Does he like you? 99% ACCURATE

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Do you want to know if the guy you like, likes you back? Continue to find out!

  • 1
    Have you ever caught him looking at you?
  • 2
    What does he do when/if you catch him looking at you?
  • 3
    Do you randomly make eye contact with him, like literally out of no where?

  • 4
    What do you talk about with him?
  • 5
    Has he ever randomly showed up in places that seem inconvenient for him?
  • 6
    When you are just standing or walking in the halls has he ever seemed to stand or walk close to you?

  • 7
    Do you hang out together?
  • 8
    Does he tease you?
  • 9
    Does he try to take interest in things that you like? (Example: you were in a school play and suddenly he told you or a friend that he likes plays)
  • 10
    Do you think he likes you? Most of the time you can feel it in your gut.

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654 days ago
OH AND my best friends mom is friends with his mom And sometimes he goes to her house😳
654 days ago
There's this guy in my class and once I lost something and he gave it back to me and in art class I needed some paint and he gave me some so I think there might be a chance but I DUNNO :( But when me and my friends annoy him he annoys us back that one time we threw a rock (a small rock) at him and he chased us with the rock but not like he was fighting more like play fighting!
So I seriously dont know if he like me
1163 days ago
12 yr old girl. I know your problem. Maybe just get to know him more. Maye just because you're hanging out, maybe ask him about his past relationships and ask his exes about him.
1474 days ago
Hey... So it's rare I leave comments on these tests but I thought why not. Okay so there is this boy I go to school with he's in a grade above me tho. BUT. Our lockers are right next to eachothers because I have an 8th grade math bla bla long story. Anyways. So we are staring to become friends and somtimes well good around during lunch (I don't mean that Ina bad way just that he'll come over when me and my friends are playing football.) anyways. And I think I'm starting to like him. And EVERYBODY says he likes me or that they ship us. Like he is very flirty.. (So am I) but like he might like me but the only problem is, is that I think he's a player. And like since I've known him he's had like 3 or 4 girlfriends and yeah. Also awhile he asked me to that Halloween dance. But ended up not being able to go (he got in trouble) anyways I know probably no ones gonna answer me... But if you have a sec. WHAT SHOULD I DO AND THINK!!!
1509 days ago
sometimes he looks at me. Also we never used to talk at all, but all the sudden one time he he started to talk to me about something random. And recently our class had to do community service, and we were waiting in a hall with the rest of our class mates in a line. We were kind of far from eachother, I looked down at him and he smirked at me, but idk if he was just being nice or he likes me. Lastly, we have lunch while in the Same class. When we leave to go downstairs for lunch, he waits outside the door, he was even talking to his friend but stayed in place while his friend was walking away, but when I got out there he started walking. And he was teasing me about how he finished a paper in class that I didnt finish yet, when i was doing it it class he was looking at me and blushing, awe how cute 😂 but I actually dont know so can u plz help me
1530 days ago
So, I've taken like 50 of these quizzes and like half of them said "he likes you!" One quarter of them said maybe and the other quarter said no/there's a small chance. I'm just REALLY CONFUSED and I want this question answered like RIGHT NOW! I've had a couple people now say he likes me. My best friend, one of my classmates, and HIS LITTLE SISTER!!!!!! But, his little sister said that last year and she said he also might like somebody else. So PLS HELP MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!
1592 days ago
Is the human named Lilly the girl who likes the same guy that i do? Lilly? is that u? (probably not, but still that's kinda weird) Lilly, who do you like?
1653 days ago
So I got "Oooh! He has feelings for you! But if he is the guy that has a crush on all the girls, then he isn't worth going after. Make sure you get more involved with him if you aren't already! If you are brave, go and tell him! If you aren't, give him hints that you like him too! Oo lala! You are very lucky!" So he is my classmate's brother, so he and I were stand partners (we shared a stand) for band. Almost every time our teacher was conducting he would usually tease me sometimes it would come out mean and he would say like" just kidding." For example, once he and my friend were fighting over the first chair and when he said that he had it he just said to me "I'm the best musician ever!!!" So I just looked at him weirdly and he was like "What, I am right?" So this went on and on and on of him teasing me during band. but ever since I started liking him his brother started acting very weird. Also, he is very nice like once he and his friend were carrying a piece of huge baseball equipment and his friend almost hit me with it he just started teasing his friend saying you almost just hit (my full name). For that person, I took a million test and they said that he is confused whether or not he like you or not. The bad thing is that he is graduating this year and graduation is in like 2 weeks and I'm scared to tell him. Also, I also like this other person who knows I like him. My friend told him last year, I didn't get rejected, later my friend said that he said nothing. So I don't know if he likes me or not. SO PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
1674 days ago
:} i took a BILLION OF THESE TESTS AND THEY ALL SAY HE LIKES ME but i don't think he does he looks at me teases me talks to me i just dunno anymore once her threw something at me? I'M CONFUSION does he like me or not? errrr
1690 days ago
So, I took this quiz (and like a millions others) and for most of them I got he likes you or something like that and...I did the craziest thing ever!I went and told my crushes friend to tell my crush that I like him!Then my crush asked if he could talk to me at the end of the day.There this tree in our school and everybody was leaving and I went up to him and he asked me if I actually had a crush on him!I was brave (suprisingly and inside I was dying!) and said yes.He told me he FELT THE SAME!AND THEN HE KISSED ME!!!!(btw this is always how I wanted it to go) I is so happy :3.
1695 days ago
I am in middle school. There are ten periods in my school and we do 5 periods a day. The odd numbers are done on “white” days and the evens on “blue” days. My crush and I have periods one, two, three, four, and six together. Periods one and two are the same class and so are three and four. Period one and two are language arts or reading and we usually always talk to each other. We sit a little bit farther apart but we tease each other and he randomly comments on my conversations when he walks by or asks questions about them. Sometimes we walk together in the halls to third or fourth period and he gets my attention by tugging on my backpack, flat tiring my shoe, or gently pulling my hair. When we walk together though he usually stands next my friend instead of me and I feel like I am excluded from their conversation even though it ends quickly. Once we get to third and fourth period, which is civics, we still don’t sit by each other. I sit next to his friend who is also a good friend of mine and we joke around a lot too. He walks past me to put his backpack away and usually tugs on my hair or shows me his wrist (he knows wrists bother me). If it is a “blue” day my next class would be science which I also have him in. In science we don’t talk during the class because our seats are all the way across the class but it is our lunch period and we sit across from each other at lunch. We talk at lunch and even when there were seat changes we still sat next to each other. Lunch mostly consists of laughing and we are always the loudest people at the table. That is pretty much our only interactions except for when we will randomly meet in the halls and talk. I don’t know if he likes me but our friends always bring up how we should date and I always mention how he is shorter than me even though I feel bad. I don’t want him to think that I like him but I also don’t want him to think that I don’t like him if that makes any sense. Something weird happened the other day though when my friends said that we should date for the 100th time I said “He’s shorter than me” and he goes “well I’m older than you”. I didn’t bring it up but that is pretty much defending that we should date. Even though lots of our friends said they wouldn’t be surprised if he liked me, they ask me if I am flirting with him, or they say we would be a cute couple I still don’t know if he likes me. He bothers me a lot and he says he hates me and I am annoying but then he still hangs out with me all the time. I really need some help on what y’all think. If you have any more questions you can ask.(eteal))
1702 days ago
O 🐤.. I got “Okay, why did you waste your time on this quiz? THIS BOY LOVES YOU!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Talk to him and get more involved with him if you aren't and when he's ready, he'll ask you out! If you want, go up and tell him you like him and ask him out!” EEEEEEEEEEEEE
1702 days ago
Hello, everyone! I just wanted to share this little story.
Well, my crush—Ari, he likes this girl in my class. But hasn’t admitted it. And for about 2-3 months now, Ari has been staring at me constantly. What if he likes me? Tbh, I don’t really think so. On this test, I got, “He is still confused about whether he likes you or not, or he doesn't want to tell you that he likes you. Be patient - one day, you might end up being together!” So eh, I guess it’s a maybe. But in your opinions, do you think he likes me or not? I’m scared, xD. Also, me and Ari are in the same STEM class and in the same group with this other boy. But I always get this weird feeling about him. Ari is really funny—but I mean he was being real goofy on Tuesday and making me laugh my butt off. I feel like he did it purposely. The only thing that got me mad was that the group next to us had the girl Ari had a crush on. -.- Ughhh..I was disgusted..but still I’m not really crazy about him. When the girl Ari had a crush on admitted that she liked Ari too to all the girls, I wasn’t really that mad. But overall, Ari considers me as a friend! I never thought he would think of me as a friend before..
1714 days ago
@beth-ann He definitely likes you, but that is a bit concerning. Mostly because when I was in high school, I knew a guy pretty similar to him. I heard about him from a friend who was always either head-over-heels for him, or extremely angry with him. I made a mental note to avoid contact with him. No such luck. My second semester at that school (spring of 10th grade) he showed up in my English class. And whenever we had work time or free time, he would roll his desk up by mine, and start asking me all these questions. At first, I would answer them quickly, in hopes to get back to working in silence. Unfortunately, the more questions I answered, the more questions he asked. And they got more and more personal. So I started clamming up, giving him short answers, or telling him I had work to do. That didn't do much. Not too long after that, he stole my number from my best friend's phone and started texting me. I was fairly new to having a phone, and didn't know about the block feature. So I would tell him to stop texting me, and delete the conversation. Unfortunately, he was very persistent, and I eventually gave up and just let him text me. That led to a ton texts from him, a lot of them questions about me. And of course, if I answered his questions via text, he had even more to ask me in class. I blocked him for a while, after figuring out how to do that, but then he got depressed about something or other, and started skipping school. I found out from my best friend that he also started skipping church and getting himself drunk (this guy was 16 and super religious). He claimed he had the flu, but couldn't tell me what treatment he was on, so I could tell he was lying. So I unblocked him and tried to get him involved in my youth group, a club my friends and I had started at the beginning of the year, and all sorts of stuff. He claimed to prefer being a "recluse," and only wanted to spend time with people one on one. Obviously, from what I learned about him before meeting him, I knew that was a giant red flag and obviously didn't give him any alone time with me. Eventually we reached summer, and some seriously weird stuff went down, most of which I didn't find out about until later. He spent some alone time with the girl who couldn't decide if she was in love with him, or hated his guts. Apparently they spent the time fantasizing about how the next time he came over, they would do "it" in her parents' bed. Then, before he left, he lifted her into a hug and slid her crotch over his 🚔. A week later, he had my best friend come over while his parents were out. She found him sitting in his basement with a blanket over his lap, and they ended up making out. It still hadn't been confirmed if he had pants on under the blanket. And then one week after that (I hadn't even heard about what he did with my friends yet) he started text bombing me about how he "loved me" and "wanted to marry me," sending audio clips and voicemails saying "Tina Tina, the Tina of love!" and "Tina, will you marry me?" I quickly shut him down saying I would block him if he didn't cut it out right that instant. Suddenly, after dozens upon dozens of those kinds of texts from him, and almost as many audio clips and voicemails, he was telling me how "obvious" it was that he was "just kidding." I blocked him anyway, and nearly 3 years later, he is still blocked. Unfortunately, we still attended the same school, so I had a difficult time completely ignoring his existence. I eventually reported him to ensure we wouldn't share any classes, but I sure did notice when that friend who went back and forth with him so much (the one he was seriously seducing) kept missing lunch to meet him at his locker for a 30 minute make-out session. Anywho, moral of the story, be careful about that guy. Especially if he tries anything you're uncomfortable with or asks you to spend alone time with him in a secluded area (particularly a house). Also, even if he never openly admits that he likes you, make it very clear to him (I would tell him explicitly) that you have no feelings for him and no desire to be with him I mean, unless you do end up developing feeling for him, but still.... BE CAREFUL!
1718 days ago
; just a little rant , don't mind me ~; okay so there's this guy in all of my classes except for one . i've known him for three years . this is the third . and , he was sort of my enemy in the first year . we declared that the other person was super annoying . but we didn't really try to kill each other or anything . because he was really good friends with another guy (i've known him for six years) . i hate him because he always tries to annoy me .; back to the first guy . in the second year of us knowing each other , i barely talked to him . he might as well not exist . but this year , he's sitting next to me . and we keep on irritating each other . also, he asks me tons of personal questions . once , he even touched my face ! for maybe about five seconds before i jerked away . i am certain that i don't like him , but i'm pretty sure he does .
; my friends also think that he likes me and one of them even asked him . he said that he'd only liked me during the first year we were in the same class . but i'm still not convinced. plus , another time i was saying something about being alone in the classroom with another random guy in my class doing a project . and the first guy got mad (-ish ?) . he seemed kinda jealous too . and he's touched my arm several times . he also bumped his knee against mine once , i think on purpose . ; this guy is generally pretty shy and doesn't talk much around girls unless it's me . he claims it's because he hates me and no other girls . he doesn't really seem to have a crush on anyone except me . also, three of his friends say that he likes me although he insists that he doesn't . i don't think he told anyone if he really does like me , but his friends are trying to get him to admit it apparently .

; he's stared at me a few times , and he always seems really focused when we talk . he's also complimented me , saying that i'm " smart " - but then (not to brag) everyone does . mostly , no one in my classes admit crushes because they're just too proud . he also keeps asking me if i have a crush and says he's certain that i do . well i don't , haha too bad for him . ; whenever i mention that i like something (for example a certain movie) , he always starts asking me questions and stuff about it and proclaiming that he likes it too . "oh yeah , that one is awesome . " plus , there was one time when he was talking to me , and we were laughing super hard because the teacher was busy with someone else and the whole class was in an uproar . he turned his chair to face me , and his friend who sits behind us called out , " stop flirting with beth-ann " to the him. he was mortified and tried to deny it .
; all the quizzes i've taken have said that he definitely likes me . all the friends i've asked have said the same thing . articles also prove that he likes me . finally , we scored 98% on the love calculator, which is unusually high considering that my friends have used it and only got 73% at most . but still , i'm not sure if he likes me and i want to confirm it . help , anyone ?
; thank you for listening to my ted talk -; beth-ann out
1719 days ago
so, i like this dude in my calculus class and almost every day we get off task and just talk and laugh. ive worked up some pretty strong feelings for him but i don’t think he will like me back because of his “type”; he likes the popular “cheerleader” type girls and i’m a semi popular band nerd. but he does things that keep me holding on to hope that he does like, he got himself a guest membership at my gym so we can workout together and every time i drop my pen or pencil on the ground he will pick it up for me, even if it’s not even close to his desk. i catch him slightly glancing at me sometimes but he doesn’t know that i notice. i’m so happy when i’m with him but i don’t want to say anything if he doesn’t like me back, what are y’all opinions?
1727 days ago
@me, im almost positive he does
1727 days ago
this one boy who is on the same bus as me and we sometimes talk when our seats we sat in are near eachother but the conversation only starts over some excuse or he talks louder to get my attention. For example, one day him and is friend were in the same seat and they started playing chopsticks (i dont really know, some finger game i guess) and since i was the only one in my seat and there was space next to me so he asked if he could put his bag there because they were playing the game but there was no point of putting his bag there, he could have just kept it on his lap. Also when we were talking i mentioned the talent show that we have a school sometimes and how i didnt know if they were going to have it this year, he asked me what i was going to do for it. I told him i was going to sing, then his friend next to me said "beautiful singing, its amazing" so i said that he only heard on video of me singing, then he asked if he could hear the video. It wouldn't load so i told him i would show him another day(which i didnt think would actually happen). Then 2 days after, he saw me on the bus and said "so will the video load?" I laughed and said maybe, but i showed him anyways and he said that it was pretty good. The last thing is his friend was trying ti get him to tell me something, he hesitated but told me when we got off the bus that "he was trying to get me to tell u that i like u but i dont." So what do u think?
1731 days ago
Sal- So whats the problem? :p
1736 days ago
I'm still so confused- send help :")