Does He Actually Like Me? Girls' Love Quiz

There's this guy - you know which one I mean! ;-) You like him, but how he feels about you is unclear. Are you sick and tired of looking everywhere online for the real answer? Well, then, this is the test for you! Try it now and get a step closer to figuring out this puzzle!

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    Do you ever catch him looking at you?
    Do you ever catch him looking at you?

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882 days ago
I'd been taking quizzes like this for almost a YEAR, trying to see if one of my guy friends liked me.
Turns out he was just as nervous and shy as I was and that's why he wouldn't tell me. He's given me a very important necklace, and he's even told me that I'm the only other person who's worn his jacket.
We both play an online game together almost all the time and he opened a hub, but it had a passcode. He'd given me the password and the name of the hub was OnlyAnna. I joined and we talked, and he started acting funny, he asked if I liked being with him and once I said yeah he said he liked being with me too! He changed the subject but then my brother told my mom that the guy I liked was my boyfriend. Then he asked "are we a thing?", I said I didn't know, then he asked me "do you want to be?" and I said yeah.
He said that that was the greatest news he's heard in years..
So yesterday, my now boyfriend, asked me out over a videogame, because he was too shy to say it out loud.
These quizzez are actually pretty accurate.
901 days ago
Omg the quiz said he likes me! I don’t know what to do!!!!!
904 days ago
OMG IT SAID HE DID LIKE ME!!! Squeeeeee!!! I guess the rumors at school ARE true! 😀
904 days ago
Omg idk if these quizzes are accurate or not but I totally believe them!!! 😃
904 days ago
9 needs more answers
905 days ago
Mine said he may be into me!!!!
919 days ago
Yes he likes me And I hope we be together and I’ll be better if I’ll just be myself😇
941 days ago
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!I just finished the test and it said he doesn't like me.I feel like my heart has been ripped pit thrown on the floor and stamped on.Oh well!Back to thinking I would be better off dead.
941 days ago
I know this is wierd but my crush (to me) is just as hot as Tom Holland.He said on snapchat he liked me but then he deleted it and my friend told him in person I liked him ans she said that he said he liked me.I dont even have a phone so there is no way he would ever like me.Why am I even taking this test?Oh yeah!2 find out 1ce and 4 all.
1079 days ago
Ahhhhhh! I want to tell him and multiple people have told him I like him but he is one of my closest friends...
1079 days ago
Ahhh! I can't stop thinking about himmmmmmm
1102 days ago
So my best friend is best friends with him and today he gave her a note saying that he likes me, but he has a girlfriend🤷🏻‍♀️
1318 days ago
OMG!!!! This test is so wrong. I mean its right but I don't think he would actually like me. I mean he might and he already asked me out, but that was because his friends dared him so its not legit.
1321 days ago
the 8th question needed more answers...
1384 days ago
Mmm this test just doesn’t seem legit how do I know this is right
1473 days ago
He like me! I'm going to be brave and ask him out! Wish me luck ❤️
1475 days ago
my results said he loves me i hope thats true i think he is my soulmate
1729 days ago
It says he may like me hopefully he asks me out! Although, he is into this other girl named Brooke.😍😘❤️
1899 days ago
I took this test and it said he was in love with me, and today he asked me out!!!😍😍😍thank u so much u gave me that boost of confidence
1926 days ago
This is a great quiz! If i could like then I would, probably cause I got great results but thanks! GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE GIRLS IN THE WORLD, BE YOURSELF AND THE RIGHT GUY WILL LOVE THE REAL YOU