Does My Crush Like Me? (Even If You Two Don't Talk)

Have you ever had a guy catch your eye and you start to think that he might like you? But you aren't completely sure because you've never actually talked to him? Well, this quiz will tell you whether he might - or might not - be interested. Good luck...I hope you get the answer you want!

  • 1
    First, how long have you known/seen this guy?
    First, how long have you known/seen this guy?
  • 2
    Has he stared at you once, or multiple times, before?
  • 3
    Do you think he looks for you?

  • 4
    Do you think his friends could be spying on you?
  • 5
    Have you ever matched, clothes-wise?
  • 6
    Do you know which classes he takes?

  • 7
    What's your age difference?
  • 8
    Does he seem like a good person to you?
  • 9
    Is he one of these: player, man-whore, or heart-breaker?
  • 10
    Finally, does he seem to be someone you could have a future with?

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1354 days ago
We chat 1 month ago because he was at there home and he confessed to me that he likes me but i didn't believe u co'z u dont know if he is serious or not so i answered HAHAHAHAHAH lol and when he cameback in this school he didn't chat me because i think he know when he's classmates found out we're chatting that will be an issue to them and Everytime his there his always looked at me like 5 seconds more and when he do that he's using only poker face because he's around of his classmate but my mother saw him when he's with friend and his talking to them that guy was Looked at me when i go to the upstairs and go up while talking to his friend.
1373 days ago
A boy always stare at me. Before I didn't even pay attention to him. But my frnd always make a ship and teases me. And slowly I have started to have feelings for him. But I don't love him,only feelings. And once I searched in YouTube there that how to find out that guy in school likes you. I don't even that he likes me cuz I'm not pretty at all and don't have a good personality also. But whatever was there in that video was all correct and his friends also stare at me. And one day for a reason I point out him than his friends were telling him I was pointing him then he laughed and he also smiles at me very nicely whenever I see his friends also point out at me...I think they make fun of me😔

1379 days ago
so theres a guy in my class whom i have a crush upon its been a month since i met him but a fatal lovee.....v talk but only the imp talks about studies and that to once in a day....once v both were matching our clohes unknowingly ...he is the leader in the school and great overall ....he had just a single relationship b4 and since then single....v both have like eyecontacts he glances sideways on me i love him.....v evwn have same subjects.....i want him by any should i do that...pls reply anyone plss fast
1391 days ago
Ok hi there’s this kid I like and I’m not sure if he likes me or not ok here it goes so I met this kid in church just a disclaimer my family and I are not really religious one time my mom made me go to church and I didn’t want to go but I still went because I didn’t want to stay by-myself so I went and I was a disaster when I was coming inside I trip with the 😍 steps what in embarrassment anyways so we sat in this bench and then I was sitting down with my sister and then I see this kid and me thinking in my mind I said I think I’m going to like this kid and then he was coming over here to our bench to say hi to my mom and then he handshake my family and me so then everything started and they were passing out bibles and then he gave me one and I said no it’s fine i don’t know how to read in Spanish but I actually do know now anyways I said and then he I will bring u another one and I’m like ok thanks and then I started going to church since then he and his dad would always pick me and my mom up but he would always go literally and he would be so shy one time my dad took us to church and he was up in the stage singing and he saw me and he looked at me and I look at him and we started smiling and we started laughing my was like what are u laughing of what and I’m like nothing and we a little bit more he couldn’t stop laughing so then he close his eyes because then his parents were going to get mad at him and then we would look at each other’s and he would always sit in the back with his grandma me and his grandma were like friends we would always talk and from there I don’tknow know he does like me cuz I been going to church for along time and he never talk to or nothing one time when me and my mom stop going for like 5or 6 weeks his dad called us that why did we stop going to Church and that my crush wanted to talk to my mom my mo said and they were talking and he said he miss us and he was crying and then the next day we went and they came for us but yeah he never told me something or nothing I don’t even know if likes me or what like literally I’m so confused?
1396 days ago
So, there’s this guy I like, and I’m pretty sure he likes me back. Everyday on the bus, he looks up from his phone when I enter, and just stares for a few seconds.. He also stares at me during History, which is our only class together. He usually uses the same halls as me to get to classes, even though his classes are somewhere else across the school.. My friends used to ship me with him too (which is kinda the reason I’ve developed feelings for him..). At church, he’s usually in a group with his friends near my group, and he’s usually trying to face me the whole time.. He also tries to talk to my brother (who’s a year younger than me) about games like fortnite lol
I don’t know if this is enough info to say he likes me, but I get the feeling that I’m not the only one with this thought.. I’ve tried giving him hints that I like him too, but so far nothing is happening, other than more staring.. What should I do?
1399 days ago
Today at school it was recess and I was sitting in the field with my two friends. I was just sitting quietly and they were talking their heads of about who knows what. Kaleb and his friend came over and randomly sat next to us. After a while his friend got up and walked away but Kaleb stayed. He said"you go on without me. I'll be sitting here being awkward. It was probably more awkward for me than him. So I just sat there next to him, watching my friends blabber about nonsense and Kaleb ripping up grass. After a while my friends got up and walked away. I just lied down on the grass and he started taking the ripped up grass and piling it on his shoe. After a while the sun in my eyes was too much for me to take so I sat up, shifting my focus to stabbing a dandelion root with a small, sharp stick. Suddenly Kaleb asked me what I liked to do in my free time. We talked for a while about being the weirdo artistic people in our families. He seemed impressed when I told him about my playing music. He said he likes to draw and offered to show me some of his drawings sometime. I said that that sounded good. Then the bell rang and we got up. I walked next to him for about 20 seconds till his friends called him over to them so ne smiled at me and walked over to them. He kept looking back at me as he walked away and his friends were looking at me too.
1403 days ago
On Wednesday I raced Kaleb like, 3 times 1 on 1 for 60 metres to try and beat him. I haven't yet. I keep telling him "I'm gonna beat you! I know it!" We were walking back from gym class together and he said"so what happened to beating me eh?!" and laughed(in a nice way) I just laughed back and said," it's gotta happen eventually!" then he smiled a lot.

PS you know how I call him unicorn? Well I also call him narwhal sometimes. We were doing long jump together and he was right before me. He ran down the track but when he got to the sand pit (as a joke) he jumped, flopped around in mid air and just bellyflopped in the sand it was hilarious. When I went right after him I was running by and yelled, "forget unicorn you're a narwhal now!" and we both laughed. Then I beat my record in long jump.
1407 days ago
He always wear jacket like me and whenever i am on tares he looks at me while smiling one day i said to her to bring my he bring my ball back but i havent seen her till from 5 months i want to see him
1410 days ago
I didn't think he even knew I existed at first but now he smiles at me in church from the choir all the time! According to this quiz he does like me!
1410 days ago
Hi sorry I haven't been on for a long time. My wifi is acting up a lot. The move was good. I seem to be settling in to my new school pretty well. My room is still full of unpacked boxes. Anyways, there's this dude in my class, Kaleb. He seems like he likes me. (Which is weird cause I've only been at this school 5 days. He keeps staring at me, showing off, and seems to always be in the same place as me. We only have gym class together cause he's in a different home room. We've been doing track and field in gym. I'm the fastest girl in my class. I've only ever gotten first when I did races with girls and when I did a 200 metre race with boys I got second to a really fast guy named Owen. I also did 60 metre with boys. The first 60 I did I got third to Owen and then Kaleb and on my second 60 I got second to Kaleb. When I did my first race with Kaleb we were standing near each other at the starting point and when he noticed I was there he said "oh no, I'm so gonna lose." I smiled and shrugged. When we got to the end and I had third and he got second (we were really close to being tied) he said that I was really fast. I was standing behind him when we were lining up to go inside and even though he was talking to his friends he kept looking at me, and right in my eyes. Even when I was standing by my locker he went up to his friend Luke (who's locker is right by mine) Kaleb said, "look at our handshake!" I looked over and he just high fived Luke. I chuckled and looked back towards my locker. I herd smacking and looked back to see them doing a very intercit handshake. He smirked. I was reading a book and it had a list of like, 95 ways to tell if someone likes you. One of the important signs was if their friend seems to be looking at you or seeming to be "checking you out" Luke has been looking at me a lot in class and talking to me every once and a while. I call Kaleb unicorn because the first time I met him/raced him he had the front if his hair in an elastic so it looked like he was a unicorn. He laughes and blushes whenever I call him that. 😊😊
1415 days ago
She said 90% ahhhhhh I have liked him since year 7 and he always looks at me in class tooo
1416 days ago
Dat Potato Named Charli, We actually used to live in the town I just moved to so we know a few people. My friend who I've known since preschool(and kept in touch with) is actually going to be in my class. I went for a "tour" around the school yesterday morning and saw my class. The teacher said to the class that some of them may recognize me. One guy said he sort of remembered me but it's hard to tell cause that was sooo long ago. I start school tomorrow! I pretty nervous but at least Bella (my friend) will be there to help me navigate the new school and tell me who people are. Thanks in advance for helping me through this. The main thing I'm nervous for is a new crush. No one is as amazing as Jack but I guess that ship has sailed. I don't know if I can deal with the stress of a new school, new friends, new town, major tests coming up AND a crush but at least I've got you too help me when you can.
1421 days ago
😊😊😊I'm scratch
This is my first crush
1421 days ago
This is my first crush
1421 days ago
She said yes what do I do?
1432 days ago
who da heck u talkin to, boi?
1432 days ago
She said yes and now i have🚔with her
1432 days ago
Ya maybe I can talk to him at recess one day!?🙂
1433 days ago
Hmm.. Maybe somewhere at school at break or before/after school?
or just a local park, and tell ur parents ur going to meet up with ur bestie, but rlly... u confessing some serious stuff.. ;-;
1434 days ago
Good idea but I don't know when or were I would be able to hang out and I don't know if my mom and dad would let me 😬