Does He Like Me Even Though He Has A Girlfriend? Quiz

You like a guy. But what about him? How does HE feel? Does he like you more than he does his current girl? Does he secretly have a crush on you? If you've suspected (and hoped) this might be the case, but aren't positive, find out for sure by taking this QUIZ! Good luck! (Results might not be completely accurate.)

  • 1
    Is he talking to you more than to his gf?
    Is he talking to you more than to his gf?
  • 2
    Does he smile or sound excited when he talks to you?
  • 3
    Does he flirt with you or send signals?

  • 4
    Do you text him?
  • 5
    Does he stare at you?
  • 6
    Are you friends with his friends?

  • 7
    Is he friends with your friends?
  • 8
    Are you two friends?
  • 9
    Have you and he ever had a moment?
  • 10
    So obvious, it hurts! Did he say he likes you?

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7 days ago
@sharyiaisconfused i hear you! going thru this myself its so tough. i just found out my longterm crush has a girlfriend :( im not that surprised bcos he has moved to another town tho he visits my town bcos his family lives here anyway i thought we might have a chance and maybe we still do but it looks like an off chance now. so sad #brokemyheart. tbh I'd love some advice 2
96 days ago
i was expecting an answer and i got maybe
114 days ago
girl it said MAYBE im dying trying to figure this out ( as a joke ) :(
122 days ago
The guy I'm totally in love with has told me before that he loves me, he sleeps on call with me, he has seen the entirety of me, he's even said he ignored his gf for days just because of me and only talked to her for a bit before coming back to talk to me, but I'm still somehow skeptical about him "loving" me. He's the most beautiful boy I've ever met and he's so sweet, he says I have a pretty smile when i'm smiling (which is constantly around him) and he said I have pretty eyes and a cute laugh, and we always talk about cuddling and getting high together (we're both stoners) and yeah :). also it 🍦that we're far from each other (i'm from Vancouver and he's from DC :P) anyways whoever reads this, have an amazing day and i hope you find a great partner someday!!!undefined
276 days ago
i dont even know anymore bro,im trying to not like him,but its hard,he just makes my ASAP
286 days ago
"Ready to know whether he likes you more than his current girl?

Probably not. 😕

But don't let it get you down. Think of people as chemistry experiments. Some chemicals make awesome compounds, and some just fizzle. Look for the one who reacts with you the best. Good luck!"
515 days ago
Okay, so I have no idea anymore. We are like best friends, and in the past we both confessed that we like each other. Now he is dating my other friend, and she brings out the best in him... although... she is kind of high most the time... and I don't know how I feel about that. She can also be kind of rude. But he seems happy, so I'm not going to innefeer. This quiz said that he may like me back a little, and all my friends say that we should be together and they shouldn't.
533 days ago
I love this kid so much, and I even asked him out (I was so clueless, he already has a gf lol) and I'm pretty sure he likes me. HE'S CONSTANTLY STARING AT ME. I mean... my magic 8 ball told me that he does, and is gonna break up with his gf to date me...

568 days ago
595 days ago
he obviously like me
768 days ago
I have gotten the same response for all the tests I took like this - He likes you. It's kind of hard to believe since he never asked me out and even said he hated me to my friend (she asked how he felt about me) in the beginning when we first met. We slowly became friends after (he apologized to me about what he said because he found out I got upset lol) and we did our math homework together almost regularly, as well as hung out at track practice after school. I never expected him to like a person like me, but then again we got along SO well, it was almost like we lived with each other our whole lives. We even like to fish, ride ATVs, and run, obviously. Although he had a girlfriend, it became somewhat obvious to me that he had some feelings towards me when he always asked if we could do homework together almost daily, and we were even shipped by other classmates. He also treated me really well and I kept wondering, man what if your girlfriend walked in right now and saw you sitting next to me doing homework together and laughing? She'd go crazy! But later I found out that "girlfriend" of his cheated on him at a Florida Everblades Hockey game. So I didn't feel quite as bad because she obviously didn't care about him that much. We still remain friends but with covid I've been a virtual student and he has been an in-person student... MAN do I wish I could go to school and see him! But next year when I go to school, I will take every chance I get to tell him how I feel, and hopefully he'll still like me too. Wish me luck guys :)
913 days ago
1095 days ago
this boy had a fat crush on me, he told me, and i told him i liked him back. and then he starting going out with another girl ??? lmao???
1172 days ago
(HE is 😡👿🤡🦹🏻‍♂️)
1172 days ago
Heheh sorry I’m just letting off steam and sharing this fantasy of mine, don’t judge. I’m not evil 🦹🏻‍♀️.
1172 days ago
Oh yes and then I’ll walk off with my friends, chatting and laughing as if nothing had just happened at all 😁😆😏
1172 days ago
DANG it! I took this quiz on this guy I hate so much he’s literally the only person in my life who I hate 😡. It says he doesn’t like me which I was expecting and you’d think I’d be happy but I’m not. Well, I kind of am but kind of not. I have this fantasy that he’ll end up liking me, not just for my looks like all his other crushes but for ME. Eventually, right after Language Arts, in the doorway, he’ll work up the courage to tell me he likes me, but he’ll be super nervous which is really uncharacteristic if him. My current crush and this guy I used to like but still like just the tiniest bit will be watching and my other crush (very minor friend crush but still) will be passing by in the hallway and will look over because it’s pretty interesting when two people of completely opposing social groups talk to each other. Anyways, he (the guy I hate) will ask me to the Valentine’s Day dance. My answer? OH GOD NO. He’ll be cut to the core because I’m the only crush he truly cared about and that jerk will finally get what he deserves. He will have to play it off to his almost-as-jerky friends as if it didn’t faze him at all 😏😈🤫
1219 days ago
he hasent talked to me and has been ignoring me and hasnt been talking to i told him i liked him and ever since i told him
1230 days ago
This is what I was expecting. Maybe, me and him are bffs and he knows I like him 🥺
1354 days ago
Nah, bruh. Just nah.