How To Know If A Guy You Don't Talk To Likes You

OK, so maybe you've been eyeing this one guy you think is really cute, and he's in one of your classes. You always feel him staring at you - but if you guys don't talk, how do you know if he actually likes you? Find out by taking this quiz meant for high school girls.

  • 1
    Does he stare at you?
    Does he stare at you?
  • 2
    Has he ever tried to make you jealous?
  • 3
    Does he face you a lot while standing up or sitting down?

  • 4
    Does he mirror you? (If a guy does this, he's really paying attention to you. )
  • 5
    Does he show off when you're around?
  • 6
    Does he ever look at you before he leaves a room?

  • 7
    When he's with his friends and his friends are all talking around him, does he look at you?
  • 8
    Has he ever started to walk up to you, then - for some reason - he just walks away, or starts heading somewhere else?
  • 9
    Does he ever fix his hair around you?
  • 10
    Does he raise his eyebrows when you're around?

  • 11
    Do his friends look at you a lot, like maybe he told them he likes you? (If his friends don't look at you, that doesn't mean he doesn't like you - maybe he just doesn't want to tell anyone yet.)
  • 12
    How long does he stare at you?
  • 13
    How does he stare at you?
  • 14
    Does he talk to other girls normally, but can't seem to talk to you? (People assume a guy doesn't really like a girl if he doesn't talk to her, but sometimes that could just mean he's very nervous to talk to YOU but has no trouble talking to other girls. Watch him carefully.)

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3 days ago
I like him but he in a grade above me and he doesn’t like girls that are a year younger than him
153 days ago
I love him we go to the same school but he is 2 years older than me, I liked him since December when we bought the laughed at nothing he is cute, he is 16 and I am 14
161 days ago
literally have liked him since the beginning of the school year and since we don't switch classes in my school bc of covid we sit right next to each other the entire day. In the beginning of the year, I could see him looking at me for 3-5 second at a time out of the corner of my eye, so I did the same. (looking back at this not I feel rlly awkward and embarrassed bc its cheesy). But then we all had to go home for long time and we finally came back in Jan or Feb I think. He didn't rlly show any signs of liking me. But then, I started to fall for this other guy in my class. He sits right next to the boy I like and they're friends. I started to rlly like him and legit wanted him to rail me. I kinda forgot about the other kid but I still liked him obviously. Now, I'm starting to forget about the boy that sits next to the one I like, and I'm paying more attention to the one that sits next to me bc I'm finally coming to my senses. I can also see that he just can't keep his eyes off of me. I've constantly caught him staring at me when we're outside, and when we had to do a project together--ALONE, I would just hear him have this attitude and I would just get major vibes that he had a thing for me. Whenever we talked he would always raise his eyebrows and look at me straight in my eyes. Also, I don't know if this means something but literally every 5 minutes this boy stretches and puts his arms behind his head. Like omg. I can't talk to him or say anything to him bc I'm too scared. Literally all I wanna be is friends for now, and then go from there. This really helped. I was 98% sure that he liked me before but now that I'm going over all this stuff I'm noticing the major signs that he's left me. I don't know how to become friends with him. I need help :( :)
169 days ago
so i really like this guy and ive obviously never talked to him before. i don't have any classes with him and the only reason i know his name is because my friend has math with him. so i literally dont know anything about him. my friend keeps telling me to ask him for his number, but im sooooo scared and everytime i think about him i get a pit in my stomach. hes one of those "popular kids" ig and i just feel like itll be super awkward if i ask. like he'll turn me down and then all his friends will know and then pretty much the whole school will know. embarrasing. my other friend is saying how itd be rude of him to turn me down but im like ya well he can easily turn me down if hes not interested. it doesnt matter if hes trying to be rude or not. i remember i was at a soccer game with my team and my coaches son was with us and a girl came up and asked for his number and he immediately turned her down. so its not that hard. all my friends are like, "just go talk to him itll be so freaking cute" but i really can't. idk i had the perfect opportunity today, he was alone and walking literally right in front of me and my friend was like, "ill call his name and you can ask!" but i chickened out at the last second and idk what to do anymore...i really like him i just cant tell him for some reason
176 days ago
WAH SO I JUST STARTED SCHOOL 3 DAYS AGO! and when i went to my first class this guy kept on looking at me and honestly i think he looks smeggsyyy but the thing is idk how to talk to him for some reason i mean i have 2 classes with him but i cant manage to talk to him and my friend is his neighbor and she told me that hes kind of a shy guy that if he likes a girl hell friends will probably set him up with that girl but the thing is i dont want to be set up thats just awkward i want to talk to him but im wayyy too nervous im usually not like that but ever since i started irl school again im just so shy and nervous and i think by the looks of it he is to. I just want to talk to him any tips how i can i talk to him without sounding weird/creepy/ or annoying :0 if you do tysm!!
181 days ago
i like this boy i feel like having😘with him
208 days ago
I'm 13 and he is 14 we dont go to the same school but he is our neighbour he is so cute when I see him I get butterflies I can't even talk to him although he looks at me alot when he is with his friends and flats alot with other girls looking at me i really need advice 😢😢😢
210 days ago
Honestly, he might look at me, I just see his head turn when I look at him, also... he doesn't usually talk to girls anyways
214 days ago
*sighs* I wish he'll just talk to me
229 days ago
Is it just me or is it like when I'm at home doing these quiz I'm like yeah he likes me, but then when I'm right there next to him, I'm like he can't like me. He's too beautiful.
270 days ago
he looks at me everyone and then.. I want to txt him but I am really nervous to and don't know if it will make things weird??
283 days ago
I'm 11 and he is 13 I think😦 mabey 14 idk.he rides my bus and i know his name but that's allI The only time I've ever talked to him was like 2nd grade when he told me his friend liked me
287 days ago
So I am 16 and never had a boyfriend before. I like this one boy super cute and handsome. My crushes always always stop at one week like admired them from far away but never tell them. But this crush lasted longer than I thought it would be and I already turned down 4 guys for him but don’t know how to tell him let alone know if he likes me or not we go to the same school but not grade . I love going to school and learn new things every day but when I think I am gonna see him at school I become more I get a millions butterfly’s in my stomach don’t know how to explain it . And I look at him when our eyes met we stare at each other for like two seconds the he looks away . I really need some advice if anyone can help😊😂
335 days ago
ok so im like 12 and hes like 13 hes kinda cute i dont even KNOW him and he keeps giving me small glances and each time i try to talk to him he walks away does he have a problem with me?
335 days ago
335 days ago
im 12 and hes 13 he LITTERLY always talks to girls BUT me i think he has a problem with me
337 days ago
Is twelve years old to young to love ? 😭
357 days ago
There is this boy in my year, we aren't in any lessons together. I've caught him starring at me but he has a gf....;-;
372 days ago
I'm just 11 and she is 14 but she looks like a 13 yr old....hehe does it matter on age? I mean.....will people support me that I'm bisexual???.......
372 days ago
:I :T OMG!! I like a girl and she doesn't talk to me much and it says that she definitely does. Well I mean she stares at me a lot and she does act strange whenever I'm around............hehe......