Does he like you? LONG AND ACCURATE

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So you have the hots for this boy... Is the feeling mutual? Take this quiz and let's find out!

  • 1
    How well do you know him?
  • 2
    So if he does know who you are... How often do you see him?
  • 3
    And when you do see him, does he talk to you?

  • 4
    Now that I have a feel for the "relationship" it's time to get into the juicy details...:) Does he make an effort to be close to you (ex. sit by you, be in the same room, stand next to you in a group convo...)
  • 5
    Have you ever "accidentally" touched him? And how did he respond?
  • 6
    Does he ever playfully tease you?

  • 7
    Does he talk about "manly things" around you? (ex. Working out, how great he is at b-ball, the huge deer he shot)
  • 8
    Do you ever catch him looking at you and how does he respond?
  • 9
    Who starts the convo between you two?
  • 10
    Does he check his phone when you're talking to him?

  • 11
    Does he ever interrupt you?
  • 12
    Have you ever been in a situation where you two are alone?
  • 13
    Does he ever show up at places you're often at that seem strange or inconvenient for him?
  • 14
    Does he ever talk about other girls?
  • 15
    Does he ever low key flirt with another girl RIGHT in front of you?
  • 16
    Does he use your name a lot when it isn't necessarily needed?

  • 17
    Ok. We're past halfway now! Keep going! Have you ever been in a situation where he could be talking to someone else, but he chooses to give you his attention?
  • 18
    When you flirt with him does he return the favor?
  • 19
    Do you guys ever end up at the same lunch table, conversation, or group project mysteriously?
  • 20
    Have you ever seen him straighten up his posture as soon as you enter the room?

  • 21
    When you enter a room does he suddenly become interested with fixing his hair, or straightening his shirt?
  • 22
    Have your friends ever mentioned that he talks about you?
  • 23
    Does he ever stutter when you're talking to him?
  • 24
    Does he seem hurried whenever you two are in a convo?
  • 25
    Does he ever say really random things that make NO sense.
  • 26
    Does he ever compliment you!

  • 27
    Does he ever flirt non stop one day and practically ignore you the next?
  • 28
    Have you ever been super friendly to him and the next time you see him he's dressed SUPER nice?
  • 29
    Has he ever playfully told you he loves you, or that you're awesome?
  • 30
    Do you think he likes you? Let's be honest, most the time you can just feel it!

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3 days ago
Ok. I know that nobody will probably read this, but it's just good to get off my chest, ya know? Anyways, so this guy started coming to my school this year and he's just... wow. At first I was kinda ashamed of liking him because I was unofficially in a relationship with another guy, but a few months later that guy broke things off with me. He said that God had different plans for us, and was just pulling us apart. I was heartbroken of course, but I soon learned that he was right. We were being pulled apart, and life was honestly better without him. Then, two months later the guy who we shall call "Baxter" (not his real name) reached out to me. He said something along the lines of, "You know what's weird? *girl* broke up with me, *friend* won't talk to me, and *other friend* is constantly a jerk to me. And yet I'm still as happy as a clam :D" It was out of the blue. I mean sure, we were friends and had spoken plenty before but him just trusting me like that... I was honored. We texted a whole bunch over Christmas break, and despite my best wishes I couldn't help but fall for him. He's so funny, and kind, and caring. He's just great. Anyways, a couple of days ago he texted one of my friends and said, "I need some advice. How do I get a girlfriend?" Praying he means me, then randomley in a text conversation he asked if I liked anyone. I told him that I thought I did, but didn't want to let my feelings grow if I wasn't sure they liked me back (because I didn't want to be hurt again) then I asked him if he liked anyone and he said he was kinda in the same situation, and so knowing what else we've talked about i can't help but pray and think that maybe. just maybe. he likes me too.
12 days ago
hes very hot lol. thats all i have to say.
20 days ago
Please help me, I love him!
20 days ago
Hi, Happy Valentine's Day! I hate myself so much. 😡 I thought my crush liked me, I guess not. He is usually sooooooooooooooo friendly and nice, but today he walked past me like, 7 times and completely ignored me! He's the best. Nice, funny, talented, cute, sweet handsome, with the most adorable American accent. I love him, I really do. He sort of makes my life worthwhile. You see, I stopped living and only exist. My mum hates me and always picks on me, even when my brother's done something wrong she blames me. I don't really know why I'm here. No one would miss me if I was gone. But gosh I love him. Also I have 5his dream to be an actress, as versatile as Johnny Depp,and prove EVERYONE wrong. I'll take care of my mum and give her everything she never gave me. I'll start a charity and visit children's hospitals. But now I just need someone who cares. I lovw him,all I want is for him to be happy though, and I bet he'll be happier without me. Happy Valentine's Day Aiden.😚🌹
67 days ago
Ok so ive had a crush on this guy for a year and a half now. He said he liked me but i simply dont trust him cuz once he literally said he was dating someone. And ive never even seen that girl in his life. Im pretty sure he was trying to make me jealous now. But at that time i was heartbroken. And i started having trust issues. His friends literally called me his #2 while he was there watching and just looked away awkwardly. Rn i ignored him cuz i didnt feel like talking to him. I just replied. Now hes leaving me on delivered. THAts probs why im taking this test rn. :/ I hate myself for loving him so much
93 days ago
Since everyone else is putting in stories of them and their crush, I might as well too.

I've been liking this guy for about a year now and I'm unsure if he likes me back (obviously because why else would I take this quiz, let alone write this comment). Basically, me and my group of friends sometimes talk to his friend group, and he's really smiley whenever we do, but the problem is I can't tell if he's smiling because of me or one of my other two friends.

Another thing is, when he talks to me, he makes lots of eye contact smiles and sometimes I notice him blush slightly. That sounds good, like he actually likes me, but at this point, I just think he's a smiley person in general.

However, I always cling on to the sweet moments we have together because it gives me a bit of hope. This one time, just out of the blue, he turned around and smiled at me but as I said before, he's probably just a smiley person in general.

Another time, about 8 months ago, I told him about this big- brained idea I had, (it was that you could just steal 1 penny from every person on earth and they wouldn't care, if they noticed at all, and you would end up with over £70 million) and he brought it up the other day, so he's actually remembering the small details I tell him. Or it's just a really smart idea and anyone would remember it.

Anyways, this has been a really long and waffly comment of me probably reading too much into everything he does, so congrats if you made it to the end.
93 days ago
107 days ago
The first half if the exact same with me for Taylors comment up until looking at the floor nervously, this is my para xx

I really like this guy and we talk and joke around in class but he also teases me often and idk if it's in a goofy or rude way, i think it's s goofy way. I also catch him looking at me very often and when i look back at him he instantly looks away it's well cute. He jokes around alot but is sometimes kind of rude to me, I'm getting a lot kf mixed signals but I'm head over heels for this boy. Any advice would be loved xxOh and every single test I've taken (like 8) all say he likes me alot xx
110 days ago
Can someone help me plz? I think this guys likes me but I’m not sure. This one guys keeps looking at me but when I catch him he looks away quickly. When he is talking to his friends he glances over at me at times, when we pass in the hallways we make eye contact, and when we talk he either holds eye contact for a long time, or looks at me, then the floor and around the room, looking a little nervous. When I got to school for the first time (cuz I had covid and had to quarantine for two weeks) he said “about time your here!” And smiled. He looked at me and stuff last year too but I had my boyfriend ask him if he did since they were friends, but he said he liked someone else, so idk if he just said that because I was dating someone at the time, so do you think he likes me?
115 days ago
Yes I am back again. This time just to say that I really enjoy this quiz and I've taken it so many times. Just wanted to give you some feedback! :)
118 days ago
i mean he told our friends who then told me he doesn't want any romantic relationship with me. (we have a group of friends so his friends are my friends).
plz help.
118 days ago
this quiz said he's crushing on me HARD! but....
so ive liked for around four months but i forced myself NOT to like him a few days ago because he broke my heart. so he liked me, but for like three days.... then we became rlly close like almost dating but not dating, (if you understand). but then he started giving me signs he never liked me like three times. then the last one, he confessed he lied to me he liked me then thats when i forced myself to get over him.
but now he is like showing signs he likes me and stuff. he's changing sitting positions and coming to sit near me, (like rlly close. i have to move away a bit but even then we're STILL TOO CLOSE!), he's offering to help me in things, (we were playing this 1v1 type of tag and he offered to help me catch who i was tagging). and he is touching me on my lower back, (it's so obvious it's NOT accidental...). but then he's acting like he doesn't want ANYTHING to do with me! he's acting like he doesn't want any kind of romantic relationship with me but then he's giving signals he like likes me? im confused. I NEED HELP!

p.s: I don't like him and i don't think i ever will. he's such a jerk!
123 days ago
I just found it kind of funny that you kept saying he looked like trash, because my crush and I have this inside joke that he is a piece of garbage, so whenever you said that I could not stop laughing!

(This is a harmless joke, I swear. Neither of us actually mean it. I mean, I know I don't, because dang, he looks good)
152 days ago
I’m new to my school, and very shy... but he’ll come up to me and talk to me randomly, and always be near me, and stare at me :)

Aaahhhh i think I love him
217 days ago
Well i had messed up my typing
217 days ago
I think i might of answered this quiz someone calling you a smurf a complimentary??
347 days ago
So I told my crush I liked him through a Spotify playlist that only had the song "I Like You" by Ben Rector in it. I emailed him the link to the Spotify web player and I think it worked back then, but I'm not sure since the links usually don't work. One time I asked him if he liked me and he said that he did. I kind of thought we were dating, but now I found out that he has a girlfriend. Last time I met him in person since quarantine (The first Friday of March) he seemed like he had a real crush on me.
I've seen him with his girlfriend and the whole relationship looks platonic. When they walk together, they're three or four feet apart, he never angles his body or feet toward her, and he only gives her a small smile.
When he walks with me we stand
396 days ago
@Roses are Pink

I think she needs to find out from you but offer her support because at first she will feel pretty bad but she will get over it after around a week, ask her once in a while if she is over him and when she is you can ask out this guy
418 days ago
Hey, people...
I recently found out that my best friend also likes the guy I'm crushing on. It's a pretty big deal to me since I have liked him forever and she liked him for, like, maybe a month?
This guy has always hinted on liking me; he will walk up to me and start a convo, laugh when I say something stupid, sometimes flirt and touch me or something.
My friend that we call Josie thinks that he likes HER.
The boy we call Jim is also very nice, and she is attracted to that. I also recently found out that he DOES like me back, yet I don't want to hurt Josie's feelings.
What do I do?
445 days ago
He is also 17 and I’m 14 but he’s the most respectful guy ever. He has a dark humor side but he is purely amazing. I wish we could be something but he wants to stay best friends for now because he doesn’t want to lose me.