The ULTIMATE Love Test! (Pretty Accurate, GIRLS ONLY)

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The title says it all! Take this pretty accurate quiz to find out if your fantasies will become your reality or simply stay a dream that's just out of your reach.

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    How long have you known him?

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52 days ago
by the way i got a 75%
52 days ago
i met this boy he is soooooo hot and by the way im in 7th grade hee hee and like i instantly fell in love with him and he with me. then my best friend found out about us and she told him right to his face i liked him and also succeded in telling like everybody else. i was at first upset but then he told me he loves ME!!!! yeeeeee! he also said that i was the prettiest girl he'd met! he always sits so close to me and it is so adorable! l really like him and based on how we are going we are like soulmates! also he smells good usually. and he is athletic and supa strong. :)
130 days ago
I really really like him I don’t know what I would do if I hadn’t meet him he’s 3 years older than me I’ve never felt like this before even my grandpa teases me about it I really like him we both play sports my results were 24 present Mach but I don’t think there any one else I could feel this way about
152 days ago
199 days ago
Sooo i just recently started to think about his guy. Back in middle school, he was the worst bully. He started fights for no reason. Like fistfights. Lol a bit rough for a middle schooler..We are now currently in 10th grade..and he looks so fricking tasty xD Im virtual for school but the one day I go he strikes up a conversation with me. Asked if I wanted to be his friend and shi. seeming as he thought I hated him. After I said sure he made it impossible not to yell. he was being a cute way lol
249 days ago
So we met when we were 6 or 7 (I can’t rlly remember lol). We were best friends for a year, but the next year we sort of drifted apart. By that time I had a guess that he liked me but I wasn’t too sure. About a year ago, I started hanging out with him because he sat next to me and now we are inseparable! I am in secondary school now (middle school as I am 13), and we hang out at break times. He is not in my class sadly, but he walks me home everyday! I found out in March that he still likes me and I am soooo happy!
253 days ago
Wow, I love reading all these stories. I hope all has worked out with y’all! :)

I guess I’ll share my story. So, there’s a guy I go to school and church with. We met when we were 4 and were inseparable best friends until middle school (age 12). Awkward age hit and we stopped talking. Our families were and still are really good friends and we do holidays and birthdays together. He told me he wanted to marry me when we grew up in kindergarten. I started liking him in 2nd grade (age 7) when he defended me and my friend (he had just met her) from his best friends who bullied us. It showed me how much he cared for us and that made me start liking him.

In sophomore year of high school I started going to his school and he started talking to me again. I’m really shy and socially awkward btw. He waved at me in the hallway everyday, walked me to lunch one day, actually had lunch with me another. I’ve figured out that I’m the only girl he ever willingly talks to. Other than me, he only hangs with his guy friends.

The thing is, he’s really outgoing around his friends. With me, he’s quiet and ultra-polite at first, then he gets more comfortable. He usually starts the conversation, and remembers things that I might have mentioned months ago. I can’t tell if he likes me, or is just being nice? I hope he does, but I’m quiet, depressed, don’t have any friends, and am not skinny by any means. I keep telling myself there’s no way he could like me, but I keep holding out hope.

He’s really conservative. But he’s super nice, funny, and dorky in a really cute way. I’ve liked him for 9 years now. I really love him. I just can’t read this guy, though. What do you guys think? Does he like me? Or is he just being nice?

Thanks for reading my story. And really, I hope things work out for you guys! These feelings sure are confusing! :P.
272 days ago
Except when it comes to Harry Styles
272 days ago
*french impersonation* I ugh am in fact not a ugh straight, I'm am uh how you say ugh les-bean...
297 days ago
so we met in first grade. now i'm a sophomore and we're dating (3 years going strong)!! He left me a note in my car and I found it after soccer practice. He said he loved me and he wants to be with me forever. We kissed but unfortunately, we both are currently quarantined without each other because we both have coronavirus lol...
320 days ago
❤️❤️❤️umm i got 75%. WHOOHOO yap i got me a boy❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
542 days ago
This is what I got:
For 35% you are: He maaaaaay like you, but I'm sorry to say that he probably doesn't. He may just happy with your friendship. One day, maybe, though. Don't lose hope.
What the heck we aren’t friends but I wish🥰
544 days ago
It says that he maaaaay like me
MaYbE i ShOuLd FiNd OuT
587 days ago
It's not 50/50.I'm 1000% sure he loves me.He already told me that he has feelings for me.Even one day he asked me to marry him.
646 days ago
Um I accidentaly clicked on this where is the one for if the girl likes you???
661 days ago
I met him last year in our last year of junior high. We liked each other back then and would always talk (though it was shy and awkward 😂) but we made each other laugh and blush and he would ask me to dance when we went dancing with friend and he would hug me lots and once he even kissed me on the cheek. Then it didn’t really go anywhere and he lost interest. This year I hardly seem him cause were at different high schools and both of our summers were crazy busy so I didn’t hang out with him until the very end of the summer. And he hugged me at the end of the night and I’d noticed him staring at me a few times and our fingers had even brushed when he was helping me with my glosticks. And then he texted me later that night and told me “it was so great to see you.” But now I know we’re both busy but we never get to see each other and I told him that I missed having fun conversations with him and he was like haha me too. And my friends ship it but because I never see him idk if it’d be possible for him to still like me. But I also realized that since what happened last year I thought my crush was done but then I realized I’d never stopped liking him. I just pushed my feelings aside and told myself I didn’t like him so he couldn’t hurt me. But the 5ing is I don’t think he’d hurt me on purpose and I like him a lot....any advice?
699 days ago
i new we did just not sure yassssss!!!!!!!! he called me sexy once but then got embarrssed thats it but i love hem yasssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
702 days ago
Bold of you to assume I'm straight
754 days ago
i think i am in love with this boy. he always breathes the same air as me and goes to he same school so i think we are soulmates even though he wont let me follow him on the gram i still have hope because mt 👮 cousin said i can slide into him any day. i think hes really talented and he gets to the same bus stop as me so i see him alot. i think were soulmates and i love him he was also happy when voldemort got defeated on harry potter. id look into his eyes but the skys
767 days ago
And also I think I’m pretty ugly, too.