Does He Have A Crush On Me? Quiz

Are you just dying to know if that cute guy you've been eyeing has a crush on you? If you can't stop obsessing, then do something about it - take my quiz!

I can be objective - which you probably can't since you're so close to the situation - and tell you whether he feels the same as you. You've got nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time, and a great boyfriend to gain!

  • 1
    Does he stare at you?
    Does he stare at you?
  • 2
    Does he smile at you, or give you a specific look?
  • 3
    Does he make an effort to talk to you?

  • 4
    Has he been treating you differently than other girls/boys?
  • 5
    Does he flirt with you? (Such as give compliments, touch you slightly, protect you?)
  • 6
    When you are having a conversation, does he listen and show interest?

  • 7
    If you have his number, how often does he text you, and how does he text you?
  • 8
    Has he talked to you about liking another girl/boy?
  • 9
    Does he share a laugh with you, and does the conversation feel easy?
  • 10
    Last, but not least, does he tease you, or try to make you laugh?

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30 days ago
There is this boy in my class and we were born on the same day, he was new and we instantly got along he liked lots of things that i like, and turns out he lives really close to me.

We will go to the park and play, i am also really good friends with his cousin.
One day his cousin told me that he likes me(the boy in my class).
He has shown lots of hints and has also protected me and holds my hand.
113 days ago
There's this boy in my school (Let's just call him Max) and he has a gf (She can be Kara). But she's a creepy psychopathic freak, and he's seriously regretting it. He's giving hints of liking me and we joke around a lot, and he's joking: "Well maybe when I'm sitting alone in my apartment at 30 years old I shoulda taken Anne, and not Kara". And we laughed our butts off. But I'm so happy. Should I push him to break up with Kara though?
142 days ago
I know this boy, he is always starring at me, he get jealous when other guys talk to me , or he makes silly jokes just to make me laugh,he already hold my hand and Hugged me ,one day he even he Noticed I had a jurrasic park shirt and the Next day ¡he had one¡
But we havent talked in a while and im afraid he dont like me anymore
What should I do
208 days ago
I have such a crush on this boy at school .

I've caught him looking at me a few times . It said that he has a " thing for me " . But I wanted it to be a crush crush . I don't care anyway . I'm just gonna keep on dealing with it and getting on with my life ! 😃
282 days ago
Well so there's this guy in school whom i had got a crush on and most of the times i feel like he's always tryna caught my attention or does things like touching me slightly in my arms when he passed by and things like even when he was standing afar he would hurrily come just to picked up my pen for me which i dropped on the floor while i was writing,sometimes he keep staring at me and looked away when i looked at him which makes me think he also has a crush on me but he sometimes wouldn't even reply me
properly with disinterestedness when i texted him and would end the conversation quickly although he always does reply.So i got a mixed feelings and am very confused,can someone help???
309 days ago
Hi guys, I need advice. So, there's this boy on my bus (I'm a girls only school) and a bit of a situation! Idk if I like him, I think I might. My friends keep on saying we would be the perfect match. They also were saying they think I have a crush on him. I eventually got sick of it so I said I hate boys so much, especially him. He's making an effort to get to know me but I can't talk with him bc of what I said. I am rlly confused and would really appreciate some help. Tysm!! Xx
345 days ago
In my class I'm doing an assignment and my classmate stares at me and he looks away when I look back at him and my friends tell me he sometimes stares at me and today my friend saw him sitting down and staring at me and my friends are "I tHiNk hE liKeS yOu". And I always wonder why
661 days ago
Uh there's this boy in my class. Let's call him "bob." I caught him staring at me a few times like more than 10 seconds. And his friend told me he has a crush on me??? His friend invited me to a call and i THINK i heard "bob" has a crush on me but I am not sure bc they were both talking and shouting; i felt uncomfortable and left the call when his friend was about to say something. When i rejoined, his friend said, "that was CLOSE" but i don't know what that means. Also, when I text "bob," he doesn't reply and that confuses me very much.

PLUS, it would be kinda uncomfortable if "bob" likes me bc I have a crush on HIS FRIEND (the guy who told me that "bob" has a crush on me) and i think he likes me back too.

i just don't know.
675 days ago
ahhh help I don't like him back...
728 days ago
you should’ve had an option that says we don’t text on question 7🙄
760 days ago
AHHH so I like this guy, I did a quiz and it said he likes me. He asks me out and a panic but fwew it was a dare 😂
783 days ago
Like Thx for the test
But yeh dis boy is ALWAYS staring at me, I caught him staring at me but when I check if he does he doesn't stop!!! He keeps staring at me!! OK a few months ago, he was always talking to me and ...touching me!! And when the teacher yells my name sometimes he laughs with dis clown laugh! Even when i say something (for him it is Funny).It makes me wondering why he doesn't tell me who is my crush and in reality its him!! Idk!
886 days ago
I'm cinder scared because l like/love him to!😭
And l told him that l do!
915 days ago
My crush and i text sometimes and i told him i like him and he say he does like me as a crush but when we are in school he always talk to others girl and keep looking at them he also like another girl but she rejected him as she have a mix feeling,my crush did ask me to be his gf but i was not allow to date. we dont talk often in school. is he just playing my feeling?
916 days ago
My friend who I have a crush on is always making dirty jokes around me, play kissed me, asked who my crush was, tells my almost anything, and is now asking if I would ever do “it” with him. He also told me he has a crush on two girls then told me the girl the other one was me in a”friend way”! What do I do? He asked me if I liked him and said I didn’t have to answer. If he doesn’t like me I don’t wanna ruin out friendship, but If he does how will I know?! (Out friends also ship us sometimes :p)
921 days ago
I have this crush and i took alot of tests to see if he like me, and all the answers said either "He likes you! But not in a LOVING way!" Or "He likes you but isnt sure if you do!" Or "He is starting to like you!"

My answer in this test wasssss

Thats a whole lot of YES!
That means he likes you, or is starting to like you alot. He coul be a lottle nervous, so help him out a little bit ;) Try to keep the bond you have with him and stay on his side when having a conversation! He will fall head over heels for you! I've seen it happen, and i know it works!

946 days ago
I like a boy but he likes someone called chole.😡 I'm REALLY jealous 😭
1105 days ago
Lexi Lexi Lexi Lexi Lexi Lexi Lexi Lexi Lexi Lexi
Leanne Leanne Leanne Leanne Leanne
Campbell Campbell Campbell
1165 days ago
I wish someone would like just tell me if they had a crush on me I mean they have no competition I’m actually rooting for them.
1180 days ago
Holy moly 😲 he likes meeeee