Does our Crush Like You? Quiz For Girls Ages 10-12

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Do you keep looking at that boy across the room, hoping against hope that he might like you? This test will give you mostly accurate results, but nothing is ever certain.

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    If you catch your crush looking at you, what does he do?

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5 days ago
I got " He probly likes you back" and i think so too
Heres a big long story why:
I have had a crush on this guy since school started. So, in school, for like 4 months everyone had this joke and was shipping us in class. Also, ages ago i told him i liked hiim then chickened out and said it was a dare with a red face. Now school ended and i thimk im head over heels. But we only in 5th grade, going to 6th, so i dont think i should ask him out. one of our mutual friends said i totally should but dont have the guts. We are going to different classes next year and im sad. BUT on the last day, he gave me this gift and told me to open it at home. It was a butterfly necklace
14 days ago
It says Your crush definitely likes you, and will probably ask you out soon. You should be happy!:)
I hope it’s true 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼👩‍❤️‍👨
23 days ago
It says they like me I hope it's true!🥰
27 days ago
It said he definitely likes me! And would ask me out soon!🥴😊💗💓💖
30 days ago
I like this kid with a mowhawk. Bc he's nicer than some other boys in my grade. I never have courage to walk up to him in the blue. But anytime he's around me I don't know what to do. And his dad he works at my school he's like the person u go and see if u did something bad. Which I had to go to him for. So that's awkward. I'm not that girly ish type and idk if that's why he may not like me. I'm not saying he doesnt but I think a little part inside of him does. He's athletic, brave, smart, and sometimes kind.

His names Brantley, so wish me luck. 🤞😅

Good luck to yall to😀
43 days ago
Something that happened yesterday: I really wanted to know if my crush liked me back, so I sent him a google doc that said:

Check one
Do you like me back?

But his friend was next to him when he read it and then almost every time his friend was near me he whispered my crush's name or motioned a heart shape and pointed at him and then me. That was very annoying and embarrassing.

I just wanted to tell you people that story and I hope you have a good day/night!
43 days ago
Ahhh it says he like me, I think this has given me confidence I might tell him I like him! Does it help that I’m friends with his friend? Also when ever I talk to another boy he seems to get jealous! For all of y’all that are to scared to tell him or ask him out, don’t be! The worst that can happen is he doesn’t like u, so go for it! Sending all of u guys Love! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
55 days ago
my whole 💋 friend group was shipping me with him before i even liked him, and im friends with him, so every time i got near him or started talking to him. they would start screaming and stuff. and he knew it was a joke then, but now that i actually like him i think hes getting suspicious, so idk i he knows i like him
64 days ago
it says he likes me no doubt! literally screaming
90 days ago
So I’m reaching the end of 6th grade, and I happen to be invited to a really big bat mitzvah. The whole time, I stayed my introverted self and was alone for most of the dancing time. I felt like leaving, until I went inside and saw the piano. I played my song, and *crushes’s name* came up to play his. I said he played real pretty and he complimented me back and smiled. Haha I didn’t communicate all year and now I like someone? I hated school, but now with this? I tried sending him emails with music videos on them. Said he likes me, hope he does.
95 days ago
My crush knows i like him so this is so so messed up. But he looks at me sometimes.
97 days ago
97 days ago
I like him alot but could not tell if he liked me back :(
98 days ago
this quiz should be more lgbtq+ friendly. I like girls too.
103 days ago
I liked this guy for YEARS now and I really think he likes me! [its almost annoying] He's always looking at me!
104 days ago
Anonymous, tell him
105 days ago
So uhm, I currently have a crush on one of my classmates, for a * very * long time now, and idk what to do. I dont know if he likes me back, and thats whats driving me insane. But, even if he likes me back, we can't really date or anything since im still in 5th grade so yeah, but it really would stop my ache if I knew. And I wish I did.
114 days ago
Your crush probably likes you. He might not know you well enough, but your should get to know him more. He will see how great you are, and will probably ask you out soon.

This is what I got.. Well just as a girl (hi!) wrote 96days ago, even I liked a person at 7 in 2nd grade. I was never so good looking as i am now mostly as a nerd but he never stopped to talk to me..
And to your surprise he liked me and i know coz i have seen signs. Now i am 6th grade still in the same school, liking the same person.. we have not met since last2-3 yrs due to this virus but i still see him in online classes even if we are not in the same class. how? well during the online filed trips we have all the classes together so....(we are of the same age, same grade)

thank u for reading this big thing!
114 days ago
so im 11 and im actually a boy. I used to always talk to her [my crush] all the time and at one point she would purposfully go near me. like for eg i would be in a small group but my group isnt big enough so she asks if she could be in my group. but now im not even brave enough to say hi and i dont think she remembers me because she graduated in 2020 and i graduated in 2021 so yeah. if your someone who thinks they know pls reply to this message. p.s i got your crush probably likes you
116 days ago
Awesome and fun to do.