Does He Like Me, Or Is He Just Being Nice? Quiz

I created this quiz to help you figure out if a guy you like is being nice because (a) he just wants to be friends, (b) he doesn't want to hurt your feelings, or (c) he wouldn't mind being more than friends. Take it now and find out which of these applies to you!

  • 1
    Do you guys talk often?
  • 2
    What are your conversations like?
  • 3
    Has he figured out that you like him? If so, what was his reaction?

  • 4
    Do you guys joke around a lot, such as taking each others' jackets, teasing each other, being sarcastic, etc?
    Do you guys joke around a lot, such as taking each others' jackets, teasing each other, being sarcastic, etc?
  • 5
    Have you ever been together at a place other than school (or wherever you usually see each other)?
  • 6
    Is he nice to you?

  • 7
    If you saw each other in public, which of the following would he most likely do/say?
  • 8
    So, what does your mind tell you about him?
  • 9
    If you see each other in the halls during school, what does he do?
  • 10
    Has he asked you to a dance, or hung out with you at one before?

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108 days ago
He likes my friend and sHe likes him they might date but it will last a few weeks but then I think she will break up with him and we are not friends with her anymore cause she lied to us about him and I've known him for longer then her but I broke up with this other guy I knew from gr 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 then he called me a pick me girl ( and I'm not ) but he helped me through that . But idk
116 days ago
the guy i like gose to school with me. i tryed asking him out once but he dident want a relationship yet and sence then i have been flirting. he flirts back so i think i will ask him out just takin it slow
155 days ago
So there's this guy at school and he always says hi to me when he sees me but he told me he has a girlfriend so I don't want to sound like I'm jumping to conclusions
174 days ago
Ya...right idk if this is correct
182 days ago
So there is this boy I like and I don't know he is one of my best friends but I don't know if he likes me because he hug me today and when it is time for him to go he always touches my shoulder and says bye
201 days ago
I am heading towards it
288 days ago
Sooo my love life is messy and kind of non existent. I have two crushes. One I've had for five years and he's my age. He's really really cute and pretty sweet but I don't think he knows I exist anymore. Worst part is, my friend likes him too so I haven't told anyone about it.
The other one is from this year but he's two years older than me and in only in one of my classes. He's really nice, smart, funny, and talented. But he doesn't really acknowledge me. Is my love life destined to be doomed? I'm probably going to end up alone T_T
291 days ago
quiz; good luck

me; good luck to me to
432 days ago
Hey! I meet this guy at a park next to my house last summer! We spoke several times and then we huged and he touched my ass! I am guessing that he wanted something to happen between us ! When I showed up the next day at the park he was waiting for me on the same bench as where I would sit thinking that I would come straight up to him and talk but instead I didn't and I continued on with my walk. Basically I played hard to get. The days that followed I did see him at the park from far but didnt bother to speak to him because I was so disgusted by how he reacted. Then the bad weather started so I stopped going until this year in May I started again and ended up seeing him again. I saw him in the beginning then I decided to say hi to him and then he started asking me if I have message for him? If I have any news for me ?? Do I have the winning numbers for him to win the 70 billion jackpot??? I though that he was asking me for money and I told him that and he got offended and insulted! We didn't speak for 2 weeks but we would see each other at the park! So I got guts to go up and talk to him and apoligize for what I misunderstand earlier like from the 2 weeks ago. Ever since that day he finds a way to always come up and talk to me and we speak for 1 hour, 2 hours, 45 minutes and we talk stupid 🐬. And he always asks me if I have a message for him? Do I have some news for me?? He doesn't want anything serious plus he talks to me about other girls in the park infront of me! He flicked my nose a few times, he even grabbed my cell phone out of my hands and he didnt want to give it back to me, he was blocking me with his arm, etc ! Lots of mixed signals! Is he just being nice and friendly? Perhaps..... can someone can maybe help understand. ! He definetley knows that I like him, I would assume.
459 days ago
There's a guy I like. It's been 4 years since we known each other. I known him at the basketball court near his and my house through a mutual friend. And because we are 4 years apart in age, he keeps getting busier so as time passes we meet each other less and less. If I happen to meet him he would be jogging (nowadays, since the basketball hoop was kinda destroyed) and we would wave and say hi. Maybe talk about school for awhile (we go to the same school and he's my senior) and he would go back to doing his own stuff. He is always cold and distant (he's always like that to girls so I don't really know whether he hates me) and he only talks to me when I start.
525 days ago
Also cambell, what you said was uncalled for and rude. Think before you speak next time. I think Aubrey is super brave for asking her crush out, and it's stupid to say it's a "man's job to ask a girl out.
526 days ago
This year I started at a new school, and I became friends with this guy (we're going to call him mark, but that isn't his real name). A few months into the school year mark told me that he liked me, but now (it's well into the school year) when people ship us, or when someone asks if he likes me he denies it. All signs point to that he likes me, but he always says he likes another girl! I am so confused! If anyone has any advise please help me!
572 days ago
Sorry, I accidentally posted that twice. My bad.
572 days ago

Dude, I think you need to wake up and realize we're in the 21 century. A girl has every right to ask a guy out. In fact, some guys might even find that attractive. She shouldn't have to wait for some guy to come to her, she can get something going between them by doing it herself.

You had no right to say that to her; none at all. You don't know her, and she didn't ask for anyone else's opinion. Maybe you were just trying to be helpful, but man, you just sounded like a real jerk.

Woman and man are equal. It's not a "man's job" to do anything. Genetically speaking, some things men are just biologically better at than women, and some things women are better at than men. But it's not right to assume that all men and woman are the same. Everybody has their own different skills and talents which are not dependent on their gender. Having the ability and right to ask someone out is one of the things that both genders are able to do.

I'm sorry if any of what I just said sounded offensive or rude, I just want you to know what I, and most other people believe about women's rights. Personally, I think you're the one who "NEEDS HELP", because what you said was very hurtful and uncalled for.

As for the creator of the quiz, I'm so sorry that this whole argument/discussion went down in the comments of something that was meant to be a harmless and fun quiz. You had a really nice quiz; thank you for it. I hope you have a nice day, and don't let all this commotion in the comments get to you :D
604 days ago
Sorry, but civilized people do ask the people they like out... Just saying. Uncivilized, or heathan-like is what you, Camble, were probably thinking. Aubrey, hoped things worked out.
609 days ago
Hi! um he do homework with me when there is no one he sit opposite me sometimes, and he wait for me to class, and he sits beside me when there is any projects or homework teacher gave us to accomplish it in a group. But I didn't know he likes me or not, he stare at me sometimes but when I looked back at him, he just gave me a heads-up like trying to ask me what, does he likes me? but I knew I still too young, but I not sure if he likes me :') maybe just best friends who knows? hehe..
818 days ago
cambell, a concerned online friend - really, so what if Aubrey wants to ask her out? She’s her own person! She doesn’t need some person to tell her what to do! I know it’s not “Civilized” for her to ask a guy out, but so what? She can do that if she wants to. I know we don’t really give a d.a.m.n about her favorite color but you don’t need to be so mean about. There isn’t anything wrong with her asking him out. I know it’s normally the way around bit it doesn’t matter! All the that matters is that Aubrey is happy. I know I don’t her but no one deserves to get bullied or laughed at. Nothing’s wrong with her! Seriously, listen to your self! She doesn’t need to get punished for asking a guy out. You must’ve hurt her feelings! She’s not insane! She doesn’t have to listen to me or you! She’s her own person. So start apologizing!

Aubrey - Sorry, if I said something wrong and hurt you’re feelings! Be your own person! Don’t let people walk all over you and tell you what to do. Sorry, if I offended you. I don’t think you’re insane I just think you got really excited. I don’t think you deserve to get punished.
819 days ago
this test told me lie and lied to all of ya people and kids take th oi s and be like "OMG OMG HE LIKES ME HE LIKES ME!!!!!!!EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" Kids now these days.....
820 days ago
dear aubry, you are litterally insane, nobody gives a😻about your favorite color, btw i think that you need to be the right age to ask someone out, also you sound like a girl, so you can not ask a boy out because it is uncivilized and that is the mans job. I hope your mother does not catch you behaving in such an unladylike way, I hope she has the smarts to punish you if she does. YOU NEED HELP
855 days ago
Hi my name is Aubrey and I LOVE sports and the outdoors I have played all the sports there is to play and my FAVORITE is basketball I am a tomboy and my favorite color is yellow I hope you got to know me a little !!!!!!