Does This Shy Guy Like Me? (VERY Accurate Quiz!)

So, this is a little quiz you can take that I made based on my own personal experiences. I know it can be really hard to tell whether or not a guy likes you, especially if he's shy - but don't give up! There are actually signs you can look for.

And don't worry if you don't get a good score, because no two guys are the same, so what works on one might not be effective on another. Good luck!

  • 1
    Do you catch him staring at you sometimes? If so, how does he respond when you catch him?
    Do you catch him staring at you sometimes? If so, how does he respond when you catch him?
  • 2
    Does he act the same around you as he does around other friends/people?
  • 3
    Does he seem to ignore you on occasion?

  • 4
    Has he ever tried to get your attention indirectly? (Maybe by tapping on his desk with a pencil, dropping things, etc?)
  • 5
    When you pass him in the hallway, does he seem to try to get where he's going more quickly?
  • 6
    Have his friends ever said he likes you (even in a playful way) or teased you while you were in front of him?

  • 7
    Whenever you are sitting next to him or just near him, is his body turned toward you (i.e., his torso, legs, etc.)?
  • 8
    Sometimes, we have a gut feeling a person likes us. What is your gut telling you?
  • 9
    When you call his name, how does he respond?
  • 10
    Last question. When he walks into a room that you're already in, where does he look?

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112 days ago
I don't know what to do my crush is so shy and when I try and talk to him he ignores me it hurts me so much. But he talks to other girls
276 days ago
Urgh, results say he really likes me, but he's so cute and I don't know why he would. I'm not exactly young...if I'm on my own he will either try to walk up to me or stay where he is and stare at me with a small smile on his face and his eyes all big and soft, or, if he is walking with someone he will look at me and by the time I look his way he's looking down at the ground. Augh, so complicated! :(
400 days ago
Remember this is an online quiz, they are never 100% accurate. I am also 10 and I also follow him around on the playground (don’t ask). I got different results from different tests (I took like, 10). Only one gave me negative results!

Here is my story:
A few weeks ago, I started well, how should I say this? Something. It caused me to see things differently, gave me a new personality and perspective and suddenly I got a crush on him. Let’s call him D. It got to a new level two days ago and now we are SUPER-awkward around each other. During assembly, we had A LOT of weird staring between us. He would stare at me, I’d look at him then he’d look away and the same the other way round. It’s been killing me to tell him but I am finding it REALLY HARD to get the courage. I plan to tell him next week tho :>
448 days ago
I love this quiz. IT'S SO ACCURATE!! My crush said he likes me, and this quiz told me the same thing! So excited about that. BRAVO! (However, he's SUPER SHY
471 days ago
So I really like this guy... but I'm way too shy to try to talk to him and he's even more shy than me. I'll catch him staring at me in class all the time, and he just looks away quickly. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO, I'M HELPLESS.
483 days ago
Hi my name is Essie. You guys might think I'm crazy but I don't think this quiz is that accurate. (BTW his name starts with a G so I'll call him G. I'm not giving out TMI) Here is the story: Me and G have known each other since Kindergarten. He is 2 weeks older than me. In first grade I was enemies is with a girl named Ellie who is now my best friend, and I said SHE had a crush on G. (Now I think that's because I liked him) Last year, in fourth grade, I started to REALLY like him. And I loved to run after him at recess but I had no idea why. This year he sits two seats away from me and math. Once me, Ellie and G were partners (Then she knew I had a crush on him) and Ellie kept scooching me closer to him. It was super embarrassing. Anyway he is super sweet on Valentine's Day and he is always really happy for me and he always says happy birthday on my birthday. The quiz says he likes me just a little. HE STARES AT ME EVEN WHEN PEOPLE ARE BLOCKING HIS VIEW AND SOMETIMES NODS WHEN I SAY HI AND HE LAUGHS AT ALL MY JOKES EVEN WHEN THEY ARENT FUNNY AND HE SAYS ME TOO TO EVERYTHING I SAY!!! You call that a little? Sigh. Yet I am only 10. 😍😍😍
491 days ago
Okay so I've liked this guy for two years up till now. At first it was only me, and few people knew about it, but then I told a few of my friends and somehhow the news sort of spread. On Dec. 2020, my crush asked this guy who liked me if I liked him, and this guy who liked me told him "of course, and for a while". I got hopeful a bit, but then nothing happened.

I pretty much lost hope after hearing nothing since then, and that lasted for months. However, at the beginning of this semester, his friend told me that he REALLY likes me and is planning to make the first move. Soon he actually did do that (sort of) and wrote me a poem but was given to me by his friend. His "obvious" moves lasted for about two weeks or so, but then he suddenly became super quiet and didn't want to talk about this matter.

I thought he perhaps lost interest. But his friends still tease him of me and sometimes when I look at him, I see him staring at me back. Last year, there was this New Year party in our class, and they were trying to find a host and a hostess. Many of my classmates "nominated" the two of us, but he just wouldn't agree. I was really sad at that time to be honnest.

By the end of this semester, the two of us got the same award(which was voted by my classmates), and when one of my friends asked him "What is like getting the same award as your girlfriend" (we're not bf and gf yet) he just smiled and didn't deny. Recently I added his social medial account, and started "chatting" with him, but the conversation is kind of awkward.

Both my friends and his friends tease the two of us, and say we should be together and stuff, but I'm really thinking if this is only because I like him, and this is already a almost universe fact in my class.

I'm really confused right now because of all the mixed signs that I get, and would somebody please give me some advice or tell what you think??
494 days ago
Ok so he kinda likes me. It’s an a pretty boring story. We’re both shy and have liked each other for about 6 or 7 months now. He got my number because his friends asked for him. We would playfully flirt with each other all the time. He told me he had a crush on me about a week ago, but since then it’s been awkward between us. So I took this quiz and stuff and maybe he’s losing feelings? Idk.
795 days ago
I got the result, he likes u but not that much..
1056 days ago
Here's my story with my crush: 3 years ago he and I were both helpers at a Vacation Bible School, he was 13 and I was 11. I didn't have a crush on him back then cuz I thought he thought I was annoying and didn't like me, we got to know each other a little bit but we totally lost contact over 3 years. I thought he completely forgot everything about me, or at least didn't know my name any more. Last week we were both put into the same sport and now I'll see him every week. The first time I first saw him last week he remembered my name and called to me (I hadn't talked to him in 3 years so obviously I was surprised he called). He treated me so differently than he did any other girl, usually he just doesn't talk to girls or just ignores them. but every time I missed or fell (cuz I💋at sports) he would say like "good try!" or "it's ok it happens to everyone". And he kept using my name, which I've heard is a sign a shy guy likes you. I just don't know why he would like me cuz I'm 14 and he's 16, I feel like he would like someone older but idk.
1094 days ago
It says he likes me a little bit... heres the story.

I’ve kinda liked him for a few months and we’ve both gone through breakups while being good friends with each other. We have two classes together and have bonded over helping each other on tests. The first test he helped me on, he literally collected all the answers from the people around him and then gave them to me without me asking. He’s the only reason I didn’t fail. Also, he always tries getting my attention by saying random things. He’ll be talking to his friend and will say my name or something about me just so I turn around and talk to him. He also just treats me differently than he treats anyone else. He always texts me if he has a question about a class even though he has many friends in those classes. Also, on one of those classes, one day we were told to work individually on an assignment but he asked me to be his partner anyways. His best friend was sitting next to us but he chose to work with me instead. Even though the teacher then reminded us to work alone, he kept sneakily working with me. A girl who sat near us asked to join in and he seemed very hesitant to let her work with us. Basically, he’s just very very nice to me and I appreciate that he treats me differently than anyone else. The only thing is when we do text he doesn’t do very well with continuing the conversation, but I think it’s because he’s a little bit shy. But in person he talks to me a lot.
1231 days ago
He kinda likes me....What a relief! He is so annoying and weird.
1282 days ago
it says that he REALLY likes me but its gonna be so confusing when you hear the story.

i really like this boy since term 3. on october 7 in camp, i heard my name 3 times. when i heard my name i looked in the direction to where my crush was and what i notice is that he was looking at me while talking to his friends.

me and talia went to the boys's cabin and needed my crush. i needed my crush for another reason but- one of his friends pop his head out and asked us what we wanted then, my crush came out from the other door and he looked at da dood jumping on him like he didnt want the dude to say anything.

well thats when i kinda noticed he likes me.
so i had full hope. then i told his friends that i like him. his friends told him anndd... i got rejected gently and simple.

after that he went back to his friends and told them what happened. but then i heard the word "why!?" my EXACT question. but i didnt give up.

one time i asked my crush about japan. but there wasnt much detail. so i went back to my seat. then. second thought, when i went back to call my crush again, his face WAS PINK. like woah. TOO OBVIOUS.

but recently, hes being mean to me like im being mean to him yet, hes trying to get close to me anonymously. like he wanted to get along after rejection. but which one is it!? i had alot of theories already but i dont know which one is TRUE. he told me to go away he doesnt like me, now he wants to get closer??? big wrong man.. big wrong..:')

though, another person has a crush on me.he pats me on the head and gave me an ice pop. i notice my crush looks at me when i talk to him. hes jealous~ probably what your thinking. but we'll add that to my theory ok? dont worry- but if hes really jealous, lets see if my crush threatens the person who like me. or possibly, he could have been using him so that he can get info am i right?
1339 days ago

hmmmmm... tbh, he might just be nice and want to be friends with you. kind of hard to tell with the limited details you gave... tbh I always sit next to my guy friend too and I also hang out with a lot of guys and some of them are nervous but I know they don't like me. who knows? maybe your crush does like you :D I would say just try not to be too pushy/forceful and don't make it too obvious. also, check out his pupils the next time you're talking to him! are they big?=he likes you

good luck!
1341 days ago
the reason i took this quiz is that there's a guy who is in my friend group, but its kind of a big group where i'm really close to about 4 people and the entire group hangs out about once a month. so i'm not AS close with this particular guy as i am with my 4 main friends, but after we've had like a bunch of hangouts and a sleepover with the whole group I realized even though he wouldn't normally be my type hes just so adorable and kind and i want to give him 80 billion hugs....... and okay i have a huge crush on him. i've been liking him for about 3 months now. our school schedules are totally different but there are some times when i see him in the hall and duuuude it's great!! i love having a crush!
here's my problem though. yesterday i saw him on the field because he's in the marching band and said "Hi (his name)!" and he kind of nervously acknowledged me with a smile and nod. idk what it means because when we were at our friend's house he'd be way more outgoing and we even went off by ourselves to hide when playing manhunt or something, or sat next to each other by the campfire. Am i reading too much into him just being shy?? or did i do something wrong???? help!!!!
1345 days ago
haiiii it's me again AHHAHAHA

OkAy so like i said he's a shy guy but at first we wasn't AT ALL shy

and then he subtly hinted that he liked me by saying "i like" and i did the same saying "oh i like you" and he responded giddily but i added "oh i was talking to the paper." HAHAHA

a sign he was expecting something

he just suddenly became soOoo shyyyy especially his friends tease him a lot

i took the quiz again because i was bored and now it says that HE REALLY LIKES ME

now that's improvement 😍❤

btw he started chatting me so yes im happy 💖
1377 days ago
so it says he likes me but not that much's my story so this guy i like, i noticed that he smiles at me when we're together talking or hanging out or he's happy in general. Then, he walks with me and touched my hand once when it wasn't necessary. and he asked me twice or thrice already about who i liked i mean like "so, do you like anyone?"

he's cute, shy, quiet, not that extroverted and he's got glasses 😍 and his really intelligent and kind and fun to chat with or be with in general.

we're on the same sport Track and Field and that's when i really noticed about him doing these things to me


he's name is Ernest btw

idk maybe it's just some cute puppy love 😍
1466 days ago
PLEASE READ AND HELP MY STORY IS LIKE A FAIRYTALE!!! Okay so I guess my situation is kind of complicated cuz I knew this guy since kindergarten and he's had a crush on me from 1-4th grade. I left the country at the end of 4 and now am back at grade 11 and I FOR SOME REASON JUST GOT TO THE SAME SCHOOL AS HIM WITHOUT KNOWING and he is quite shy and only a few days ago (after months of seeing each other daily) he finally came up to talk to me and we recognised each other at last..! Which.... Makes me very happy of course, and given that he is a tall quiet and beautiful person I sort of like him. Also, given our cute puppy love history, well, you know how the mind works. We also sat together that day he talked to me it was on the bus and it was a bit awkward cuz like 6 years of solid zero-communication and all that sudden turn up at the same school and all. But I'm sure he remembers liking me in primary school, it's been 13 years we've known each other, and now I like him. Ah what should I do????
1474 days ago
Lmao everyone here thinks their crush likes them lol and i bet the crushes do like them! :D
1496 days ago
Sorry I couldn't read all that lol but just try to talk to him and ask him if he likes you just say I heard if he asks who said say don't worry about it