Does He Like Me? (For Confused Teenage Girls) Quiz

I created this quiz especially for teen girls in middle and high school so you can find out if your crush really likes you like you do him! I've wondered the same thing myself so many times, so I know how hard it can be to not know. Now, don't say you don't have a crush, because EVERYBODY has one at our age! Good luck!

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    Have you guys ever talked? (Other than asking questions like, "May I borrow a pencil?")
    Have you guys ever talked? (Other than asking questions like, "May I borrow a pencil?")

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554 days ago
bruh these options dont even have my answer tho
558 days ago
my crush likes me back
578 days ago
I'm hardly online but trust me I'm good at giving advice

Your friend told him if his reaction was weird it means he wasn't expecting that person
If his reaction was good he already expected it or someone asked him to do it see girl get out tfom the world of nervousness
585 days ago

I dunno. I just felt like doing that. In reality I hate that song. So over played. Well, brother is five hundred miles away and my parents are a good fifteen thousand away. I've never felt better.



Okay, I'm never going outside again. I'm at a relatives and I heard coyotes howling. Not even in the distance. right there. RIGHT THERE! They really got the coyote howl down in Stand by Me.
586 days ago
GURL, YOU'VE GOT THIS BOY HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH YOU! WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING, HE'S LOVING IT, AND OBVIOUSLY IS TOO SHY TO TALK TO YOU! You might be his crush/dream girlfriend, or soon to be girlfriend. If you guys flirt online or in person, sweetie, send back the right signs, and you two might be a couple really soon! xx GOOD LUCK, PRINCESS! 👸👏🏼😉
589 days ago
Right, but here’s my worry, one of my friends told him, I have no Idea if he heard or not. I was busy hyperventilating, but if he did in fact hear, he already knows. It wlll be awkward then I’ll chuck my self out the window of the school bus! Problem solved.🚌
590 days ago
Yankee Doodle Doctor
If you want the guy you like to know about your feeling you can do it
If you don't want him to know don't do it
It happened to one of my friends and her brother ended up giving it to the boy she liked
603 days ago
Hey, so my brother said I should make a well written flash card note for the guy I like soo... I don’t know if it’s a good idea. I mean he did that and he has a girlfriend (I actually have no idea how that happened but okay).

Should I or not? Tell me before Summer ends, please.
620 days ago
I got butterflies- Okay, dude, ya gotta pick ONE. I've seen situations like this go down and let's just say it did not end well. If one of these kids really does like you then sees you flirting with his brother and then it'll get really nasty. There's a part of the Bro Code that even girls gotta respect.

Besides if you want him to like you, ya gotta focus on one of them.
621 days ago
I think this guy is really attractive and funny and outgoing etc. I've known him for like almost 2 years. But I also think his brother is really attractive too and he is funny sweet and more the quite type. Idk which I like more tho. Help plz
625 days ago
Hey, I'm back and I'll be on for the rest of the day, so if anybody needs help then comment.
627 days ago
I won't be online for two days.
628 days ago
Listen, I'm back and I know that you won't find this for a long time, But when you do, please keep me updated about everything is going with this person *wink, wink
628 days ago
Alright. Have fun! Bye, and thanks so much!
628 days ago
Or else they might lay it on too thick. You want to get him thinking before he finds out! I have to go to my aunts.Bye and good luck!
628 days ago
Mhm. Okay.
628 days ago
Thanks! But you have to be careful that your friend doesn't catch on.
628 days ago
Hm. That might work. Good idea!
628 days ago
I see. Theres also a natural wingman. Your bff sort of teases you around him, maybe just lightly encourage them to do that in a prominate form. [don't know if I spelled that right]
628 days ago
Hm. I see. Well, I don't know. I would just feel really awkward asking anybody to do that.