We're Only Texting - Does He Like Me?📱

How to tell if a guy likes you over text? Sending short thoughts and emoticons via Snapchat or WhatsApp on your phone isn't a full-on relationship, obviously. But this test will give you a pretty good idea how to tell if a guy likes you over texting. Hey, you have to start somewhere, right? Like the ancient Chinese proverb said, a journey of one thousand miles still starts with one step. Good luck!

  • 1
    How often do you two text?
  • 2
    How quickly does he text back?
    How quickly does he text back?
  • 3
    Does he ever tease you over text or use all caps sometimes?

  • 4
    Does he ask about your day or for details on what you're doing?
  • 5
    Does he try to get to know you better and ask you what you like?
  • 6
    Who starts most of the conversations?

  • 7
    Does he continue to talk to you even after a weird or awkward text?
  • 8
    Does he get excited whenever he realizes you have something in common?
  • 9
    Does he try to set up a time to hang out again?
  • 10
    When you try to set up hanging out, how does he respond?

  • 11
    Does he ever flirt with you? (I know, it's hard to tell over text)
  • 12
    Has he ever texted you late at night, like at/after midnight?
  • 13
    Does he normally text you from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or is it only late night or early morning?
  • 14
    Does he ever try to make you feel better or more confident?

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764 days ago
So I took the test and it says he likes me but is not head over heals for me.. I know this sounds weird but I met him online. He asks how my day was.. he just is very nice he also said he likes me and he said he was nervous about saying that.
787 days ago
I used to have a small crush on him 4-5 years back . But now I feel that I am falling for him. I like him. We text sometimes and he is my family friend. Hope God sets me up with him. :)) ❤️
792 days ago
🐬n...he likes me tff I mean it's just a test but durning I realized that he really cares for..
795 days ago
795 days ago
I and my childhood friend chat over text. But it seems he likes me and i feel the same too cos most times i end up thinking of him. We chat every moment
800 days ago
this quiz is inaccurate, i took this test maybe a week ago and two days ago i told the kid i had feelings for him and i got friend zoned. this test got my hopes up high and yet i was let down like i always am :/
807 days ago
It said he likes me but not in a head over heels way, and I've just casually asked him to hangout and he's casually agreed and I'm freaking out because if he actually likes me I'll be scared and did I ask him out too soon and I-🙆🏾‍♀️
809 days ago
The result says i should look for someone who actually cares.... and my crush then told me he is bi and likes a boy in my class

things take a turn huh 😭😭
810 days ago
I've basically fallen in love with a guy that I met online 3 months ago. We talk everyday but sometimes he takes an hour to reply. He says he's attracted to me and that I make him happy but his actions show that he just doesn't seem that interested in me. I don't know what else I can do, I've poured my heart out and worn my heart on the sleeve but he's just not a feely guy. He's not expressive but I feel that he does feel some type of way which is good enough. I just wish I truly knew where I stood with him.
812 days ago
Friend zone club 😂😭☹️🥳
859 days ago
Heh i was really hoping my crush would still like me it hurts to see the results which was he doesn’t like me not even as a friend but at the same time it’s true He’s been acting weird and not as he use to he change it feels like I can’t even say something as comfortable as I use to which really hurts... I’m very disappointed and this also not the only test I took thank u for the results tho I actually I’m grateful for them even though it’s not what I was hoping for but the truth always hurts to see
861 days ago
Ok so I really need help. I’ve had a crush on this guy for 2 years. And it’s borderline more than a crush at this point. He liked me first and then our paths just kinda never aligned. But a few weeks ago, another guy texted me asking me out. I found out that my crush had been talking to his friends about me and how this guy asked me out. It seems like he’s jealous but at the same time he 💋at responding to my texts. So is he actually jealous? And does he like me? Cause it’s so hard to tell. The mixed signals are unreal and I have no idea what to do
866 days ago
So I have known this boy since he was 14 (now he is 16) we met online and we have been clicking on and off. I’ve had trust issues with him because all his following list are all girls but last 2 days ago I asked why his following list would be only girls he said “cause if a guy follows me then it likes me” and send me a screenshot of some guy messaging him asking for 🐤. But anyways he is really into 🐤 and stuff and he had told me that I he talks to me a lot more than other girls and like he jokes around a lot and tease me a lot idk if he is just fwb type of thing. I just hope things go well!
879 days ago
I have a crush on a guy who used to go to my school. But then he moved :( Well, I think he also likes me, MAYBE. But a while after he moved, a girl I know gave him my number. I KNOW!! Embarrassing! So now we just talk on the phone. Does he like me?
882 days ago
So, this boy text me a while ago and we stopped texting for a while, but then started again. He is really really caring and sweet. I have never met him. But the thing is he won’t tell me his name. ☹️ I don’t really know, but he may just be scared that I won’t like him. The only thing I know is that he goes to my school.
885 days ago
okay so. i've known this kid for 5 years now. let's call him leon. leon and i have never talked in person. i mean, if we ever do, it's always just like a word or two but thats it. so, a good like 3 weeks after quarantine started, this kid in my school made a bug gc with like 20 people from my school. me and leon were in it. one night, me leon and like 6 others were texting a lot in the gc, and people were getting mad that we were spamming. so, he made a new gc with just us 8 and now we talk in there all the time. between me and him, ever since the gc started, we've been flirting non stop. like, crazily flirting. and so one night about like 3 weeks ago, he texts in the gc saying "we need to have a prom" (im in 8th grade). so one of my friends asked another person to prom, and they said yes. leon texts in the gc "Yo *my name*, Down to go with me?" i was like 👮fff. and so i said "yes, i would love to.' and he put 🥰. ever since then we've been "virtually dating". and we started texting privately, like everyday now, which we NEVER did. theres two people in the gc, let's call them rebecca and sophie. they always say like they ship leon and me, and how we 'simp' over each other. so about 5 days ago, rebecca texts in the gc saying "i have a question." and at first she didn't wanna ask it, but finally she asked it. the question was "are ya'll frfr dating? or is this just a joke?" i didnt know what to sayyyy. leon was like "Mmmmm that's the question." and then he texts me privately saying "Watch me avoid this". w.t.f. why would he avoid it? he would've said no if he didn't have feelings for me. sooo...? AGHHH. anyways, he changed the subject and rebecca was like "HE DODGED THE QUESTION. NO WAY. SO ITS A YES" i was like woahhhhh. i didnt say a worddd. and then sophie texts me privately and asks "When leon said that, he meant yes?" i left her on seen LMFAOAOO. so we've been getting like, freaky freaky. but its kinda more of a game. at first we would be "👮" just in the gc, but then we started doing it in private dms... but its not like sexting or anything. its more like "*moans so 👮 loud china can hear me🥰" and "is enjoying the 👮 out of this and accidentally rips shirt off. unless you want it on." (he actually said those things lolz). so anyways, idkkkk. im not sure if its real. and just like 20 minutes ago i was feeling kind of bold so i sent him a post that said "bro... are we dating...? o-or is this just a uhh.. bro thing..? " but its like 5am so hes sleeping. im so nervousss. i just need his confirmation that he likes me. i think im really falling for this boy :(
908 days ago
This quiz says he likes me and he's told me outright that he does but he's been known to mess with people's heads and prank them and do that sort of thing so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to think !!
952 days ago
I only met him a few days ago but I want to ask him if he thinks we’re talking. This quiz says he likes me and I think he might cause we’ve talked for hours but is it weird to ask him if we’re talking?
959 days ago
So my boyfriend goes to my school, and he is in my class he just never listens he tells me were he is and I tell him were I am. And he just says "okay " I know that might not be a big deal but
I love him with my heart I think that he likes another girl and we have only dated for like 3 years and my best friend and him have a BIG bound and I think that he lost his big V to her because when I asked he said no and I asked my bff if she did and she said yes, I asked her who is the lucky guy she almost said YOUR BOYFRIEND but she backed out and said Max our bff and I asked max and he said no so maybe my bf is cheating and we did a lie detector and i asked did you lose your BIG V to my bff he said no and it said lie so he lost his big v to my bff but good thing i am sleeping with his bro
959 days ago
idk what format is sorry :(