Does He Like Me Back?

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Does your crush like you back? Find out here. Note: Because I am not the boy, or in your situation, I can't absolutely guarantee whether he really likes you or not. But hopefully taking my quiz will give you a better idea. I hope you get the result you want! x

  • 1
    Sooo...why are you taking this test?: D
    Sooo...why are you taking this test?: D
  • 2
    When you're with him, how is he to you?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)
  • 3
    Where/When do you see him mostly?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)

  • 4
    Does he have a girlfriend at the moment?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)
  • 5
    Do YOU think he likes you?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)
  • 6
    How does he act when he's with you?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)

  • 7
    How do his friends act when you're around/near him?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)
  • 8
    What does your crush do when he notices someone is rude to you? For example:
    Person: You are so ugly!
    Your crush: (Choose one of the below)

    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)
  • 9
    When other girls are around, how does he act?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)
  • 10
    When he sees you, how does he act?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)

  • 11
    Are you really sure you are in love with him, or do you just like him?
  • 12
    How do you dress when you're around him? Do you care much about how you look?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)
  • 13
    You got a new haircut. Your crush says it doesn't look good on you. Which do you do?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)
  • 14
    Do you think he likes talking to you?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)
  • 15
    At the end:
    Don't give up - just be confident about him and talk with him! If you have told him about your feelings but you think he doesn't feel the same, try to forget him because he's not worth it. Love you! Good luck with ya crush. x

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3 days ago
@QueenGinny thanks i hope so too ^v^
3 days ago
i really really like this guy who unfortunately has a girlfriend. im really good friends with him and all of his friends and we facetime a lot, talk at school and they sit at me and my friends’ table at lunch. i can talk to him about anything and hes always supportive. sometimes he acts kinda like he likes me, but he has a gf. so yh idk
6 days ago
fingers crossed he feels the same way!
6 days ago
@Ava that is so cute! Let's hope ur brother isn't lying. LOL
12 days ago
So, one day my brother came to me and said that this guy liked me. I didn’t know him at first (i was new to the school). But then later everyone was talking about him, and i discovered he was one of theses super popular boys. So then i thought « ok he doesn’t like me, how can a guy like HIM possibly like ME? » And then i fell for him ;v; i started getting a few signs he likes me tho; when i walk up the stairs at school, he just stops there and stares at me, then continues walking. He never rlly talks to me tho (we’re not in the same class) but he rlly stares at me a lot. One of his friends even went to me and asked me if i knew a guy called « Milan » (his name). So, i partly think he likes me, but the problem is my brother told me first, and he lies like, a LOT. So...idk if I he RLLY likes me
14 days ago
Everyones writing stories but all I can say is I just like him too go🐤 much
15 days ago
so basically i dated a guy who's parents hated the idea of him dating so they basically yelled at me and we broke up. in the heat of the moment i said i would wait for him when we were older but now im doubting how right he was for me and also have another cruh who might just like me back. what should i do? one word, h e l p
23 days ago
It says he’s totally into me. I mean, he is currently my boyfriend so I would hope so. Sorry to, all the single ladies, all the single ladies
35 days ago
Don't give me the quiz if your going to make a comment about me @Helpless Crush
35 days ago
Hey guys! I need some advice. So I never knew that I would really really fall for this guy, and I can't believe I didn't notice him sooner. He was always very kind and sweet. Never the type to go around flirting with other girls and is chill whenever he talks to other girls (even me). One day my best friend told me she had feeling for him too (I didn't tell her I liked him) And I was crushed! I knew that if I told her I liked him our friendship could be broken over some guy. I didn't want that to happen so now she is begging me to help her get his attention/ Am I doing the right thing? should I try to get him myself?
36 days ago
42 days ago
Hi I took this test because the boy I like likes another girl and so I just wanted to see if this was right and i think it works I agree with you Jimbo
42 days ago
I actually did this as an experiment, to see if the test was accurate. I'm a boy and I like a girl. The test was positive, I like her, so this test is pretty darn accurate. Hope this makes you feel better about the text ;)
44 days ago
Ok, someone please help me.
So there is this guy I that I like. I have liked him for the past two years (I am new to his school), and last year, a bunch of his friends was pushing him towards me and telling me that he had something to say to me. He then blushed and turned around. Everyone said that we liked each other. This year though, me and my friend were talking to him, and he told us he liked this other SUPER popular girl. But we both agree that we think he doesn't like her, because he gave it up way to easily to be like him. So idk if he likes me or not??!!
68 days ago
Pretty sweet- honestly idk. I’m not sure he likes you cuz he could just be being friendly, especially because your friends with his sister
69 days ago
I'm like going off and on with crushes but this actually feels genuine :) He's in 10th grade and I'm in 9th, he's my really great friend's brother (I know it's against girl code😶). I've gone over to eat at his house and one time he was being teased by everyone at the dinner table (his family is pretty big) and he looked so embarrassed❤. His older brother stole his cookie and then I stole it from his older brother and gave it back to my crush, he goes "My cookie! Thanks Meg" (that's my name) and he didn't look shy or embarrassed the rest of the meal. Another time, during our youth group, we were on the same team for scavenger hunting and when I would make a noise as we were getting close to one of the things he would copy my noise, pick up the item, and ask me how to spell the item's name (it's really cute how he thinks I can spell haha😜). And we were playing dodge ball one time (he was on the opposite team and had gone out already) I was just standing there holding my arms out to my sister to throw me a ball and I could've sworn I heard him go "can someone give Meg a ball already?"
Idk if I'm just a stupid piece of junk or whatever but I feel like he could like me :\
70 days ago
Maliyah- omg lucky youuu!!
71 days ago
I KNOW he likes me because once in second grade he tried to hold my hand and he flirts with me and once he was staring at me and t cout him and he started to blush and he looked down and I did the same thing🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😘😘😘😍😍😍🥰🥰😘🥰😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰😍😍😍😍☺️☺️😊😊☺️☺️😍😍🥰😂😍🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍 😅 and he also once he was stuttering around me😍 and he was blushing and he will always stare at my but
71 days ago
OMG!!!! It says he LOVES ME ahhh😍😍😍😍omg!!!!! btw Hudson if you see this I have I crush on you😉
83 days ago
I'm not a relationship expert but sometimes, you just have to go for it. If he doesn't like you then that is his loss. Think about this: If you spend your time waiting for a sign that might never come, you might miss your chance with him. Wouldn't you rather know if you should move on or If you should date? Good luck with whatever you choose to do.