Does He Like Me, Even Though We've Never Met?

Have you ever met a guy through a social application and, well, start to really like him - but don't know how HE feels? Yeah, I'm the same as you, so I made a quiz to help me figure it out. It might help you, too. Take it now to find out if he likes you, too. Good luck!

  • 1
    How did you guys meet?
    How did you guys meet?
  • 2
    How long have you guys known each other?
  • 3
    How did your friendship start out?

  • 4
    How often do you talk?
  • 5
    How much does he know about you?
  • 6
    Do you trust him?

  • 7
    Does he flirt with or compliment you?
  • 8
    How well do your conversations flow?
  • 9
    Do you know for a fact that he is real?
  • 10
    Have you guys both talked about meeting up in person?

Comments (25)


206 days ago
Me and him met on an online game called KoGaMa, it's a fun game, we are planning to do a video chat, also we are the same age and trust each other
206 days ago
Me "Ready for your result? Great news! I do believe he likes you, too! So make your feels clear, and go out there and get your man! Your situation is pretty rare in a good way, so don't waste a great chance to have a wonderful relationship! If you don't try now, you might wonder ''what if?'' later. That's a bad feeling, the feeling of missing out."
217 days ago
I met this guy from an online game.Then we started chatting I add him in my social media acct and we became so close.I knew for a fact that he is far from me basically we are in same continent but still miles away from hehe.I just wonder if he likes me too he is so sweet caring he message me a lot and call..But what makes me confuse is that is just being nice a gentleman or does he really likes me...?
313 days ago
I'm dating said guy but brain go brrrrr time to doubt attraction
349 days ago
I met this guy through a friend because she asked him to play among us with us and from the start i was playfully flirting with him through the chat box. When everyone else left the game and it was just us we found out that we lived in the same state! I rlly thought he lived in the
same one as my friend but i was wrong :) We started talking on the phone and texting almost everyday. He told me the other day he liked me so taking this quiz really made me happy. Good luck on love ladies!
372 days ago
I met this guy in a game, and my result was "crush". He flirts with me alot, according to my friend, and i hope he likes me
391 days ago
I met him on a site..and I played one of his quizzes..and my result was “Crush”. The quiz was basically about who people were to I told him my result and had said my face turned really red (which it did lol) and then we both were stuttering and blushing..I’m not sure if he likes me or not..we talk past his bed time, and we talk every single day..:3 I mean..he says he doesn’t like anyone at the moment..but I feel like he likes me...I don’t know..
471 days ago
He got my number through my close friend who happens to know him well.
We've been friends for almost three years online he cares and always asks if i'm good we talk about random stuff. He's cool. We planned on meeting once but I failed to go
503 days ago
He's real. I met him on a group chat my friend added me to during quarantine boredom. We texted from ten at night until seven in the morning. We're great friends now, but I wonder if I'll ever meet him. Hopefully. We've talked about hanging out in the future, once the whole COVID-19 thing is over.
523 days ago
and i know for a fact i still aint gonna tell him lmaoooooooooooooo
523 days ago
I met him on fortnite and I wanna trust him but idk if he’s real.. I hope he is
532 days ago
I meet him on fortnite and I’m in love with his voice and him in general
536 days ago
We met on fortnite and I wanted to know if he liked me even though I'm gay...
686 days ago
I don't think he is real
695 days ago
I met him on minecraft xD
718 days ago
He is real and I met him at school
772 days ago
Oh the joys of liking someone I've known him for almost a year now and I know basically almost everything about him same goes for him he knows almost everything bout me other then I like him m a few other things 😂. Thing is he has a gf and we'll I noticed that I might of started liking him when i got hella jealous and I've rejected him before now many times do I still wonder if he still likes me even with that gf of his.😒😂. Reason for the rejectio nd was before at the time is didn't like him but now look what position and spot I
Im in... Yay ;-;
790 days ago
met him when i was on the edge of commiting suicide i like him a lot but we live pretty far away and hes always been there were both screw ups so we click
826 days ago
I met this guy online and he is so trustworthy and we get along so well, we talk abt everything and I think he might be my age, he protects me and tells me not reveal my info to anyone even him! We joke around a lot and call each other good friends (I hope that’s not him friend zoning me) but I have a feeling he likes me too
826 days ago
V Jen, if he had trouble proving it to u then maybe he’s lying no offense, but otherwise you should contact each other through maybe another site and get more proof