Does He Like You Back? (10+)

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OMG! The dance is coming up, but you don't have a date! But there is this guy you really like, right? Well, the only way you could go to the dance with him is if he likes you back. Take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    Did he ever mention anything about dating?
  • 2
    Do you liiiike hiiiimmmm! <3
  • 3
    If you like him, why do you like him?

  • 4
    Does he compliment you?
  • 5
    When you talk to him, how does he react?
  • 6
    Pick one...

  • 7
    Did he ever bring up a topic TOTALLY UNRELATED to what you were talking about?
  • 8
    So, he comes to you and says he REALLY LIKES YOU!
  • 9
    He already has a girlfriend.
  • 10
    Um, was he just flirting with another girl?

  • 11
    He just looked into your eyes, and didn't stop.
  • 12
    Have you ever touched?

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799 days ago
I have a on some guy but his friends also kind of have crushs on me 😒
913 days ago
So I have a boyfriend least 4 other boys might like me 1 of them is a close male friend (not super close) the 2nd one has been telling me for the past two weeks that he loves me he even kissed me on the forehead! The 3rnd one is gay (at least I think he is from what people tell me that he’s dated an old friend of mine) but he gets really well close I get it he doesn’t like girls and my boyfriend gets defensive ya confusing. The 4th boy I’ve known for a couple years he’s my boyfriend sorta best friend and he’s been reeeeeeaaaallllly close to me like 2 inches from my face and I know he is my fake child (I play house im mom my boyfriends dad and we have like kids. My boyfriend teases me annoys me and can be such a cutely mean goofball, I swear to god,though he got us both a mood ring and I started to wear mine as a necklace then he did the same people call us married cause of it. I don’t know how to react t9 this still bet we broke up a month or to after the school year and a week later he tried so hard to hook me up with someone (he got a girlfriend) it made me want to take sledgehammer to his head, though one time on the school bus he and his friend were goofing around with me I had a blast. Normally when we hangout by ourselves or when no ones around teasing we start to goof of it confused me so much and the big thing I was told by his new girlfriend (who later became a friend) told me he would talk about me sometime. After we got back together his sorta best friend told me compared to his friends he acts different in a good way as if he’s happy to be with me I lknoe I like him but that boy god he makes blush the living daylights out of me