Does My Crush Like Me? (Even If You Two Don't Talk)

Have you ever had a guy catch your eye and you start to think that he might like you? But you aren't completely sure because you've never actually talked to him? Well, this quiz will tell you whether he might - or might not - be interested. Good luck...I hope you get the answer you want!

  • 1
    First, how long have you known/seen this guy?
    First, how long have you known/seen this guy?
  • 2
    Has he stared at you once, or multiple times, before?
  • 3
    Do you think he looks for you?

  • 4
    Do you think his friends could be spying on you?
  • 5
    Have you ever matched, clothes-wise?
  • 6
    Do you know which classes he takes?

  • 7
    What's your age difference?
  • 8
    Does he seem like a good person to you?
  • 9
    Is he one of these: player, man-whore, or heart-breaker?
  • 10
    Finally, does he seem to be someone you could have a future with?

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127 days ago
lol me being jealous of my 139 days ago self. this year its horrible because me and bob arent in the same classes, so i kind of gave up on him. I confessed to bob via email a few days after i wrote my last comment and he didnt answer. he started ignoring me and ghosting me. my friends told him to check his email but he never answered. he wasnt worth my time anyways.
182 days ago
Congrats - he's probably into you!

If you're receiving stares and smiles from him, he's definitely interested in you. Also, if his friends are everywhere you are, it could mean they are "spies" who update him about you. It might sound weird, but it's possible to match clothes without even talking. For example, you two might both be wearing the same hoodie on Fridays. This is definitely a sign that he's into you. Make sure you don't just like him for his looks, but also for his personality. He should be someone that your children would look up to and someone your parents or guardian would approve of. My advice - if this continues for a while, make a move! Girls like you should be confident, and this guy will definitely be lucky to have you.

Hes in my art class and we stare at each other everyday for at least untill someone says something or untill it gets akward
205 days ago
I'm taller than my male crush and his older and I'm shy of that kinda
205 days ago
Please help me talk to my crush I am so nervous and we do not go to the same school
205 days ago
246 days ago

I asked if he was interested in us getting to know each other more during the summer and he said he was interested?!? He hasn’t texted me yet but tbf, he’s busy with a lot of stuff and I just got on summer break a week ago
259 days ago
My result came out as me being a stalker - and some of the questions I answered and what’s on the results don’t match up.
266 days ago
Hmmm: I am shocked you have enough courage to talk to him. I think you should definitely ask him to talk over the summer, he doesn't even need to know you like him yet. you could ask to hang out as friends too.

since everyone is telling their stories I will tell mine too.

So it was like, the 7th week of school and I'm looking around the room and I see him. his hair is long and messy and almost covers his eyes. we'll call him Bob. He looks like a nerd, because he has glasses, and everyone calls him ugly. But I thought he was perfect. then I got this different boyfriend and he cheated on me so I broke up with him after 6 weeks. i started liking bob again and my assigned seat is conveniently right next to his. We don't talk, I'm way too nervous, but I do talk to his friends a lot. Even though I've only spoken 6 words to him in my life, we are kind of becoming friends. we stand near each other and talk to the same people. (kind of) Every day I stare at him like a psycho and we often exchange glances. he is shy, but I like him that way.
266 days ago
yes, or what i might to is tell my crush on the last day of school. i got this result:Congrats - he's probably into you!

If you're receiving stares and smiles from him, he's definitely interested in you. Also, if his friends are everywhere you are, it could mean they are "spies" who update him about you. It might sound weird, but it's possible to match clothes without even talking. For example, you two might both be wearing the same hoodie on Fridays. This is definitely a sign that he's into you. Make sure you don't just like him for his looks, but also for his personality. He should be someone that your children would look up to and someone your parents or guardian would approve of. My advice - if this continues for a while, make a move! Girls like you should be confident, and this guy will definitely be lucky to have you.

i don't want to be his girlfriend, I just want him to know.
268 days ago
Oo so I got that he might like me back?? Pog. Since everyone else is telling their stories, I guess I’ll tell mine too and I want to know what y’all think.

I met him the first day of sophomore year and he was he first person I locked eyes with and something just felt right?? I don’t know how to describe it but it feels like there’s a connection between the two of us that I can’t explain and I don’t know what it is 😭 please help-

Both of us are pretty shy but we just started talking consistently two weeks ago. It’s pretty late in the year but I was gonna take my shot and ask if we could talk over the summer but idk if I should do it. Should I?
278 days ago
Lirst tell you all a funny story I do not know when I like someone strange huh. I met this guy like a month ago I thought he was really cute even though he probably doesn't even know me. I don't even have any classes with him. O the bright side we have the same lunch. last week after lunch on friday he was walking in the hall and asked his friend a question about a class called body sculpting his friend was not explaining it well so I turned and told him it is just another name for weightlifting class. He smiled and said thank you and shaked my hand. He had such a beautiful smile. I was so freaking happy. I am not like most girls who are confident in confessing their feelings I just keep everything in because of the fear of getting rejected. I guess I will just continue to bottle it up.
358 days ago
I'm a middle schooler and ive been crushng on this boy from my gym class, we would always make eye conact and he'd smile whie staring at me, i catched him looking many times. We don't talk at all, but since monday is valentines day, i decided to ask him out for that day. Noo response yet but im ready for whats abt to come. I started liking him in november so i hope thats not too soon. Wish me luck please, he's so 💑 amazing and the way he smiles and laughs . Everything abt him is just perfect
382 days ago
wow since we're all telling our personal life stories, here's my super cool and interesting one

I met them in the summer between 8th-9th grade for Marching Band. They were the only other clarinet player besides me for about a week, but then they dropped out of Marching Band so they could be in our city's Drumline.
I didn't see them again until the first day of school in August, (actually the 3rd day, but that's too complicated to explain) and it turned out we had almost every class together.
they'd try talking to me but I ignored them. I had a boyfriend, anyway.
Then I developed really fast and insane feelings for them. It was a typical crush. All my friends said they liked me, so I talked to them about it. They told me to give them the night to think about it, and they'd get back to me the next day.
The next day at school, my DUMB SELF asked him out over TEXT when he was like 10 feet away from me.
He said yes, and tomorrow is our 3 month anniversary :)
385 days ago
Man this feels weird to talk about online lol. Be prepared, because this is going to be a long and epic tale...
I've had this one person in my class since our first year of academy, we didn't know each other before then. He was always a dork, could get annoyed at people easily, but always was super nice to me. In our first year, this guy had a crush on me. Im almost 99% sure of it. He would always stare at me and even cheer me on in PE, going out of his way to talk to me and everything. I was super flattered, but it was a very tough year for me so I just ignored it. I did however make a note in the back of my mind to try and become freinds with him when his crush on me eventually faded away.
Sadly, this never hapenned. We would talk sometimes, sure, but it wasn't much. Fast forward to Summer 2021, and Im going through another rough patch with one of my cruushes who was a popular kid (I had a phase when I kept accidently getting crushes on jerks don't judge me). I start to talk to the dorky guy who used to have a crush on me again, and it is comedic really, how fast I went head over heels. I can't stop laughing at the fact its gone full circle. But anyway, so he kept being nice to me and I kept trying to talk to him, which clearly threw him off a bit. On the first week of the summer, I tried following him on instagram, and it worked, so we had a message exchange. was akward as all hell.
I hadn't realised at the time just how akward he was. In all fairness though, its definetly been one of the longest converations we have had to this day.
Sadly, my crush for him faded away for a time, and eventually I ended up liking some other popular guy again. After that whole heartbreak, you never would guess what hapenned (I say sarcastically). I began noticing the dorky guy again, and thinking about what had hapenned. We kept spotting each other looking at, well, each other, and it grew into this weird thing of us wondering who liked who. I kept saying to myself "No, I don't like him he's just some guy in my class," for weeks on end. Of course, my best freind knew what was up, and eventually I snapped out of my phase of denial, realising just how much I actually liked him. Just barely two weeks after this realisation, everything changed.
Storm Arwen hit (if you don't know what that is, its a storm that hit the UK in November that was super, super dangerous). On the day the storm hit, a few hours before it would arrive, we had to leave school early, and my crush's bus was the first bus to go. Thirty minutes later, my bus is called up and we have to leave. I was sitting on the bus, waiting till we would depart from school, and I suddenly thought of my crush. I took out my phone and began typing hurriedly, messaging him saying I didn't want him to die because I enjoy talking to him and telling him to be careful (god that was such a 😍 move but im thankful for it).
After that, the atmosphere between us changed completely. My best freind overheard him talking about it in French, saying he thought the messaging thing was "weird...but kind of cute". He would keep looking at me in class, and before the christmas holidays I gave him a christmas card that thanked him for all the times he had been nice to me (I only gave my close freinds christmas cards). I caught him smiling at me after that, and on the last week he was off, but his freind came up to me telling me how much my crush liked the card and how visably happy he was. I was over the moon. But alas, there was one more bad thing to come before then.
I messaged him over the holidays saying I was glad he liked the card and that I wanted to talk more in the next term, and he left me on read (he had done that before for some other messages, that wasnt the bad thing). But then, just a few days before we went back to school for term 3, I was playing dungeon and dragons and I got a notification that he had requested to follow me on instagram. I thought, " that's weird, he already-" I clicked on it, and it had vanished. I looked at my followers...and he was gone. He had unfollowed me. I was worried sick for the next few days, but before I write more of a novel, ill just tell you its ok now. Me and my freind believe it was either bad advice or him acting out of nervousness. We haven't talked since, but hes smiled at me and still stares at me constantly. I took this quiz just to make sure...and now Im determined to talk to him in person. I'll ask him about the instagram thing eventually, but I just want to make sure he fully knows I like him. Something big is going to happen soon, I can feel it. I like this guy so much, and think about him contsantly. He's smart, a generally super kind person and downright adorable.
Wish me luck!!! I hope everyone who read this ends up being as lucky as I've been! It'll all be ok in the end remember that. Good luck to you, stranger x
467 days ago
Well where to start, around 5 months ago we were super close and we even started dating. It seemed like he liked me so I went with it and the next day he breaks up with me saying we could still be friends. Ha I was wrong and he ignores me I see him everyday by passing him in the halls and yea but recently I have been catching him stare at me and I want it to be because he like me but my anxiety kicks in and I think that I am and always have been a toy that he plays with. He is close to another girl this year, Amanda and I hate her for it. With all of this I took that test and by 40% he likes me
512 days ago
So now i came and i heard a news that he will go to another country together with his close relatives and there they'll live.
I need to accept the fact that we cannot be together and forget about him and move on..i don't even know if he really thinks about me too. It's hard to forget about him, its hard for me to forget our little but special moments staring kindly to each other..the moments that we feel awkward around each other and our bit smiles..i will really miss the way we acts uncomfortable and awkward around each other..the way our eyes met and the way we talk....he knows i act different compared to many girls out there that's why i will miss the way he talks and acts around me with respect. I will miss the way he looks at me and the way he ignores me so cute for me😍😘but now its time to move on....i guess im just really assuming that he likes me..what ever.... i need to stop thinking about it....but its still hard to forget about him especially our childhood memories btw this is the reason why we act awkward and un comfortable around each other
513 days ago
I feel like he likes me but i made it clearer to him that we cannot be together because im young and hes even younger than me
513 days ago
I want to get to know about him....because we are in the different worlds and different environment
513 days ago
I don't think he likes me but i get go crazy about him😅
525 days ago
I had a crush on him but i don't know if he likes me we're not close and we don't talk that much becoz we feel awkward towards each other but our eyes met very often...theres a one time that i catched him staring at me and smilng a bit but he catched me staring at him most of the time....we only talk about important matters and i try to pretend that im not interested on him, i even act slightly rude around him because of nervousness but the truth is i want to show kindness on him....i always pretend like i don't care about him but the truth is i want to help him...i just feel ashamed to step closer on him....becoz im afraid of rejection