Does He Like Me? (6th Graders Quiz)

Ever wonder if that special someone likes you, too? Of course you do - we ALL do! Good news....I might be able to help you figure it out for sure. Take my test and I will give you my very best guess. No promises, but hopefully this will help! Be sure to answer honestly, or what's the point?:-)

  • 1
    Does he stare at you?
    Does he stare at you?
  • 2
    Does he talk to you? Or does he start to, but hold back?

    (I know these are simple questions, but don't give up yet!)
  • 3
    When you're answering a question in class, does he look at you?

  • 4
    Is he going out with anyone? THIS IS IMPORTANT! If he is, then hands off. Sorry.:(
  • 5
    Does he come up to talk to you and make you laugh?
  • 6
    Does he call you nicknames, or say that you're his bff?

  • 7
    When you go over to him and his friends to tell them about something (e.g. your friend made a funny drawing), is he the first or only one to go see what you're talking about? Also, does he stand closer to you?
  • 8
    Does he ask you a lot of questions? For example, what's your favourite colour, or questions mostly about yourself?
  • 9
    In your heart, do you believe he likes you?
  • 10
    Great job so far! Last one! Are you shy?

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50 days ago
He SO likes you! Girl, do NOT just sit there - make your move! I am pretty positive he likes you back! Good job! Just look and be nice around him. But word to the wise - just act natural. Don't change yourself a lot, or try to be someone you're not, or it definitely won't work. He clearly likes who you already are. So go for it! Good luck!

Ummmm……I am not sure he likes me, i don’t think he acts like it, he does stares at me tho, and make everyone laugh, Including me.
50 days ago
Hi, so I have a this boy, and I am not sure if he likes me, but I still feel like he might like me a tad, but I am not that sure, But he stares at me, at least I think he stares at me, and he always doing funny things, to make everyone laugh, I am not sure if he does it because of me,
52 days ago
(The names r fake) Sooooo... There's a guy, He (Lucas) plays basketball with his best friend (Mark) and they're considered popular. A few years ago, he and Mark were always annoying me or my best friend, thats when people started shipping us and I'm pretty sure they know. So, the students ship Me and Lucas & Jennie and Mark. I don't want to tell Lucas because I think he likes my best friend (Jennie) but Jennie likes Mark but I've found out that Mark likes me. Mark likes me but I like Lucas. And Lucas likes Jennie but Jennie likes Mark. Its messed up & idk what to do 😭😭
52 days ago

For 60% you are: Ready for your result? I'm really sorry, but from what you're saying through your answers, he is probably not the right person for you. But it's fine - there are so many more boys out there, and they're all looking for a girl who's nice, just like you! Don't give up and good luckSo rude! I mean yes he likes everyone....but he acts a lot different around me....a good different! I really do think he likes me. He's always made jokes that he has a girlfriend but now he actually confessed that he doesn't. Don't you guys also think those are signs that know! 😊
78 days ago
I wasn't sure if my crush liked me but it kinda started when one day one of the boys said stop playing games just joking around it was rlly anoyying but then he kinda stood up for me in a way. then home learning happened
84 days ago
K I'm back today in math this boy I kinda know but don't like said he was going to slap me but then he said your to beautiful to get slapped what does that mean 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 so yah no I'm not dating Ely of the 5th grader yet but yah from the brow curly haired girl bye I will try to update yall about boys when I can but bye💕😉😘💞😖❤😰
91 days ago
So I have a friend Named ely❤❤❤ we only have one class together band I'm the only girl in band but I have known him since 2 we are now in 6 but he is cute
he calls me names like mommy or daddy 🙄🙄😰😰 and on Friday he gave me a hug 😑 but I'm if he likes me .......... Also um I have a crush on a 5 grader ok yah I know but he got held back and he is a month younger than me but today I'm going to a costume party we both do tae Kwan do so yah he also goes to my school I see in summer camp also the is Halloween for me yay but idk if they like me🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
155 days ago
I know he likes me he shows it a lot but i dont like him and we made very awkward eye contact
271 days ago
So, it’s obvious to hell my crush likes me. And I’m lovin’ it. I’ve got a bunch of boys after me, and they make it obvious. But, let’s just leave them to rot....
271 days ago
Don’t worry if you think your crush doesn’t like you. you are loved by others, and there’s probably another guy who likes you instead!
271 days ago
So my first comment, lemme just continue that. There’s a million signs that he likes me!!!
He’s a short, and an absolutely adorable guy. He acts like he hates me when I’m around my friends, but whenever we look at each other, he slightly gives me a smile, and I’ve heard him talk about me, and he always is funny around me, and glances at me if I’m laughing or no. You probably are bored if you’re reading this, but I don’t have much people to talk to about my crush, and the people I do have, it’ll be too awkward or they’ll get annoyed. My sister KNOWS he likes me, and my friends tell me that it’s possible. He is mostly the first one to make a convo, and yeah. But all the tests I do, most of them give “yes, he likes you!” Or “he likes you, but in a friendly way”
Like.. we are rivals by actions, but friends (I guess) by heart. Unlike other people, if he asks me out or admits that he likes me, I WILL TO THE HELL FREAK OUT!
Hope he likes me. Even though nothing will change even if he does...(:p)
271 days ago
Lol, I just did it again, about this other boy who I kind of am crushing on.
“Girl, he so LIKES you” is what I got.
Yeah, I kind of knew that as this other boy told me that he “loves” me.
Hope year 7 won’t be so full of drama. ;-;
271 days ago
Ok, from the results, I got “I’m sorry, but he doesn’t like you”
But I’m pretty sure he does, and when I ask people, like my sister in example, she says it’s so obvious that he likes me.
He sneaks a glance at me whenever he says something and the class laughs, he shows off and does weird things ESPECIALLY in front of me, and he’s called me nicknames. But yeah, he might not like me... but he sure does act like he does -,-
273 days ago
I have crush on this boy I dated him for 6 months but on march 12 he told me he lost feeling I was left heart broken 💔 and then i went google and search up how to get a boy to like you so then I found quiz the end :) I hope he likes me like
293 days ago
Hi I’m Riyanne and I have a crush on a boy and I dated him in Year 3 but we broke up Bec I said if you eat to much sushi don’t you get fat then from then he stopped liking meh so we broke up he has been dating 2 girls but now idk who he’s going for but I. Still like him and I’m now in grade 6.
311 days ago
i like this guy lets call him "bob" and we used to date then we broke up and i think he likes me and i like him but they s stll a possibility *he doesent like me. WHAT SHOULD I DO
340 days ago
So I have a crush on this boy he is super cute and I hope that he likes me back
353 days ago
Hi am allura a girl i have a crush on a boy in school he does show signs he likes me but he acts wierd around me like i accidentaly bumb in to him he looked into my eyes and run away sooo does he like me to? Pls answer
360 days ago
Nooooo he does not like me but he talks about me to his friends and they call us boy friend and girl friend so this is sad
370 days ago
I am a guy. I like a guy. He doesn’t like guys. Guess there is nothing I can do. But that hurts my heart