Does He Like Me? (6th Graders)

Ever wonder if that special someone likes you, too? Of course you do - we ALL do! Good news....I might be able to help you figure it out for sure. Take my test and I will give you my very best guess. No promises, but hopefully this will help! Be sure to answer honestly, or what's the point?:-)

  • 1
    Does he stare at you?
    Does he stare at you?
  • 2
    Does he talk to you? Or does he start to, but hold back?

    (I know these are simple questions, but don't give up yet!)
  • 3
    When you're answering a question in class, does he look at you?

  • 4
    Is he going out with anyone? THIS IS IMPORTANT! If he is, then hands off. Sorry.:(
  • 5
    Does he come up to talk to you and make you laugh?
  • 6
    Does he call you nicknames, or say that you're his bff?

  • 7
    When you go over to him and his friends to tell them about something (e.g. your friend made a funny drawing), is he the first or only one to go see what you're talking about? Also, does he stand closer to you?
  • 8
    Does he ask you a lot of questions? For example, what's your favourite colour, or questions mostly about yourself?
  • 9
    In your heart, do you believe he likes you?
  • 10
    Great job so far! Last one! Are you shy?

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6 days ago
Hi I’m Riyanne and I have a crush on a boy and I dated him in Year 3 but we broke up Bec I said if you eat to much sushi don’t you get fat then from then he stopped liking meh so we broke up he has been dating 2 girls but now idk who he’s going for but I. Still like him and I’m now in grade 6.
24 days ago
i like this guy lets call him "bob" and we used to date then we broke up and i think he likes me and i like him but they s stll a possibility *he doesent like me. WHAT SHOULD I DO
53 days ago
So I have a crush on this boy he is super cute and I hope that he likes me back
66 days ago
Hi am allura a girl i have a crush on a boy in school he does show signs he likes me but he acts wierd around me like i accidentaly bumb in to him he looked into my eyes and run away sooo does he like me to? Pls answer
73 days ago
Nooooo he does not like me but he talks about me to his friends and they call us boy friend and girl friend so this is sad
82 days ago
I am a guy. I like a guy. He doesn’t like guys. Guess there is nothing I can do. But that hurts my heart
126 days ago
Yes! He doesn't like me!! :)))
133 days ago
Welp I’m in 6th grade and this boy just came to the school a couple months ago and while me and him were in math we both starred at each other for at least 5 seconds!!! In my mind I was like* AHHHHH YO WHAT THE HECK DO I DO BRUH* it was sooo awkward. Then when we were going to recess I was telling my friends my nickname so I said* yeah my nickname is em* and while he was walking next to us he said* sup em* I didn’t know what to do so I just stood there, stupid me I know! So he keeps on starring at me til this day and I feel like he likes me a little but when I asked my friend if she could ask him if he likes me he said no so I’m really confused on if he does like me or not..
133 days ago
Well you see I’ve had this crush were both in 6th grade, we’re the same age, he’s ten days older then me, my middle name is jarred and his brothers name is jarred to so I feel like he’s the right guy but the problem is he doesn’t talk to me very much but if he does he just says hi or makes a weird noise and I’m not quite sure if he does it to the other girls. So basically he treats me different. I texted him and he didn’t reply, and it’s almost been a month. I don’t know if he likes me or not but when I saw the test results it made me have more hope that he does like me a tad!. I also have this other crush he’s shorter then me and I believe I’m older then him so I doubt he likes me back...
149 days ago
Alrighty. I took this test after my crush told me that he likes, me and that he wants to go out with me. I told him no though, because I don't want a bf rn. After college tho! ANYWAYS, when I took this test, it said that he doesn't like me. AND HE LITERALLY SENT ME PICS OF A RETARTED BB YODA, AND A HEART EMOJI!!! HE BROKE UP WITH HIS OLD GF FOR ME, AND I GET THAT HE DOENS'T LIKE ME? SMH, THIS TEST IS NOT ACCURATE LOL
190 days ago
Ok. I'm in 6th grade, and I like this boy on my hockey team who is in 5th grade. I actually have 2 crushes, but were going to focus on this one, I guess. So, once I was wearing my club team jersey(he's on my town peewee team), and he said, "So, do you play on any other teams?" and in my head I was like, 'BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO', but I just said, "Yeah. (club team name)." and then he just nodded. Today, we had team practice, and me and my friends were confused about the drill we were doing, but after a while I got it. He came up to me and tried to explain the drill to ME but not really my friends. I had gotten the drill, so I was just like, "Yeah. Ok. Thanks. I get it now. Thanks so much!" and yeah. He kind of tries to show off in front of me, I guess too? He's ok, but like I said earlier, he's younger than me.
198 days ago
So I like this boy, let’s call him “Pete”. Pete is really cute, and we have a few classes together. We hit it off and have really simmaler hobbies/interests and I just don’t wanna ruin our friendship. If I ask him to a dance and he says no, then I wouldn’t have the courage to talk to him 😍🥰😭
225 days ago
I like this guy (Bret) he is sooo nice but never talks to me and I’m to worried he’ll whine I’m weird or ugly and I see him look at me sometimes... idek if he likes me (HELP!!) 😣
226 days ago
Yea I’ve liked my crush since third grade.and he loves to skateboard and he told me he likes me.
228 days ago
I like this boy (ciaran) and i have since the begging of 4th grade but he is dating one of my friends (zara) and i am really happy for them because i love them both but i really wish he would like me i am thinking maybe i should try q get his best friend (cian) to like me then i can get with him so we can spend more time 2gether this would also help me and zara because they have been dating for 2 months and when i told her i liked him she started ignoring me so to get to see her again would be amazinggggg but is it a good and kind idea to use cian to get to ciaran? or just plain evil? oh god help me!!! 💘😭
232 days ago
233 days ago
wow does he realy like me iv liked him for so long since 5th grade actualy but wow is he cute hes a year older than me tho is that ok
263 days ago
Dang, i prob got my bad answer cause my crush is a *cool and calm type*, lol. Its rlly hard to know how he is feeling
300 days ago
There is this boy in my class ive known since 2nd grade, and weve gotten rly close, havent done any kissing, but, he REALLY likes me, and almost blew it like five times, what should I do????
379 days ago
so he might like me well that's not helpful its also not helpful that I cant go to school to find out! stupid corona,