Does A Guy Like Me? Quiz (Via Texting/Snapchat)

If you don't communicate much or at all with someone in person, it is easy to get confused about how they really feel. This quiz will tell you if a guy is romantically interested in you by examining how you and he communicate via text/instant messaging/Snapchat.

  • 1
    Who normally starts your conversations?
  • 2
    What do you normally talk about?
  • 3
    Do you ever flirt?

  • 4
    Has he ever complimented your appearance?
  • 5
    Has he ever asked for pictures that reveal more of you?
  • 6
    Do you send kiss or heart emojis?
    Do you send kiss or heart emojis?

  • 7
    Has he ever brought up any other girls he's interested in?
  • 8
    Has he ever hinted that he wants to be more than just friends?
  • 9
    How often do you talk?
  • 10
    How often does he mention meeting up in person?

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124 days ago
Hey fan biggest fan show PS Hung out with me soon lol ps you sweet guys 🤩 love you guys 🤩💝🏈😻😘😘😻.
154 days ago
Ok so like I added him on snap like a month ago and we snap a lot every single day. but idek him irl but ik he exists and isn't a catfish cuz my friends know him from school and stuff. we also play for the same club for our sport but different levels. hes #2 on my best friends list (#1 is a yellow heart w my bsf) and he responds to my snaps really fast. lately he's been sending me a lot of full faces and my friend told me she saw him retake one of the snaps he sent me a bunch of times. He always tries to start a convo w me but is kinda dry sometimes too. ik his friends and we get along pretty well (cuz theyre on my team). idrk if I like him cuz idek him irl, and like from the stuff he posts on his sendits, he seems like a pretty big red flag. hes kinda cute tho- but like still. we dont rly talk much but he'll be like "wyd" or "wsg" once in a while and we'll talk a bit.

Idk what to do or if theres anything to do. he keeps sending full faces and snaps like that but im literally being the driest person on earth and sending him snaps of my hair (idk y- I kinda feel bad but sometimes I look kinda crusty ok).

And like he asked for my tiktok (which I gave him) and like the day I followed him back he posted something (it was basically a thirst trap- rly embarrassing to watch💀).

so ye idk what to do or what I can do
386 days ago
Guys just follow you heart, don't let anyone hold you back:)
398 days ago
Okay, from what i see, there is a lot of asking for advice, and no answering with advice. I would offer tips or advice or whatever, but you all asked about 1 - 2 years ago, so stuff probably changed. Sorry that I couldn't help more than that.
Anyway, I wish you all luck with your crushes (and other stuff)! Byeee!
441 days ago
What if i was suicidal
735 days ago
There is a guy I really like he’s so sweet and is a guy where he reply’s fast sometimes and other times takes hours he really cute and so funny send funny pics and mostly starts the convos we have flirted a couple time but he seems kinda clueless but then he notices if I leave him on delivered for a while and always responds to me never leave me on open I’ve never met him in person but we have mutual friends. I’ve had him on snap for a long time and want to start talking but don’t know how to ask him. And I try to work up the courage to ask to FaceTime but am nervous to get rejected. And don’t know what to do to take a step forward. I asked him how he feels about me in a Suttle way he just said I was chill . Don’t know if that is friend zoned or just normal. And I want to talk to my friends about it but they never give good advise they all just say oh he likes I he likes u but that doesn’t tell me what to do about it. Do I wait for him to make the next move or give him the idea that I like him.
735 days ago
So there is this guy and he’s very nice and I really like him but don’t know if he likes me back and I don’t want to be the one to make a move because if he doesn’t feel the same way I feel like I’ll ruin our realationship
787 days ago
SO. There's a guy. I like him a little bit. We've talked to each other a few times but now we talk everyday. We share the same interested, he literally said all girls are annoying except me, I'm a 1000000/100 , he has faceted me a few times (he's almost 2kmiles away) , he likes to brag about his pets and a fish he catches when fishing, he talks about me with his friends, he wouldn't stop shaking and snapping me when his parents were drunk. Also he always say he likes my hair which is kinda random but I get a little ego boost :). BUT BUT BUT. I was snapping his friend who is a girl, and she said "He seems to like you". SO I told him and he goes "OH MY GOSH WHAT IM TALKING TO HER RN". So I think he might? Or maybe he's just nice? Am I blind? I don't wanna ruin what we have... plus we've only been talking for a few days which is kinda surprising. I guess we just kicked off. Our zodiac signs are pretty compatible so 🤷‍♀️? What do you guys think?
834 days ago
So basically. My best friend- let’s just call her Samantha, has a crush on Jonas who is my crush! I think Jonas used to like me bc on my yolos he would always go “who do you like” “do you like Jonas tell me now” and two emojis that mean something I’m not going to put in here along with the emojis 😍🤤 help
877 days ago
899 days ago
So I said that private and he kept spamming me with pictures of him! One was even of him in the shower! 😨 this guys is insane! So I asked if he could stop and he said only if I send a pic of me. I said no... so once school started he pushed me into the cafeteria and licked my whole face! Now every day he looks at me and winks and smiles.
899 days ago
So I just responded with 🥰🤪 And he said how about some for me! I sent him one of my legs and he responded with higher up!😱 I really like this guy and he diggs me!!
899 days ago
So a guy at my school sent me a picture of his “place” with no caption. I am so confused and I don’t know what to do! I really like the guy but I don’t know what to respond with! Btw we aren’t in high school yet so that says something
1002 days ago
K so I have been friends with this guy for a few years now but now we have really been talking like ALOT like every day we we stay up talking to each other like 3-4ish and we snap all day every day but recently we just started saying stuff when we go to bed like have a good sleep and even I LOVE YOU we both say it but then we say no homo after 😢 I wish we can just say I love you and that’s it he’s 1 year younger that me and he’s shorter than me which is kinda sad but oh well I’ve really been wanting to ask him out but then I feel like it will get all weird and stuff so should I? At least one day
1124 days ago
So there is this guy I like... I have not met him in person but I know he is not a catfish, I know people who know him. We snap everyday and sometimes he replies quickly or hours later. When the conversation ends he always tries to kickstart it again. He always sends these goofy snaps. Advice please.
1126 days ago
I need advice. There's this guy in my school who ive liked for about a month now and im the type of person to flirty a lot and get bf's quickly but talking to this boy is kinda hard for me. hes part of the boy "popular group" and im mostly in the "girl popular group" but I don't rlly hangout with them. ive been in the school for 2 years and we didn't talk till this year. he has me on snap and we send streaks to each other bt the past two days he left me on open and then the next day I didn't send him streaks and he sent them to be but I left him on open this time hahaha but before leaving me on open for two days, he sent me this rlly hot selfie saying "long car ride hmu" and all I sent him back was streaks lol anyways I wanna get closer to him and hangout and talk more but I don't rlly know how someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!
1147 days ago
so there’s this guy i was friends with last year and we joked around a lot. he called me thicc and babe and 💋 like that. i liked his best friend and he found out and he was asking me what i saw in him and stuff and we talked a lot and we were really close. on the last day of school we hugged each other but we couldn’t talk over the summer at all because i didn’t have a phone. then the first day of school comes and we barely say a ducking word. i said hi to him like once and that was it. then i start to get feelings and then he finds out i like him and it’s this whole other story. he used to like one of my friends and then stopped and then my friend told me that one of his close friends said he likes me but i didn’t believe it and stuff. anyways he had this yolo and i said imy and we faded and he said su so i did. and he was just like oh it was you and i said yea and he said oh and i said ok and then nothing else. then i pulled up an old yolo that said do u still like (crush) so i crosses out the name and put it on my story saying no not anymore even though i’m crushing so hard it’s annoying
1310 days ago
so i added this guy a few months ago and didn’t know who he was. eventually we got to know each other and we’ve been talking ever since. we are both each other’s #1 bff on snapchat. he calls me a cutie a lot and always says i look nice. however, he does ignore me sometimes. he has a lot of other girls on his snapchat and it’s only what his best friends list consists of. idk if they are his friends or if he has feelings for them. he’s mentioned about meeting up a few times and says it’d be fun. however he told me not to disturb him during his netflix show and i think it was serious. so idk if he likes me. please help!
1372 days ago
So like yeah. Pretty lit fam
1531 days ago
So I need help this guy goes to my middle school we have English together and we have never physically talked but over break he added me and we’ve been snapping like 5 times a day and we have random conversation and say good morning and goodnight but he is never flirting with me do you think he could be developing feelings ?