Does He Like Me? (Even If You Two Don't Talk)

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Have you ever had a guy catch your eye and you start to think that he might like you? But you aren't completely sure because you've never actually talked to him? Well, this quiz will tell you whether he might - or might not - be interested. Good luck...I hope you get the answer you want!

  • 1
    First, how long have you known/seen this guy?
    First, how long have you known/seen this guy?
  • 2
    Has he stared at you once, or multiple times, before?
  • 3
    Do you think he looks for you?

  • 4
    Do you think his friends could be spying on you?
  • 5
    Have you ever matched, clothes-wise?
  • 6
    Do you know which classes he takes?

  • 7
    What's your age difference?
  • 8
    Does he seem like a good person to you?
  • 9
    Is he one of these: player, man-whore, or heart-breaker?
  • 10
    Finally, does he seem to be someone you could have a future with?

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29 days ago
So I've known this guy since elementary school but I never care about his existence before. He's actually my bestfriend's crush and I support him with her. But oneday when it reached to the last year he's staying at the school.. At February he suddenly smiled at me and now it feels like he's already the big part of my life (there are a lot of guys flirting at me but this guy's smiles are really something else.) Then I'm telling my friend about what happened and she said "I'm jealous" madly :( Then from now on I never tell anyone about it.. But the things between me and him keeps happening! Aaaa I feel like a betrayer to my friend. But Idk what to do and just remain silent until the feeling's gone.

When it finally the end of the year at the convo, my thought was I'll never meet him again (cuz he's going to the middle school where all the clever people studied and I know that I'll never going there)

The next year at 2018, I went to the church like in ordinary day. I came back at home and I lay on the bed. Then my older sister came in and asked me to guess who is in the picture in her phone she's holding now (I didn't see the picture yet) and I answered (my crush's sister name). And guess what, it's definitely right! And she let me see the picture. I saw someone in the back and it was him.. my crush!

And that means from now then, he's going to the church every weeks! 💋, the butterflies in my stomach really went crazy.. I'd screamed to the pillow after my sister went out. Ugh!! Now I feel bad again bcuz he's my besfriend's crush..

There are a lot of things happening but until this friking covid-19 entered.. I never seen his face again. But a few days ago, I visited my facebook acc after a long time and I just saw that he just played facebook again! I'm so happy even tho he's not posting his precious face. Well his father really active at facebook and there goes the chance where I can stalk his face that his father posted.

I still hoping that this feeling will gone someday although it's hard tho (despite I still searching something like this)
43 days ago
So I’m pretty sure this guy likes me. A couple times he has like really stared at me and it’s so cute. Once I was sitting with my ELA teacher and he was infront of me at the other table staring at me. Another time I was in my math classroom and he was right outside of it sitting at a table staring at me (I think). And I haven’t seen him since March 13th, 2020, last day of going to school ): anyways, do u think he likes me?
48 days ago
There is this guy in my class i always catch him staring at me he always calling me his bestfriend,never allow anyone touch or insult me, he is always defending me even though he knows i was guilty likes to know more about me, sit close to me and jokely tells the whole clas he likes me. Does he really like me
71 days ago
Omg Yay he likes mehhh!
231 days ago
You are kinda right...but trust me, it's definitely not lust, I can say it's infatuation. But certainly not lust.
299 days ago
Me and this guy keep seeing each other. It’s either being on a team together or going on a trip. He’s one year older than me so it’s not like we are in the same classes. Anyways one of the teams we played on was a boys and girls soccer team. I always saw him looking at me but I just thought it was because we went to the same school. We were always trying to meg each other (It’s a soccer term which means to kick the ball and it goes in between someone’s legs.) and stuff. I thought he was just doing it cause his friends told him so. Now thinking back on it he might have been trying to get my attention. Well, on the last soccer game none of his friends had shown up yet so he was doing tricks with the ball. I was stretching and started to do lunges. He came over, megged me, and then stood there awkwardly smiling. I said nice one and we started a conversation. (I’m quiet so I don’t really talk to people that much.) That is when I started catching some feelings for him. The soccer season was over and the only time I saw him was at the end of lunch. On a Friday me and my friends decide to go to another classroom instead of math because a sub was in there and it was the last day of school cause of corona. It was the computer lab teacher’s room. He had eighth grade class in the room but let us in cause he had no lessons. The guy I had feelings for was in there. I just followed my friends to the very back of the classroom. He was sitting in the last row. I was to his right behind him. I was on Insta when I saw him look back. He would turn slightly every once in a while to I guess look at me. I didn’t know for sure until he kinda did a fake stretch to look back at me. There was no one to the right of me and just blank walls so I’m 99% sure he was looking at me. More towards the end of class another eighth grade (his friend) was talking to us and telling us a joke. Me and my friends were laughing and making jokes too. I saw him at the corner of my eye with his arms cross looking a bit jealous. This made it obvious to me that he might like me. Someone PLEASE HELP ME.🥺 I don’t know what to do cause he is going to high school. I don’t care if I date him or be his friend. I just want to know more about him and have some sort of relationship. I just need some advice.
314 days ago
So I have known this guy since kindergarten, pretty much my whole life, and I started noticing him a lot. He stares at me and so do I. But there is another guy who sits by me and I laugh at his jokes. He is the leader of the crew the first guy is in. My bff likes the first guy and the second guy likes my bff. In front of my face, the first guy said ‘does (bff) like me?’ I said no. I cannot figure out if the first guy likes multiple girls or just her. PLEASE HELP ME!!
353 days ago
Okie so, I like this guy and he stares at me all the time! But he stares at my friends to. And one of my friends like him, but we’re okie with who ever gets him, if we ever do. He’s in my orchestra also and my friend says he stares at me all the time. I think he has a staring problem, but my question is, I so nervous confessing we don’t Evan talk! What should I do?
363 days ago
So I'm really confused with the signs he's giving me, but he stares at me and his eyes are dialated, he always looks a tad nervous, he talks to me about random things, and once he saw me doing my weird dance thingy and he told me he likes it even though it's really weird. I got 70% he likes me, but I'm still unsure. Someone please help!!!😣
390 days ago
Idek anymore like he stares at me and i feel like trys to make me laugh from a fistance but hes a class vlown and not alot of girls go for him but i think hes cute and funny and his friends always stare at me when i pass them in the hallway and we match alot out of random and we dont talk but he was trying to look over my friends shoulder while she was texting me she said one time..i want him to make a move. But i cant tell if its just me thinking he looks at me or if i am going nuts and im the creepy girl that looks at him...
393 days ago
The first who looks away during a stare is usually the one with the bigger crush!!
Also why is my results even showing that
Usually I’M the one who looks away first
Of course, it does not mean my crush does not like me as much as I like him since he stares A LOT and for a very long time!
396 days ago
Oh please, me having an obsession? This is just lovesick. I'm not near a stalker if you even think so.
415 days ago
So I go to's a pretty big I'm 12 and I go to a spot with people my age they have a game called ga ga ball and I play it all the anyway one of my friends older brother knows my sister so he saw me and said hey your coras sister!.(that's my sister) and I was like yep and he was like what's your name again and I said jokingly...I'm Alfredo..and of course that's not my real name...but anyway a couple of boys heard and now all of them call me one of them I like( and for some reason everyone calls him avocado).but anyway he sometimes stares at me and he gave me the nickname...Raman I call him avacodo and he calls me Raman noodles or I can't tell if he likes me or not?

P.s AVOCADO IF U READ THIS witch u probably aren't gonna..I LIKE U AVOCADOOO!
442 days ago
Someone HELP ME! I think he may like me but I am not sure! he always jokes with me and toys with me and I think I catch him staring at me sometimes he doesn't jokes with anyone but me really....but i cant start a conversation I'm too shy... I think about him almost all the time and I get butterflies when he comes near me i have even dreamed about him once ( It was PG rated) I try to send him hints with my eyes but I am not sure hes receiving them.... Ugh why is love like thiiiisssss anyways, I need HELP!!!
442 days ago
Someone HELP ME! I think he may like me but I am not sure! he always jokes with me and toys with me and I think I catch him staring at me sometimes he doesn't jokes with anyone but me really....but i cant start a conversation I'm too shy... I think about him almost all the time and I get butterflies when he comes near me i have even dreamed about him once ( It was PG rated) I need HELP!!!
451 days ago
I really see him everyday we are in the same class he always flirt with eyes bro everytime i chek him out he is smiling looking at me and somtimes makes jokes but he had a girlftiend and she wouldnt even let him talk to any girl in our class and whole school now they broke up his ex me and him are in the same classes i swear i feel it why would he look only at me and make jokes with me and stuf no one belives but i belive it his eyes tells everything
489 days ago
I always get a yes result on these tests but I always think I’m just getting my hopes up plus I’ll never know if he likes me, we’re both shy :(
489 days ago
oh my gosh, so like, eveytime i go to second period, he's there by his locker his back facing me while all his friends faced me. more than two times, i noticed them watching me wordlessly then say something to him that would make him turn around to me.
500 days ago
So I like this guy, I known him since like 4th grade now I'm in 6th and like i think he knows i like him and when he gets out of recess he like just goes to the entrance to get out of lunch a and go to recess and he hangs out there with his friends and one time one of his friends went around me instead of going under the rail and went to the other side and like if it was a date. They kept always coming closer to me and he would always give me stares and shy smiles like if his friends were teasing him and like what do you'll think? Does he like me or not??
509 days ago
So I just started in a new high in ninth grade I saw this guy he’s a senior.he’s so cute and we have our lockers close together sometimes I go to my locker for no reason just to see him