Does He Like Me Back?🤟🏾

Does your crush like you back? Find out here. Note: Because I am not the boy, or in your situation, I can't absolutely guarantee whether he really likes you or not. But hopefully taking my quiz will give you a better idea. I hope you get the result you want! x

  • 1
    Sooo...why are you taking this test?: D
    Sooo...why are you taking this test?: D
  • 2
    When you're with him, how is he to you?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)
  • 3
    Where/When do you see him mostly?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)

  • 4
    Does he have a girlfriend at the moment?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)
  • 5
    Do YOU think he likes you?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)
  • 6
    How does he act when he's with you?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)

  • 7
    How do his friends act when you're around/near him?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)
  • 8
    What does your crush do when he notices someone is rude to you? For example:
    Person: You are so ugly!
    Your crush: (Choose one of the below)

    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)
  • 9
    When other girls are around, how does he act?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)
  • 10
    When he sees you, how does he act?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)

  • 11
    Are you really sure you are in love with him, or do you just like him?
  • 12
    How do you dress when you're around him? Do you care much about how you look?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)
  • 13
    You got a new haircut. Your crush says it doesn't look good on you. Which do you do?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)
  • 14
    Do you think he likes talking to you?
    (If you want honest results, please give honest answers.)
  • 15
    At the end:
    Don't give up - just be confident about him and talk with him! If you have told him about your feelings, but you think he doesn't feel the same, try to forget him because he's not worth it. Love you! Good luck with your crush. x

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2 days ago
Oh! And also I kind of pretend I dont like him but I do.. should I stop and tell him how I feel? Advice appreciated 🤍💅🏻
2 days ago
AWWWWWWW ONCE THE CUTEST THING JUST HAPPENED His friends were asking questions like "Do you like him?" (They were talking about my crush) and stuff. They didn't exactly say "do you like him" but said something that was like that! And he always stares at me at lunch or whenever we see each other. My friends know I have a crush on him and say we make a cute couple To my crush: ILYSM 🤍
31 days ago
Okay so I need some help there is this boy let’s call him X well me and X have know each other for years and this year I started having a crush on him well my bestie told her boyfriend he told X and I was standing right there and he blushed so bad (I did too) a couple days later word got out that he has a crush on me I need to know do y’all think he’s going to ask me out!!!!!!!!!! Ps the results said I’ve got him in the bag
49 days ago
The result was he likes me but idk, I rlly like him and i wanna tell him or ask him out but im prolly gonna get rejected
105 days ago
so im dATING THE GUY KALEB and i think hes cheating on my bc im black
120 days ago
my result: he's in love with me
me: honest answers
him: if you like me lets just be friends
134 days ago
Ugh he like me and giving me hints ut he is moving next year there is only 1 month ima just go tell him....
135 days ago
idk my friends always ship us and say "aw u two would be so cute together" he never says anything but tbh i kinda do feel like he like me i already told my friend i like him
137 days ago
btw in the first comment didnt have my email this comment does srry
137 days ago
I know he knows I like him because he tells all of his friends that I like him and even though I answered these questions correctly, I don't think he likes me back just because he hasn't told me he likes me back even though he knows I like him, I really need girl advice please help!
153 days ago
im also changing schools by the end of the year... :( ill nEver EVER GE TO SEE HIM AGAIN!!!!!!! NOOOOOO 2 MONTHS LEFT.....:( I WILLL ASK HIM TO B MY BF AND SEE WHAT HAPPENEDS......... WISH ME LUCK BESTIES!!!!!
153 days ago
he also flrits with me and touches me and he also might um... be whispering to me..... um f me daddy?¿ he says that a lot to me.........
153 days ago
he loves me back but i want to be more than friends because ask us hey u two datting?? and we are like maybe? im gonna ask him to be more than friends..... cya tmr and wish me luck and ill tell you what he siad!!!! :))))) Wish me luck~
158 days ago
@Lovestruck alr bestie, so based on what you've said, it seems like this guy might like you. HOWEVER. I have a best friend who is a boy (we used to like each other but not anymore, we're still best friends tho) and he touches me like that sometimes, but just because he feels comfortable and I feel fine with him doing it, since we're close. SO, I NEED SOME QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED IF I'M GONNA HELP YOU OUT. Here's the list:

- How long have you liked him? I would suggest telling him IF you've liked him for a while ( At least a month ).

- How close are you to each other? Like I said, it's still possible that he just feels comfortable around you.

- And finally, are there any explanations besides him liking you that you can explain these actions for?

I'm so sorry if these questions sound like I don't think he likes you, because that's not what I think. In fact, I think he likes you back! I just want to help you make sure he actually likes you back, because I don't want you to ruin your friendship with this guy, you both sound so fun and cute together. Please respond and answer my questions so I can help you out! Have a nice week
175 days ago
So there's this guy.. I know literally how every story starts lol. Basically, we met at this college thing. We started talking and I got his snap. Ever since then we've been talking back and forth sending fall-faced snaps. Great signs I knoww. Recently I asked him if he wanted to hang out and we did the other day. It was literally amazing; I had such a blast. We went out to eat somewhere and then just walked and talked around the mall. We weren't into the shopping, however, just making fun of the store names and joking with each other. He's very cute but more than that he's considerate and very funny. He's not awkward and keeps going with the conversation when it seems to stop. He also kept looking into my eyes. Like literally we were sitting there eating and I was just looking at him and he was gazing right back at me. He has the prettiest blue eyes; I felt like I could melt. I also gave him two hugs, one when I saw him and another when we were leaving and during one when we were leaving he seemed to linger for slightly longer. Also, we took a picture and he put his arm around my waist and slightly pulled me to him. Gave me butterflies. After this "date" (hopefully it was that), we've been talking about getting together sometime. He teased that I could teach him tennis and I said he could teach me running so we'll see what happens. We also like rival colleges and we're both planning on wearing their gear when we see each other next. I'm really hoping this guy likes me, as more than just a friend. Any thoughts, pieces of clarification, or words of advice would be greatly appreciated. :)
176 days ago
Guys I need advice. So basically I have a big crush on a guy but I know other girls who like him too. I haven't even told my friends about my feelings for him because I'm scared that he'll find out. He gives me some signals that he likes me like physical contact or complimenting me but I don't know if he just does that to every girl. I'm too scared to ask him out because he's rejected most people and he might like someone else because there was a rumor that he does like a girl that's not me. I've liked him for about 6 months but I don't have the courage to ask him out. We do snap face pics to each other daily but he has lots of girl best friends on snap so I'm guessing that he sends those pics to everyone. He recently started to talk to one girl (lets call her X). He started to talk to X when we went on residential and me, X, him, and some other people were put into a group. His friends don't act weird around me but they've started insulting me in a joke way. I've take so many crush quizzes and some say that he might like me back but some say that I should move on. I've started to get signals because of these reasons that he doesn't like me and that he'll just friend zone me. Any advice or tips please??
190 days ago
So basically, there's this guy who I have liked for YEARSS. I can't tell if it's a good thing or a bad thing that I dont really have a way to contact him despite all the years I've known this guy, anyway let's give this dude a name.. uhb how about Oliver. yeah, I've known Oliver since Elementary school. I don't fall in love easily, so to my little kid brain it was a surprise that I liked him at all. Little did I know I'd still be crushing on him years later, so I'd say I started having feelings for Oliver in about 3rd-4th grade. Some reason he had to leave after 5th, and I thought my feelings for him were finally gone. I mean even my friends thought I was over him, and they're the ones who would always try starting a conversation between us. But in Middle school he came back, and after 2-3 years of not seeing him or even knowing where he went my feelings were back just as fast as I started liking him. This was during online school, and sometimes I couldn't even pay attention in class. For the last quarter of this year my school let it be optional for students to go from online to in-person school. I chose in-person, and so did he. I swear my feelings only went up from there, it had been so long since I've seen him. So fast forward to now, Oliver will do anything to be near me I swear. One time me and my friends were talking and he must've overheard and tried to be across the conversation, but he was across the room so he kept getting interrupted. I'm near the front row and he's in the back, so I couldn't see what he was going to do next. Turns out HE SAT RIGHT NEXT TO ME. I swear of all the places he could've sat, I didn't want class to end. But of course, there was only like 5 minutes left and I was off. I've been grouped with him on MANY projects together, and he's always so kind and caring. He uses this special voice with me and only me I've noticed, and I'm not sure if I like that..? I mean the voice is so comforting, but he has these days where he's just rude to the teacher and the class. I have no idea why though, there are days where he'll be nice with the teacher and class but I don't know. He's just unpredictable I suppose. Back to the projects though, we have shared so much eye contact during these projects I swear. I have caught him staring at me from across the room multiple times, AND I CAN'T EVEN LOOK BACK BECAUSE I KNOW IT WOULD BE AWKWARD. There was this one time during 1st semester of in person school where he found out what one of my classes was, I had it 3rd period. That day I was waiting for my friends so we can leave together, and just as I opened the door he was there. So he had it 4th, but ever since he saw me that day he's walked down the stairway a few times just to see me. Even when it was the 2nd semester and many people's schedule changed, I would see him walk up the stairs. Which is strange, because I know for a fact his class for 3rd quarter is downstairs on the other side of school. I only know that because I have a class in the same hall, not the same exact class as Oliver but I see him walk in and out this past quarter. I feel like this is getting a bit long by now, kinda funny cause there's so much more I can write about this. There's no one I can talk to my feelings about him since my friends think I'm over him, so I have no one I can really talk to about this. I'd say I'm pretty good at hiding my emotions EXCEPT for love. Quite honestly I might be able to say the same for Oliver, he's constantly trying to be close to me even if we never talk. But idk at this point, I mean he's nice to me even on his bad days. I just don't know what to do at this point lol, I mean I really do like him. That's all I'll say, thank you for reading through this though :)
198 days ago
So I’ve known this guy for a few months now. I was introduced to him at lunch one day by a mutual friend. It’s now second semester of our senior year and we both have lunch together again and now have a class together. He’s naturally a very nice guy to everyone. So it’s hard to tell if he likes me. We talk a lot more now since we have a class together and we see each other throughout the school day. Pretty much every time he sees me he makes sure to say hi. Our mutual friend even mentioned to him that she thought me and him would be cute together. From what she told me, he didn’t really have a reaction. All he said was “huh?”. But he didn’t have like a disgusted reaction. Another thing, when we are at lunch, I’m kind of quiet at our lunch table group. But he always try’s to get me to talk more by striking up a conversation with me. But that could just be him being a very friendly guy. Because he is a very friendly guy. So I don’t know what to do.
199 days ago
It said that he seems to be totallly in ove with me but it seems like he just likes me. help
207 days ago
Number 9 other girls?? I was confused for a bit there :P