Does My Crush Like Me, Or Am I Friendzoned? (Designed For Girls!)

When we like somebody, it's always tough to deal with not knowing whether they like you back- or not. Is this your current dilemma? Not sure whether they see you only as a friend, or as something more? This quiz will help you find out.

I know it's easy to choose all the answers that will lead to an "in love" answer, but please try to answer all the questions honestly! Also, do not rely 100% on this quiz because it is not 100% accurate.

  • 1
    How long have you guys known each other?
    How long have you guys known each other?
  • 2
    How often do you guys talk to each other?
  • 3
    How does he act around you?

  • 4
    Where does he look when he talks to you?
  • 5
    What do you guys talk about?
  • 6
    What kind of physical contact have you guys made?

  • 7
    Does he know you like him?
  • 8
    How many of the people you hold dear has he met?
  • 9
    Who usually starts the conversation?
  • 10
    How many past girlfriends has he had?

  • 11
    How old are you?
  • 12
    Now, thinking back to all the previous answers and all your interactions with him, do you honestly think he likes you?

Comments (57)


10 days ago
Umm he turning 16 and im turning umm *cough cough*12 and im his sister's freind

Everytime i ride his skateboard or something he looks at me for a while and go back in his room or something advise?
13 days ago
Nvm, I chickened out, again. WHY ME
13 days ago
I'm going to tell my crush!! Right now!
30 days ago
he likes me 2 more weeks...
31 days ago
Either he kinda likes me or this test is NOT ACTUATE
31 days ago
35 days ago
I think he like me he always stares my BFF Lilly told him and he blushed
48 days ago
Ok so he stares at me sometimes and when I catch him he always looks away quickly I'm pretty sure he's shy and when we are in the hall he's talking to his friends and than his friend looks at me than he pushes his friend to like make his friend stop looking at me like I dont know! And than I always catch him looking for me in the hall way than when he notices me he looks forward like he's relived because I'm near him maybe I'm digging to deep into this but there's other clues but this is when we was in middle school he used to call me angle and pay my head or touch my shoulder like we were kinda close and we use to fight (like in a good way) and he used to tease me than when we enter middle school in 6th grade we were kinda close but not as much you see the only reason he could get close to me because we had a little 3 people group do you know when the middle person is gone it's kinda akward to speak now sense we kinda growed apart I think he already knows I like him I'm just giving him time to think and space and try not to force it and just wait
54 days ago
friend zoned... of course...
61 days ago
We're dating but I wanted to try this out, and it said he friend-zone me while i'm dating him. Wooow
77 days ago
its complicated its just that.. i dont know if he likes me cuz sometimes he looks at me but i dont know who he staring at me or my bestfriend.... well, he knows that i like him.. and sometimes when im arround their friend tease him.., (idk why they do that but ye-) and theirs one guy whos my crush bestfriend and my (ex).. he always tell me nah doesnt like you .. but i know something inside me that he likes my crush also.. im a girl hes (bi). but i think my crush is hiding something from his friend because idk,,, AND MY EX always want me to feel like he doesnt like you and when i HAVE a courage to talk to him he always say ; "dont even try going near him" and sometimes : he doesnt like you he hates you... ( so im so confuse :C :
hope 1 day he will like me back

-heartbroken dork?
87 days ago
ok. so....i’m not sure. he’s in 7th grade, i’m in 6th grade. He’s 12, i’m 11. Many people say it’s weird for a 6th grader to date a 7th grader.....but i don’t. I really like u junior (arthur maux). u call your self jr sometimes, and u go to sqms. if ur reading this, i’ve given u a bunch of clues to who i am. :) i have black/ brown hair. tan skin. i’m friends with monica,, and i guess i would be called smart? i’m in a lot of ur blocks (classes). i know emma, bai, and haley, but i’m. not friends with them. i know gutsy and bea really well.... my name starts with an a, and my last name, starts with an m. We both have the same initials. i absolutely love you
107 days ago
YOOO back in 2018 or 17 i don’t remember but he graduated around that year, me and him were sitting up front and i was sitting behind him like i was facing his back ( sounds confusing ) and our teacher was telling him to move his desk becos he wasn’t paying attention but WHAT HE DID MADE ME BLUSH LIKE IDK LOOOL HE LITERALLY TURNED HIS DESK TOWARDS ME LIKE HES FACING ME AND I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO SO I JUST LAUGHED IT OFF, i seriously think he did like me :/ but me and him don’t keep in touch becos he’s friends with my brother and my brother is really strict so i can’t rlly talk to any of his friends. but we secretly talked to each other back in grade 8 lol we had so much in common toooo :( i rlly wish we’d keep talking tho
111 days ago
Yup i'm friendzoned great
223 days ago
Well everyone says he likes me and he never Denys it he just says he has a gf... But he is also my bffs brother and she knows and doesn't care but idk
268 days ago
I got he only likes me as a friend, but he already told me he has a crush on me and I told him I like him too 🤔
375 days ago
wait I dunno if the lalala before is me i think it is ahhhhhhhh heheheh why is this so weird for me?
375 days ago
I got 42% he likes me and 42% he doesn't, how does that happen?
410 days ago
you see... but i still like him. and he is even dating someone who im sorta close with. i like u dakota...
410 days ago
Heyy, I’m writing this review in hope that my crush ( Harry ) is reading this rn :) Harry, if your reading this then I just wanted to say that I have a huge crush on you😍