We're Only Texting - Does He Like Me?📱

How to tell if a guy likes you over text? Sending short thoughts and emoticons via Snapchat or WhatsApp on your phone isn't a full-on relationship, obviously. But this test will give you a pretty good idea how to tell if a guy likes you over texting. Hey, you have to start somewhere, right? Like the ancient Chinese proverb said, a journey of one thousand miles still starts with one step. Good luck!

  • 1
    How often do you two text?
  • 2
    How quickly does he text back?
    How quickly does he text back?
  • 3
    Does he ever tease you over text or use all caps sometimes?

  • 4
    Does he ask about your day or for details on what you're doing?
  • 5
    Does he try to get to know you better and ask you what you like?
  • 6
    Who starts most of the conversations?

  • 7
    Does he continue to talk to you even after a weird or awkward text?
  • 8
    Does he get excited whenever he realizes you have something in common?
  • 9
    Does he try to set up a time to hang out again?
  • 10
    When you try to set up hanging out, how does he respond?

  • 11
    Does he ever flirt with you? (I know, it's hard to tell over text)
  • 12
    Has he ever texted you late at night, like at/after midnight?
  • 13
    Does he normally text you from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or is it only late night or early morning?
  • 14
    Does he ever try to make you feel better or more confident?

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19 hours ago
So I used to have a huge crush on this guy that I told my friends about him so one day my friend confessed to him that I had a crush on me from that day on he acts like I am invisible so that hurts a lot! Then everyone in my class started talking to him abt me that it was more embarrassing even teachers started teasing me bro like 😫😩 then he just started to act like we were together then he started sitting with me he started to say hi BTW I used to go to school earlier just to see him cuz he also come early to play football ⚽️ ofc also I used to tattoo his name on my finger and one day he came to sit with me and he saw that and he was like " 😳😧☺u didn't have to be like this don't be too serious " and I was like hahah ok anyways to the case he started to sit and act like I wasn't invisible after all I was too happy but I didn't know he was asked to do that just to make me feel happy! They did cuz I was actually going to leave the country I was moving to Europe thats why they did that so their plan was like he have to pretend like he likes me back and when I left he would just go back to his thing! I didn't 💗 knew abt that I was over the moon that it was real then one of my friends told me the whole thing and she didn't knew abt that plan and I felt like I was losing ugh ... I can't rly explain how I felt but anyways I was mad at everybody but I still used to text him but the next thing I knew was the saddest thing he told me that he had a gf 🤧 bro like why on earth does he have to pretend if he had one already! I would probably give up and one fact she actually left the country she went to America! So yeah I still text with him but I don't think I have a crush on him idk that's what my heart tells me but when ever he texted I get to excited nuhh I don't wanna have a crush on him I guess he sees me like a friend but actually since I left the country he text me like so cute texts idk if he is trying to act like he loved me or not but I feel like he kinda have a crush on me or not maybe a fake one who knows he is acting too! I swear if he is bye!😭
45 days ago
Uhhh im back?
So uhh... I dont like boy 2 or boy 1 because i realized they have SO MUCH CONS and i realized that boy 2 wasnt really my type (not to be mean or anything) but uh....
I've been talking to a boy recently and i got to reconnect with him because i stayed at his house before in 2019 and we're friends now. My friend gave him my snapchat because she was apparently "matchmaking" us so yeah. Its been 2 weeks since we've been talking. We're at the talking stage rn but here's the thing. He has a crush on someone he wont tell me. We literally text 24/7 and hes my bsf on snapchat. He asked for my number and my socials. He always texts me good morning even when i dont have my phone in the morning. He always makes the first move. We tag each other alot on tiktok. We always text really goofy and we're comfortable with each other. So idk abt that but yeah. Ig we're just friends at this point for now??
71 days ago
i was surprise when it said that its obviouly he like me i wouldn't expect him to be liking me because i like him too
120 days ago
imma take another test maybe there was an error hahahahahahahahahah
132 days ago
oh and also we have hung out a few times and we were each others first kisses and stuff
132 days ago
So there's this guy ive been best friends with since i was 10 and we've been kinda on and off dating....we broke up cuz he lives kinda far away but we always say we still like each other and we'll like talk at 3am about kissing or whatever but...anyways i kinda feel like it's holding me back from real relationships since ik its never gonna work out with us but i cant get over him. also sometimes he'll randomly get distant and idk why. what do you think i should do?
135 days ago
Thank you SOO MUCH @Helpfulkrys!! I really needed advice RN! But my relationship with him is progressing and we’ve been more closer. Like, he gave me a compliment one time calling me pretty and he tries to start the conversations now. When we see each other in the hallway, he flicks/touches my hair and says hi to me so yeah! And our conversations get deep sometimes. So YEAH! THANKS!
142 days ago
Yes! He likes me! but, I don't really like him. I don't even have crush on him. Ik he's best for me but idk why I can't like him more than friends. I'm tryna but can't fall for him. :(
145 days ago
@Unperfect “perfect” girl - Honestly, I would just work up the courage to tell the guy you like that you like him. If you’re not bold enough to tell him directly just obviously hint or text him. What you described with boy 2 happened to me too. My crush asked me if I like anyone and I said no mostly because I thought he was asking because he thought I liked him. Later I figured out he was torn between me and another girl. When I said I didn’t like him he started dating her and I realized I liked him after so… I think just go for it if you do like one of them.
145 days ago
I did this test like a month ago and it said he views you as a friend, then last night he told me he loves me. I was shook 😂
151 days ago
Uhm hi. So recently, my feelings have been weird and confusing lately. There's this one boy and we're pretty close since our parents are close too. We always hang out and tease each other. But when I confessed my feelings to him on December, we kinda drifted away. I mean, we're still friends and still tease each other but not as close as before. He's been close to his girl classmate and he says that she's his best friend. So yeah:/. But, I have this other friend and he's pretty chill and great. Although we're not that close, he really understands me and listens to me. Everytime I talk, I notice him looking at me ALOT. He started teasing me more, calling me "the perfect girl" (since everyone has been calling me that lately) and he got my signature (since everyone got mine) and he said that he was gonna keep it in mint condition and wait until I'm a multimillionaire 😊. When I told him that I got a leadership award, he was so proud of me and I felt so glad. But out of nowhere when we were texting, he asked if I like anyone and I said no, it's too much pain. I got so nervous cause I feel like it's either he thinks I like him (I'm still confused if I like him but right now, I dont), or maybe he's asking that question because he might like me... so I'm really nervous and confused!!!

Boy 1:

- close friends
- teasing
- smart
- basketball together
- NJHS & Pathfinders together
- mature at times
- immature at times
- I tripped last week chasing him and smacking his head and he didn't help me up or said sorry
- MAYBE likes another girl
- close with his girl bestfriend
-dirty jokes 🤦🏻‍♀️ EXAMPLE:
him: Sakan
Him: Sakan deez nuts
Me: 🤦🏻‍♀️

Boy 2:

- smart
- always listens
- funny
- supportive
- NJHS & Pathfinders together
- Smart
- mature
- sweet
- teases me to make me laugh

- mysterious (can't predict his next moves)
- doesn't text first
- his parents are my teachers 🥲

192 days ago
I really wished he liked me but im glad we are friends
204 days ago
Its good that he only sees me as a friend! He is a pretty great friend too.
205 days ago
My mom made me do a choir, I really didn't want to do it. no one wanted to be my friend. I had a Lil crush on the choir teacher's son,(he pretty dang hot u know XD)
I would always tell my mom how much I hated the choir, (everyone was an amazing singer! especially Peyton Mercedes!) Well, 1 month later at the concert, I finally became friends with every one there, but the hot boy was not there bc he was sick. There was one boy that came a little late, he was really cute, but I didn't think much about it. Later my friend and I went to go sneek some snacks, but there was nothing salty(I was kinda sick of sweet stuff bc I had It too often.) So I walk into the waiting room with all the ppl that were supposed to be there, and I said "I want Pizza"(u know, as a joke, but I was actually craving it tho.) The one boy I didnt know stood up and said "I have pizza at my house we can go get some really quick, I don't live far, and I have a golf cart. I said ok, and me him and our friend walked out, there were only two seat, so I thought "He gonna pick his best friend over me." But then his friend walked inside. It was just the two of us on a golf cart ride in the country, and I loved it so much! we have so much in comin. After that he was such a gentle man, he opened the door for me, he would make sure that I was comfortable. we text everyday, and he gives me comliments, and will send some flirtaciouse emojies everynow and then. To make things even better, he is my type. and we have a ton in comin.
220 days ago
My man's is head over heals for me
220 days ago
He loves me and you don't have a chance so stfu cindy
233 days ago
Hey so I met this boy and he’s really sweet we met at the fair through my best friend and we started to become really close. I was told he liked me sometime after the fair during the summer. I’m not sure now he keeps saying he kinda likes this one girl but is not sure he texts me every day and idk if he likes me or not any thoughts?
253 days ago
So, I got he likes you but isn't head over heals for you. I've known him for about 2 years, we played football together and did a science competition together. He is really sweet, we email quite alot(bc I am to nervous to ask for his number) and he is very uplifting and makes me feel so good. But he is in a different school and when I got one of my crew to email him and ask if he likes me, he says I'm like a sister. Idk if he is hiding it or if it is true. I can go more in detail if anyone has any opinions.
303 days ago
soo he said before "i like you" then we became bf and gf then we brock up then the next month he started saying "i love you" i was in shock then i said "i love you too" in this year he started being mean then I said sorry then he said me too then we played truth or dare then he said "t or d" i said dare then he said "i dare you to hug me on friday" then i said "ok" we huged each other
313 days ago
I got "He likes you! But, isn't head over heels for you..."

Hey- Does he like me? Things he does:

- He teases me, and tries to jumpscare me
- He listens to me, even when I'm talking to someone else
- He asked if I still like a boy I liked last year
- He's always trying to be funny and make me laugh
- He's most of the time smiling when I'm there
- He looks at me a lot!!!
- He asked me to go Halloween trick'n'treating with him, his friend (Guy I liked last year), and my bestie. *Which I told them I wanted her to come
- He makes weird and dirty jokes/sounds around me (Today HE LITERALLY said "I'll give you 10 dollars if you moan" LOL
- It seems like he is wanting my attention/trying to show off at P.E. and stuff

- He gets really mean with his jokes 😭
- I think he thinks I'm annoying at times (A lot 😰)
- I embarrass myself in front of him and then he probably thinks I'm weird
- He hasn't asked about my personal life really
- He sometimes can make me feel uncomfortable (And I think he'll get uncomfortable too?)
- I think he thinks I still like the guy from last year
- He asked me if I still like that dude
- He will sometimes at gay with his friends
- He hasn't asked for my number
- It's awkward around me and him.