Does He Like Me Back? ACCURATE

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Take this quiz to figure out if the guy you like, likes you back! If he doesn't, so what? Go out there, be confident, and find someone else!

  • 1
    Have you ever talked to him?
  • 2
    Do you think he likes you?
  • 3
    Does he have a girlfriend?

  • 4
    Do you have mutual friends?
  • 5
    How does he act around you?
  • 6
    How do you communicate?

  • 7
    What is the extent of your physical contact?
  • 8
    Do you ever catch him looking at you?
  • 9
    Do you ever joke around with each other?
  • 10
    How does he act with other people?

  • 11
    Does he follow you on social media?
  • 12
    Has he ever nicely complimented you?

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748 days ago
Y’all please PLEASE help me so I still don’t know if I like him or not but if he DOES, then I’ll fully like him. He’s giving me mixed signals and it drives me crazy! Anyways, the list is at the bottom after @peaches. PLEASE HELP ME! COMMENT AND TELL ME!
Keep in mind he’s one of the boys I would hang out with. He’s really close to me, and he’s the only boy I’d let in my room. There was this one time when I came over to his house because my mom was out of Town so his mom picked me up. Soon, his little sister came with another girl because they had a play date. The girl had a little sister and she asked him and me if WE WERE IN LOVE! it was so awkward and we just stared silently. And so since I forgot what she asked us, this weekend we went camping with a group and I asked him what she said before. And he REMEMBERED! I feel like he thinks about that all the time.
Also, during the camping, we were gonna make puppets from my flashlights and we were gonna watch a movie. The ones that were with me was my I-think-so-crush and one of my close boy friend. So I put my chair and sat down and they were FIGHTING TO SIT NEXT TO ME! So what I did was sat in between them. Keep in mind we were outside. So, it started getting cold and I was shivering. Then my crush asked me if I was cold. He’s like really caring and he also helps me with basketball. He’s the best

Omg so like, we’re friends and we hang out a lot and we’re pretty close. We have nicknames for each other and is that one of the signs he likes me? Anyways so, I’m wondering whether I like him or not and it drives me c r a z y! We play basketball together, volleyball, hang out at each other’s house since our parents are friends, and he’s the ONLY boy I’d let in my room. And yeah, does he like me?
1. Hangs out with me
2. Nicknames
3. Teasing
4. Really close to me
5. Considered as one of my boy best friends

Idk if I like him or not but he’s younger than me… idk if I like him and idk if he likes me… is it okay to like someone younger than you. Our signs says we’re compatible… I’m Leo he’s Gemini
824 days ago
Soo it's the fourth week of school (I'm a high school sophomore) and there is this one new guy who's had my eye since the first day. At first I noticed him because he's really cute and has this stunning smile. I've spoken to him some in the four classes we share. We had to do this group project together and it was really great and we had a good laugh. I feel like the amount of interactions we have is kinda of limited by our friend groups though. His three closest friends (from what I can tell) are three people I pretty much detest, although luckily I can still have a good solid conversation with them. He's also friends with my guy best friend so that's kind of my way into their friend group during homeroom (none of my other friends are in my homeroom ;w;). Whenever we talk though he faces towards me and holds eye contact. He sometimes copies my body language and laughs and smiles a lot when he's around me. He also uses my name in conversation a whole lot. Today in our Spanish class I volunteered to do the typing for a review game. As I was sitting down in front of the computer he called at my name and smiled, lifting his hands up to the air and said, "You got this!" And I catch him looking at me all the time. Maybe. Idk. Our eyes meet across rooms a whole lot, and I think he's looking at me a lot but it could always be at something else. idk. So just ahhh. I feel like so many signs are there, but I'm not sure if he actually likes me or not so I'm just confused :/
1474 days ago
okay so basically I have assigned seats next to this person in art class, he compliments my art work alot, and says I did good on the ELA presentation. He also flirts with me. He kept tipping over my water bottle as a joke and we were laughing alot, and we tease eachother alot about eachother projects in art 😂 his friend came over one time and just looked at us and smirked and I'm pretty sure we both knew what he was thinking (that we like eachother). Also, whenever we talks he hold eye contact with me most if the time. And lastly, alot of the time he is funny around me and makes me laugh alot, I think he trys to be funny to because he always looks at me right after he does something funny. So do u think he likes me? He talks to me even more than his friends in art class
1481 days ago
Okay... It says that he is still trying to figure out if he likes me or not. I have had a crush on him since we had gotten to get to know each other. I am in the 7th grade, and 13 years old.He is 16,
1494 days ago
I’ve talked to him occasionally but I don’t remember us really having a whole conversation before. Every time I’ve seen him, which isn’t very often because we aren’t in the same grade, I find him staring at me. I’m honestly super shy, so I kinda just look back at him. This test says theres a good chance he likes me, but I’m really too nervous to say anything. We do share multiple interests, tho. Idk I need help 😔. Btw, I’m in grade seven and he’s in grade nine, and we have both played basketball for years and I just started to realize him staring and know I’m crushing super hard 😩 does anyone have any advice??
1506 days ago
sometimes he looks at me. Also we never used to talk at all, but all the sudden one time he he started to talk to me about something random. And recently our class had to do community service, and we were waiting in a hall with the rest of our class mates in a line. We were kind of far from eachother, I looked down at him and he smirked at me, but idk if he was just being nice or he likes me. Lastly, we have lunch while in the Same class. When we leave to go downstairs for lunch, he waits outside the door, he was even talking to his friend but stayed in place while his friend was walking away, but when I got out there he started walking. And he was teasing me about how he finished a paper in class that I didnt finish yet, when i was doing it it class he was looking at me and blushing, awe how cute 😂 but I actually dont know so can u plz help me
1513 days ago
I'm dumb- he probably still likes you but he is probably shy and it's way easier to talk over text for shy people. Don't worry !!
1519 days ago
I am dating this guy but I'm not too sure if he actually likes me. When we chat face to face he seems soooo shy and me and him have nothing to talk about. But when we text hes like a different person. Does he like me or not?
1621 days ago
@I'm a loser we can be buds and @Olive don't EVER be afraid to go up to someone, have confidence! Maybe he likes you back, so go for it!!
I am here for anyone who needs help and is confused.!
1623 days ago
Cool website. He might like me but
too shy to ask him face to face.
1644 days ago
but I have no friends •_•
1713 days ago
He is still confused about whether he likes you or not, or he doesn't want to tell you that he likes you. Be patient - one day, you might end up being together! These are my result. I have only ever seen him 3 times and danced with him twice. He always has rbf when he dances with me and I feel very awkward. He is always talking to his friends but completely shuts up when I do stuff with him. You think he likes me or not.
1738 days ago
The test said he likes me, but... I just wish he would tell me if he does. It's not like I would be mean or anything. And anyways, I LIKE HIM! He is sweet and funny, protective, kind, strong, soft at times. Basically flat out amazing. If only he liked me...(crying on the inside)*hello darkness my old friend...*
1753 days ago
So my best friend (she is really an expert on the whole who-likes-who thing) says that it's obvious he likes me. And when I thought about it, I recalled an instance when he asked me who I liked. I said no one. I honestly hate this guy; I don't know why he would like me. But he sits next to me and he always annoys me. Like, to all other girls, he's polite, distant, shy and quiet. To me he's obnoxious, absolutely irritating, and stuff like that. This quiz says he likes me. His friend, though, (another annoying person) who has the same birthday as him, apparently likes me too. So I don't know what to do...
1827 days ago
I liked this boy and we're really close friends. We don't see each other as much as the last school year where we sat next to each other twice a week. However, I hugged him this year (though it was while I was dating someone else and I was stressed at the time) and he didn't push me away. He just smiled and I apologised, him replying that it was fine. The person I was dating dumped me two days later for a different reason. My now crush was incredibly nice about it and congratulated me when we first got together because I told him I liked them. He held my hand last year and we always sat quite close to each other. Yesterday, I did tell him I liked him. He said he needed proper time to think about it. Is that a bad sign? He kept glancing at me the whole of today. We even worked in a group together. We talked more than with anyone else but we didn't bring it up.
1836 days ago
he is in year 7 and I'm in year 8. should I still chase things up?
1890 days ago
.... So there is this guy and he is EVERYTHING>>>> I lke him alot and he always smiles at me and we always have a smile on our face when we talk to eachother... TBH 85% of my heart is telling me he liked me but 15% is saying maybe.. PLS Someone give me advice plssss.. Let me know.... Should I ask him out tm at school

Be completely honest
1890 days ago
((purple)I really like this boy in middle school he sits next to me in class he’s cute I like him but I am not sure if he likes me back he has like give me tasers on my side of my stomach I’ve grabbed him once or twice here Touched my stuff and he kind a looks at me but I only have him for one.period I don’t know if he likes me back but he tried like he teases me but cute like
1941 days ago
My name: You should go tell him in person it is the best way and probably the most successful. I can’t really interpret if he likes you or not . Has he given any more signs? And all the best and just no this much that everyone goes through these things (even I do, ), and you seem to be very courageous to confess because even I can’t work up the nerve to confess to my crush! If he rejects you then tell me his adress and I will personally go and beat him up for rejecting an amazing girl(from what I know I think you have an amazing personality) like you! Good luck

Best wishes,
Amy the bright
1947 days ago
I have a crush on a boy who is about 1 year and 6 months older than me, and I guess were friends? His mom and my mom are friends so I go over to his house a lot. But when I go over, he like doesn’t really talk to me, but he starts to act weird towers to end of the night. Usually, the kids go out side and play for a bit (when it gets dark) and we usually play tag, and he goes for me and only me. I think he already knows that I like him (from just guessing and from a friend telling him) but I don’t know how to confirm / tell him that I like him! Do I write a note, do I tell him in person? I am so confused!