any crushes for a while. I want to wait until the opportune time. I don't want to end up choosing someone based on looks because of my age.
1612 days ago
There's this kid and I can't really tell if he likes me but we've been spending a lot of time together and he does it show some interest in me so I really need to know if he likes me or not because I definitely like him
2117 days ago
I love my crush he hot, I even dream about him walking behind me and I know that mean something