Does My Crush Like Me? (Even If You Two Don't Talk)

Have you ever had a guy catch your eye and you start to think that he might like you? But you aren't completely sure because you've never actually talked to him? Well, this quiz will tell you whether he might - or might not - be interested. Good luck...I hope you get the answer you want!

  • 1
    First, how long have you known/seen this guy?
    First, how long have you known/seen this guy?
  • 2
    Has he stared at you once, or multiple times, before?
  • 3
    Do you think he looks for you?

  • 4
    Do you think his friends could be spying on you?
  • 5
    Have you ever matched, clothes-wise?
  • 6
    Do you know which classes he takes?

  • 7
    What's your age difference?
  • 8
    Does he seem like a good person to you?
  • 9
    Is he one of these: player, man-whore, or heart-breaker?
  • 10
    Finally, does he seem to be someone you could have a future with?

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36 days ago
Well where to start, around 5 months ago we were super close and we even started dating. It seemed like he liked me so I went with it and the next day he breaks up with me saying we could still be friends. Ha I was wrong and he ignores me I see him everyday by passing him in the halls and yea but recently I have been catching him stare at me and I want it to be because he like me but my anxiety kicks in and I think that I am and always have been a toy that he plays with. He is close to another girl this year, Amanda and I hate her for it. With all of this I took that test and by 40% he likes me
81 days ago
So now i came and i heard a news that he will go to another country together with his close relatives and there they'll live.
I need to accept the fact that we cannot be together and forget about him and move on..i don't even know if he really thinks about me too. It's hard to forget about him, its hard for me to forget our little but special moments staring kindly to each other..the moments that we feel awkward around each other and our bit smiles..i will really miss the way we acts uncomfortable and awkward around each other..the way our eyes met and the way we talk....he knows i act different compared to many girls out there that's why i will miss the way he talks and acts around me with respect. I will miss the way he looks at me and the way he ignores me so cute for me😍😘but now its time to move on....i guess im just really assuming that he likes me..what ever.... i need to stop thinking about it....but its still hard to forget about him especially our childhood memories btw this is the reason why we act awkward and un comfortable around each other
82 days ago
I feel like he likes me but i made it clearer to him that we cannot be together because im young and hes even younger than me
82 days ago
I want to get to know about him....because we are in the different worlds and different environment
82 days ago
I don't think he likes me but i get go crazy about him😅
94 days ago
I had a crush on him but i don't know if he likes me we're not close and we don't talk that much becoz we feel awkward towards each other but our eyes met very often...theres a one time that i catched him staring at me and smilng a bit but he catched me staring at him most of the time....we only talk about important matters and i try to pretend that im not interested on him, i even act slightly rude around him because of nervousness but the truth is i want to show kindness on him....i always pretend like i don't care about him but the truth is i want to help him...i just feel ashamed to step closer on him....becoz im afraid of rejection
103 days ago
Wow so i come back here after maybe 3 months i think... So the boy i was crushing on found a new pretty gf so I gave up on him and ended up crushing on his bestfriend... But recently I learned that his bestfriend is in a relationship too so i think i am just going to forget about love and relationships and focus on my grades. But i am that ugly for people to not notice me like that?? I already knew i wasn't very attractive but at that point, seriously ?! Ugh, I guess I'll come back here when I'll find someone. See you in 10 years I guess :)
114 days ago
I met him only when im 8 yrs old and hes 2 yrs younger..he and his family are living about 100 kms away from us but his close cousin and relatives who is also my playmates and classmates are living next to our house...they visit them very often thats why we got to know each other....we became playmates together with his cousins .....the worst and funniest thing i remembered is when he gave me a letter containing the repeated word “i love you" im so shocked and gotten angry coz its rlly embarrassing and we are too young for that. I suddenly tore the letter and throw it away in front of him and our playmates then i speak him a hurtful things...after that all of them left me alone and i felt so guilty and about to cry ....weeks past and i rlly noticed him and his cousins are evading me coz they think that im very rude....they are just passing at me without saying anything, i want to say sorry but i feel so ashamed to talk to him......time passed until we play together again with several of his cousin but i still feel uncomfortable around him becoz of what ive done.....elder people are also teasing the two of us coz were compatible, they said....the good thing is hes now teasing and making funny things on me sometimes which means he already forgave me and i rlly enjoy those times playing together...........
Not until i transfered on another school away from his cousin, since that time they didnt play with me anymore and it seems our memories just became gone like a bubble....i became isolated for a long time until now
I no longer noticing around my neighbors also if he will visit their relatives in our town....
Last yr.we saw each other and i smiled at him but he didnt smiled back and im wondering that i rlly done a wrong thing.
Until one day he bought something on my grandmas store that i volunteered to stay in and guard.i was shocked seeing him turned into a handsome and popular in our place...i didnt let him notice it, i just smiles at him..the next days he bought something again on that store and were not smiling each other on that time..i fell for him on the first time......since that time we can see each other very often but i don't smile at him anymore to avoid showing that im attracted but im bothered becoz he didnt rlly add me on social media and i dont want to add him first also i heard a one girl said that they are texting togerther and it quiet hurts wondering that hes flirting more girls than i think.........but our eyes met very often that makes me more confused about what he thinks on me.......i feel so nervous around him and its very noticeable for him i guess.....i hide it on him as much i can but i want to do good things on him just to make him think that i'd already change my attitude.....also im an insecure kind of girl.......i think im just ang introverted kind of person and i know he can met a lot of girls were actually opposite....all i wish is to move on and forget about all of these...its been 8 yrs ago since we met and i recalled all of those things now that im thinking about him...
125 days ago
This dude in my class always Asks me questions and sometimes looks at me and I'm realizing hes actually kinda cute so I dont know what to do
186 days ago
Ok so in short one of my best friends likes this girl and watches her in break and lunch and told me I should do the same and after awhile I did, soon I realised I liked this guy!! But I have never talked to him but one of my friends used to be in his class so I keep questioning her but then my best friend made it so obvious I liked him by saying “hey look —- it’s —“ so uh yeah I emailed him and regret it but I’m gonna see if he reply’s. 🥺
190 days ago
So, there is this guy in my grade that looks like a greek god. Everybody laugh at him because he have acne and I must be the only one that defend him. I bet he don't even know that since I've never defended him infront of him soooo whatever... Even tho people laugh a lot at him he is very popular because he is handsome. He had girlfriends before and let's say that they were pretty so I feel insecure lmao. BUT I took him staring at me some times and I don't really know if I am just dreaming or if it's true. He have 3 best friends and I think I catched them staring at me a couple of times. None of my bestrfiends know that I like him... Maybe I should tell them so that they spies him to see if he REALLY look at me. Why do I soung like a stalker ? I swear I am not. I am just catching feelings for a boy I've never talked to...
I hate that....

Maybe I will update tomorrow night, since I going back to school tomorrow :)
198 days ago
Tbhh... idek. I always catch him starring at me. Like ALL the time. He always locks eyes with me, but when ever he does, I turn away out of embarrassment. Whenever I see him, my heart just stops beating, literally. And I wish that I was just not so shy. Because if I wasn’t maybe he’d be talking to me now. I’m gonna start trying to make eye contact with him more. Because if he does like me, I don’t want him to think that I don’t like him and give up. I tbh don’t know what to do.

He’s always starring into my eyes

Whenever I walk by, I always hear his friends going “aye yoo” or whatever...

I remember making a joke about something in my class, and he laughed at it. (this was before we were allowed to go into school again, so this was remote)

Then, we were sitting together and talking about our work when I asked the teacher if we would be going on a science trip. He told me about all of the trips he got to go to in his freshman year. (I was held back) we had a pretty good conversation.

But yeah, I doubt he likes me. Even if he did I’d want to start off as friends...Who knows what his real personality is like. So far, he’s smart, funny, and really nice. So yeah, I rather just start off as friends than jump to a conclusion. I was already cheated on once so if he’s the player type I’m walking my💑away. 💀
202 days ago
so i really like this guy and ive obviously never talked to him before. i don't have any classes with him and the only reason i know his name is because my friend has math with him. so i literally dont know anything about him. my friend keeps telling me to ask him for his number, but im sooooo scared and everytime i think about him i get a pit in my stomach. hes one of those "popular kids" ig and i just feel like itll be super awkward if i ask. like he'll turn me down and then all his friends will know and then pretty much the whole school will know. embarrasing. my other friend is saying how itd be rude of him to turn me down but im like ya well he can easily turn me down if hes not interested. it doesnt matter if hes trying to be rude or not. i remember i was at a soccer game with my team and my coaches son was with us and a girl came up and asked for his number and he immediately turned her down. so its not that hard. all my friends are like, "just go talk to him itll be so freaking cute" but i really can't. idk i had the perfect opportunity today, he was alone and walking literally right in front of me and my friend was like, "ill call his name and you can ask!" but i chickened out at the last second and idk what to do anymore...i really like him i just cant tell him for some reason.

im really hoping i can ask him by the end of this week without chickening out again (like ive done the past 2 times). i really really like him....wish we luck!!
259 days ago
Molly as in me ment I not she
259 days ago
I got he likes me I took this 5 years ago.4years ago he purposed now she have two children and I am pregnant with my 3rd.This is a great app to use and that is just my opinion.
306 days ago
So I've known this guy since elementary school but I never care about his existence before. He's actually my bestfriend's crush and I support him with her. But oneday when it reached to the last year he's staying at the school.. At February he suddenly smiled at me and now it feels like he's already the big part of my life (there are a lot of guys flirting at me but this guy's smiles are really something else.) Then I'm telling my friend about what happened and she said "I'm jealous" madly :( Then from now on I never tell anyone about it.. But the things between me and him keeps happening! Aaaa I feel like a betrayer to my friend. But Idk what to do and just remain silent until the feeling's gone.

When it finally the end of the year at the convo, my thought was I'll never meet him again (cuz he's going to the middle school where all the clever people studied and I know that I'll never going there)

The next year at 2018, I went to the church like in ordinary day. I came back at home and I lay on the bed. Then my older sister came in and asked me to guess who is in the picture in her phone she's holding now (I didn't see the picture yet) and I answered (my crush's sister name). And guess what, it's definitely right! And she let me see the picture. I saw someone in the back and it was him.. my crush!

And that means from now then, he's going to the church every weeks! 🚔, the butterflies in my stomach really went crazy.. I'd screamed to the pillow after my sister went out. Ugh!! Now I feel bad again bcuz he's my besfriend's crush..

There are a lot of things happening but until this friking covid-19 entered.. I never seen his face again. But a few days ago, I visited my facebook acc after a long time and I just saw that he just played facebook again! I'm so happy even tho he's not posting his precious face. Well his father really active at facebook and there goes the chance where I can stalk his face that his father posted.

I still hoping that this feeling will gone someday although it's hard tho (despite I still searching something like this)
321 days ago
So I’m pretty sure this guy likes me. A couple times he has like really stared at me and it’s so cute. Once I was sitting with my ELA teacher and he was infront of me at the other table staring at me. Another time I was in my math classroom and he was right outside of it sitting at a table staring at me (I think). And I haven’t seen him since March 13th, 2020, last day of going to school ): anyways, do u think he likes me?
326 days ago
There is this guy in my class i always catch him staring at me he always calling me his bestfriend,never allow anyone touch or insult me, he is always defending me even though he knows i was guilty likes to know more about me, sit close to me and jokely tells the whole clas he likes me. Does he really like me
348 days ago
Omg Yay he likes mehhh!
508 days ago
You are kinda right...but trust me, it's definitely not lust, I can say it's infatuation. But certainly not lust.