Does he like you? best quiz!

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Found out if your crush loves you by answering these questions let's get started!

  • 1
    Do you notice him staring you sometimes?
  • 2
    Does he ever try to touch you like on your shoulder or your arm?
  • 3
    Does he have a girlfriend?

  • 4
    Does he try to talk to you?
  • 5
    Alright you have to be honest, do you truly think he loves you?
  • 6
    Ok imagine someone is teasing and punching you at school, what does your crush do?

  • 7
    Imagine you we're walking down a corridor and you see him what does he do?
  • 8
    You and your crush are about to die, only one can be saved. What does say?
  • 9
    Does he ever smile at you?
  • 10
    What did you think of this quiz? ( doesn't affect scores)

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202 days ago
To Emily 71253

I'm so sorry! I have the same issue, except the guy I like, is in love with my sister. Crazy right? Of course she doesn't have feelings for him, if she did I wouldn't have a crush. But anyway I totally relate to you. confused, but in love. How do you give up on that?
For me honesty has always been key. If they aren't dating, then tell your friend how you feel about the situation. If they are dating be honest with yourself. Would you want to hang out and be in a relationship with a guy who is pursuing your friend? You seem like a great girl and there could be a lot better guys out there for you. But most importantly, just be yourself. And if he can't see You for who you really are, and is still attached to your friend, then it's not worth it.

-I'll help.
290 days ago
Burst into flames?? im not sure if thats the way to describe my guy.....
1213 days ago
what do you mean if he could burst into flames he would? like do you mean crush feelings? or more?
1483 days ago
Please help me,

My crush is always flirting with me.
Touching me,talking,smiling like everything. Last week he confessed to one of my friends that he loved her over 90% and that he thought she was so pretty and funny. (My friend doesn't know I like him) she said she likes him 55% (just over half way)! I was so upset. She told him that she likes him and she started acting cocky that a boy likes her. Everyone always comes up to her like oh, Arianna ur boyfriend just scored! Idk if there dating or what she hasn't told me. I love him so much and he probably knows I do because I get him gifts and treat him really nicely and whenever I'm with him arianna always stares at us to see if I'm flirting or if he is it not.

PLEASE HELP from Emily
1538 days ago
It was a good quiz but sometimes there wasn’t the right option like what does he talk to you about there was only the option of he doesn’t talk to me, he shares his deepest secrets with me and only about school work. I needed the option of we just chat generally, because we do talk not about work but he doesn’t share his deepest secrets with me either. Apart from that thanks apparently he loves me????!!
1549 days ago
omg he asked me on a date and I said yes and he gave me a kiss
1606 days ago
Damm mine is like IN LOVE WITH ME
1607 days ago
Omg he likes me!!!!!! I hope he asks me out. God he’s cute
2280 days ago
Wooooow !!!! The quizz says that he 's DEEPLY in love with me i already know that but wat the hill is wrong with him wat don't he make a move :-) :-)
2324 days ago
I Av A Guy Am Dating But His House Is Far Away From Mind Wat Can I Do
2389 days ago
It says he loves me! Yay!