Does He Like Me? Long and Accurate Quiz

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So, you have the hots for this boy - is the feeling mutual? Take this quiz and let's find out!

  • 1
    How well do you know him?
  • 2
    How often do you see him?
  • 3
    When you do see him, does he talk to you?

  • 4
    Now that I have a feel for the "relationship," it's time to get into the juicy details.:) Does he make an effort to be close to you (e.g., sit by you, hang out in the same room, stand next to you in a group conversation)?
  • 5
    If you have ever "accidentally" touched him, how did he respond?
  • 6
    Does he ever playfully tease you?

  • 7
    Does he talk about "manly things" around you? (E.g., working out, how great he is at b-ball, the huge deer he shot ... )
  • 8
    Do you ever catch him looking at you? If so, how does he respond?
  • 9
    Who starts the conversations between you two?
  • 10
    Does he check his phone when you're talking to him?

  • 11
    Does he ever interrupt you?
  • 12
    Have you two ever been alone together?
  • 13
    Does he ever show up at the places you can usually be found, even though they're strange or inconvenient for him?
  • 14
    Does he ever talk about other girls?
  • 15
    Does he ever low-key flirt with another girl RIGHT in front of you?
  • 16
    Do you notice that he often says your name when it isn't necessary?

  • 17
    Ok. We're past halfway now! Keep going! Have you ever been in a situation where he could be talking to someone else, but he chooses to give you his attention?
  • 18
    When you flirt with him, does he return the favor?
  • 19
    Do you guys ever mysteriously end up at the same lunch table, or in the same conversation or group project?
  • 20
    Have you ever seen him straighten his posture as soon as you enter the room?

  • 21
    When you enter a room, does he suddenly become interested in fixing his hair, or straightening his shirt?
  • 22
    Have your friends ever mentioned that he talks about you?
  • 23
    Does he ever stutter when you're talking to him?
  • 24
    Does he seem hurried whenever you two are in a conversation?
  • 25
    Does he ever say things that make NO sense?
  • 26
    Does he ever compliment you?

  • 27
    Does he ever flirt with you nonstop one day, but practically ignore you the next?
  • 28
    Have you ever been super friendly to him, and the next time you saw him he was dressed SUPER nice?
  • 29
    Has he ever playfully told you that he loves you, or that you're "awesome"?
  • 30
    Do you think he likes you? Let's be honest, most of the time, you can just feel it!

Comments (87)


9 days ago
I was taking this to see if one of my not really friends but friends if he likes me
265 days ago
he said he wa straunatized after we broke up last year. i really iss him an diw ant to kiss him so bad. h easked me on a dat ebut i cant bcuz we are 10 nd 11
374 days ago
The questions are good, but not the answer is not really accurate...
463 days ago
here i am 1 day later. i dont like him @ all yet hes my new boyfriend. what do i do?
465 days ago
im baaack! um a guy in a different class likes me and i have 0% ideas on what to do and i only like him back a little bit what do i do especially considering that i have 2 other crushes, another boy and a girl?
480 days ago
Oh no. He likes me. I don’t like him back. Ws’re friends and I met him at taekwondo. We have each other’s phone numbers. We text a lot. He teases me and asks me if I’m blushing (in a joking way) and jokes about how some people are my “boyfriends”. This week I went on vacation and he texted me asking where I was. He was also joking and saying I was “cute”. I don’t like him back but he’s showing signs of liking me. Help?
514 days ago
This quiz is nice… but it’s a lie. The guy I like will never like me back, he has many red flags like the fact he’s always ignoring me and talking to other girls but whatever I’ve liked him for 5 years
523 days ago
hes been staring @ me more and more often too
525 days ago
so im a 12 year old girl in 6th grade and i like this guy named nolan...he is cute, smart, chill and an amazing artist on so many different levels. we dont talk much but he never looks away from me when we do. once i managed a shy wave and the first thing he did was give me a flirty nod. AWW SO SWEET! everyone says he likes me but i wasnt sure so i took this quiz and it says hes crushing HARD. i am excited because we are study buddies. the guy makes me so nervous tho which could be a bit of a roadblock...
526 days ago
This quiz is not entirely accurate
644 days ago
Im sorry for the typos
645 days ago
Okay so there's this boy who I used to hate in like all of elementary, I don't know if he hated me back or not I don't think he did. Anyways now we're in 6th grade (middle school) and I kinda like him. It's so confusing because I used to hate him but now we're kinda friends.
We talk at school like once a day for a couple of seconds at a time. I don't catch him starting that often, but my friend said she did.
There was this time at lunch when we were talking and I insulted him as a joke. Then I thought about what I said and I thought I made him kinda mad so I hid behind my friend and said to her, "help he's gonna hit me." Then he got super serious and was like, "why would I hit you?"
Also once he stayed inside for morning break because it's cold outside and I pointed to him and his friends and said, "those weirdos stayed inside all break." Then at lunch break, I see him saying football outside. Maybe it was a coincidence, I dunno.
And another time, I'm sorry. I was walking into class and it was the day before Christmas break, so everyone was wearing Christmas stuff. (We both sit in the way back of the room so everyone sees me as I walk into class) I was walking into class, I'm usually the last one there, and I was wearing an ugly sweater, and my friend says, "what are you wearing?" Then he yelled at her saying her pants (leggings covered in Christmas bows) weren't any better. I mean he likes to tease her so maybe he likes her and not me.
675 days ago
@Me, your suggestion:
Hi, I'd like to make a suggestion- Please make your test actually accurate. This creates false hope for girls. I was doubtful after having gotten the same exact answers for more than one guy, and so I punched in the most obvious "no-way-he-likes-you" answers and it still said he was "crushing hard." Just... whhy? You got my hopes up too tbh. :(

Like you, I was doubtful after having gotten the same answer for two people. And I tried the same tactic you did, and the answer came out normally and said that whoever it was "hated" me
726 days ago
Guys I think he likes me or he’s talking to multiple other girls and I don’t know which one
750 days ago
Also @Lovestruck - you’re as desperate as me lol
772 days ago
hi i have an obsession with this boy from my church so i just wanted to know what yall 12 hes 13 he kinda gets on my nerves sometimes but hes super cute and funny, he knows i like him but he hasnt said anything hes 5'6 so am i but hes barely taller hes a dirty blonde, kind of chill i have super long auburn hair and im quiet except when im tlking to him yesterday he just put his arm on my shoulder and let it stay there for a while. but then he acted like it never happened. HELP!!!
796 days ago
I also see a pattern of describing him and her so here we are:

Me; Quiet, yet funny and short (ish) and just lot some weight, decent size. Rounder face, brunette, brown eyes.
Him; Quiet, graceful (I think) and taller, skinny. Longer face, muted brown hair and brown eyes.
796 days ago
My age: 12
His age: 13
So, we go to martial arts together.
We were close friends before covid (wow, before covid? Unheard of) and we’d talk almost every time we saw each other. After the class came back from zoom we almost never talked or partnered up. I noticed I liked him, and he kept staring at me (a-) from across the academy. Not sure if he likes me, because he sits with me when he can, and stares at me. Got one answer saying he wanted to be friends again, by the way.
829 days ago
@Lovestruck gurl you gotta give us ages so we know what we’re working with here also “cool legs” lmao
831 days ago
Okay ,I have a crush on a kid two stinking years younger than me and I have no idea what to do. He's really cute and funny and comes from a nice family and all that stuff. But I only see him on the bus and now schools over, so.... he plays baseball and I go to my brothers baseball games and sometimes he's there so that's the only time I see him. and the last few days on the bus but we were allowed to sit wherever we wanted,why is that bad you ask, WELL, THESE SON OF A BISCUIT 1ST GRADERS TOOK MY SEAT NEXT TO HIM [pardon my language] And I *huff have no idea what to do. Like a lot of people say, I'm getting mixed signals. Once our bus driver brought in Kool Aids [she's a real nice lady] and one Kool Aid pouch and three minutes later he's saying:

"Cool, um," then he said the first compliment that came to mind, "Cool legs!"

And no, he's not the pervert type, like I said he was drunk on Kool Aid, so... I'm not sure if he was actually trying to compliment me and it actually meant something but just came out wrong or if the sugar was still in his system.

Anyway, I need advice and I know it's not the ideal to give it, but please, if you have experience in this area of crushing on someone comment ASAP and i will see it.