Does He Like Me? (Middle/High School Quiz)

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Does your crush (or perhaps your frenemy or enemy) like you? Find out right now by taking this simple, accurate quiz on how to know if a guy likes you in school. Might also work in other areas not at school - give it a try. Good luck....I really hope it helps!

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    Are you friends?
    Are you friends?

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7 hours ago
Ohhh it’s thanksgiving for you!!! Sorry, i forgot because the Canadian thanksgiving was in October or something. But, happy thanksgiving!!
Raven and Wish- I’m glad you two are good. I am too!!! I walked with my crush like every other day this week for 10 minutes yayyyy
8 hours ago
Wish- happy thanksgiving to you too! I just ran a 5k so I'm great!
Julie- hi I'm ok how are you?
9 hours ago
Happy Thanksgiving Y'all so hlad to have y'all:)!!!

Julie- it's fine we missed u! And I'm okay I guess u?!

Raven- that's great

Kula- yes we are lol,welcome so glad to have u:)!
10 hours ago
Hey guys, sorry I couldn’t come here all week. How’s life?
20 hours ago
Kyla- hi and welcome! What's your story?
23 hours ago
Lol hey fellow ladies wondering if that one guy likes you back 😆
2 days ago
Ok so I basically speant all day with Evan. We play a trash can game and I held his hand even tho it was part if the game I liked it
2 days ago
I meant to say got a shot
2 days ago
Scarlet- I HATE sharp thing or anything needle like! I passed out when I was like 7 cause I shot a shot
3 days ago
eeeee - ahh, so sorry for not answering you back :( what? we like you! oof, i have a brother (16) and i know how you feel so much...

Wish - hope you feel better soon! i know how it feels! one time, i got stabbed in the thumb by a stapler in 2nd grade... i was fixing my desk (there was a stapler in the back) and when i reached my hand over, one of my textbooks went on top of the stapler, and my thumb was underneath... lol i didn't even tell my teacher i was bleeding...

ok, good night everyone! stay safe and stay cool! :)
3 days ago
Wish- ooh that sounds painful
3 days ago
Cut probably isn't the right word to use anyways good night y'all!;~~
3 days ago
And i didnt cut or harm myself how it happened was you know those tacs well there was one on the table and I didnt know no one did but I set my hand down and yea you know but it's not to bad it burns and bleeds a lot but its getting better.
3 days ago
Raven- thanks my knuckles and wrist are cut and have been bleeding real bad. Thanks
3 days ago
Wish- it's ok I hope you heal fast
3 days ago
How are y'all? Sorry I got hurt and haven't been feeling my best lately and sorry fir not being here.
3 days ago
Also a lot of the other people who talk on here are busy for the break
3 days ago
eeeee- no we are here for you I was just busy basically all day sorry. And my sister who's 15 treats me like a baby too I know how it feels.
3 days ago
..I have a feeling you guys dont like me much. You never rlly answer me...I kinda wish the og squad was here.
3 days ago
and the thing is, i aint to young for it!!