Does your crush likes you back?

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  • 1
    I know that there's always a question like this at these kind of quizzes but; Does your crush stare at you?
  • 2
    Who always start the conversation?
  • 3
    Are you friends?

  • 4
    Are you friends with your crush's friends?
  • 5
    Have you ever heard of someone said; 'Your crush likes you too!'?
  • 6
    Did ANYONE (friends, teacher, classmates, etc.) ship you and your crush because they think you two would be a perfect couple?

  • 7
    Does your crush's friend said to you that; "(your name), it's your boyfriend/girlfriend (points at your crush), he/she's over there!"
  • 8
    (SAME AS THE SHIP QUESTION BUT...) Did anyone said (not your friend but SOMEONE except them); "You guys look cute together!"?
  • 9
    Did your crush ever touched you once?
  • 10
    Where did your crush touched you?

  • 11
    Did your crush ever touched your things FOR NO REASON?
  • 12
    Did your crush borrowed some of your things?
  • 13
    Did your crush gave you a nickname?
  • 14
    Does your crush tease you?
  • 15
    How many years did you know each other?

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355 days ago
I dont really see her smile because shes wearing a mask and were also in a different class but my friends always caught her looking at me and also used to text me at 3:10pm when class is over and texts me goodmorning text since we had summer break we didn’t talk i also didn’t talk to her because i got shy
498 days ago
I was so excited when it said my crush is crushing on me. We always get shipped by his friend and mine. He always gets so triggered and blushes whilr telling them to 💝. :) Should i ask him? Btw im 11.
1025 days ago
I was so shocked to know that he loves me😘😘😘😘. I will always love you babe. From your girl.😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚
1079 days ago
I am in 8th grade and this is my story we’re i fell in love hard. Well me and my friends let’s call them Ella and Raina their siblings but pretty much act like besties. So we were working in the library during lunch and then this super cute guy comes in and immediately I fall in love with his smile. When he walks near the counter I ask him do you want a book and he’s like no. So then when he was leaving I was like do you wanna a book and he’s like no and gave me a beautiful smile. Later (next day) he comes in and I’m like do you want book in a flirty jokingly way. And he’s like no thanks. I. Then seee him in the hall and he’s like hey and I’m like hi. So one day after like a week of heys and hi’s He comes up to me in the library and i say do you want a book and he’s like yeah and I’m like what book and he’s like World war 1. The librarian notices we were flirting so he said he’d help him out and in my brain ima like Shi*. Then I fell hard I really liked him a lotttt. So me and Raina (not her name) made a plan to ask him to come to the library so we can talk. So I kept looking for him since I don’t have any classes with him (guess what he’s switching over to my class end of the quarter YAYAYA) So then i saw Him near the cafeteria during break and I went up to him super nervous and I asked him if he’d wanna hang during lunch at the library and he was like sure, and we said bye and stuff. FAst forward to the library. So first we have 3 rotations you can go to the cafeteria the gym or outside or the library. So I told him to meet me in the library 2 rotation. So I got ready and things and then he came in. So I can tell we were both super nervous. I was like where you wanna sit and he was like over there which was like a covered wall so no one would see us unless they were spying which would be really obvious. So we went and talked about our selfs our family and things like that. Then later his friends come and they talk to him as if their proud to be honest I don’t know what he did that made them so proud. But then they left and he’s like there’s this corn maze that he’d want me to go with him. ( my brain: HE’S ASKING ME OUT OMG THIS IS CRAZY AHHHH) then I remember I am not allowed to date it crushed my 1.1 seconds of dreaming of how it would be like. But still I was super surprised. Then when it was over he asked if we can do it tomorrow I said yeah sure. Then we left (still in the same room could see each other easily) then I told my friends and they were shocked¡ so me and Ella started walking to the exit when I notice that Raina isn’t with us so Ella said we’ll see her in the cafeteria. I said okie dokie. So we got our lunches and who comes screaming 🙀 Raina she’s like news news news. I’m like what’s up and she said that she went up to my crush and asked him if he liked me and that he said yes. Ahhhhhhhhh omg. Ik. So then she said do you love her and she said he took a moment to think and then he said yeah, I’m dead people dead dead omggggggggggggggggggggggggg. My lif is sooooo gooooood.
1090 days ago
@hugsandkisses oh my goodness YOU’RE MY FAVORITE PERSON NOW!!😂🤩
1110 days ago
Oof sometimes I would joke like for example: I asked him to join a conversation with a friend (I said sit beside meehh) then he just look away trying to hide his smile and there was one time that I embraced him for no 💑 reason he was trying to his his face it was pretty cute of his actions
1245 days ago
Lol the funny thing is he actually did tap my hand once for a game as well as the rest XD
1361 days ago
I hate how the test creator takes the LORD's name in vain so many times. really, it's a total insult to my beliefs.
1437 days ago
Mine says almost there!

But I need some advice:

Some of my friends are friends with my crush. They told me that my crush told them that he likes me. He’s in a relationship with a girl that is really nice. His friend said they’re dating because the girl likes my crush and he didn’t want to hurt her feelings. But, my crush doesn’t want anyone knowing about it. He doesn’t know I know, but I think he’s worried I’ll find out. Someone please give me some help, I don’t know what to do in this situation.
1444 days ago
Hes falling for me but he doesnt show it :'(
1462 days ago
@sweetlonging I know how that feels. I literally has known him for 2 years almost, I've like him because his personality since the first day, and he's already told me so I should have earlier since that was last school year. After every up and not many downs but some downs, he still likes me. I like him. Everyone ships us like fries and burgers (I don't like penut butter or mac and cheese, he doesn't like strawberries and most fruit.)
1462 days ago
I told him on ROBLOX
I know he likes me though
He hasn't been on ROBLOX though because neither one of us are active.
The reason I said it on ROBLOX is because I can't delete it and I can't regret it
1483 days ago
His friends pushed us together at the dance and they wher trying to make us dance together. And the thing is that he likes me
1551 days ago
lmao, my crush likes me.. Like I can feel it actually..
1643 days ago
I have known my crush for 7 months and liked him for 2.5 months.
1674 days ago
I have known my crush for 5 years and have liked him for 2
1779 days ago
Almost there
1782 days ago
1861 days ago

My crush likes me back!
1908 days ago
It says that he does like me!!