Do I Like Him? (Accurate)

This test isn't like other tests with the same goal. In my opinion, it's much more useful, because it will help even YOU determine whether or not you like him - without even knowing the answer! And NOWHERE in my test do I ever ask, "Do you like him?" Have fun!

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    Are you friends with him?
    Are you friends with him?

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2 hours ago
roxy, thanks. ive been afraid of that. but I'm definitely going to keep looking for hints. It's just though bc I'm head over heals for him so i think it's all in my head. that and I've never gotten sincere compliments from a guy so i think i was excited.
4 hours ago
hey I need advice, from what i'm noticing he may just like you as a friend, but i cant be sure keep looking for hints!

5 hours ago
ok so something is BAD. i like this one guy, but i know he doesn't like me. he likes a girl in our friend group and i know who it is but it isn't me. anyway. i was talking to him and i asked him how things were going with her and he was like "I'm losing my s#1t over her rn. she's so cute lol" and then he proceeded to tell me that my hair looked good after i put it up today. and then i was like "oh you actually pay that much attention to me?" and he was like "yeah you're my best friend you're literally the best" and he also complimented my outfit!??! and when he called me the best i was like no you're the best. and then he freaking showered me with compliments. I returned them ofc. He said i look 200 times better than him. And then I said no you look 200 times better than me. And he was like no that's not true. And then he called me gorgeous. Next he complimented my freckles - and they aren't even that noticeable. And he gave me a ton of personality compliments. And I mean a ton. so of course I gave him compliments and return. Which was nice because I basically got to tell him why I like him without telling him. But then he goes " just admit that you're better than me. I'm getting out of my comfort zone with compliments. " Which I thought was a red flag. So I just kind of let him win. I Asked how his day was going, and he said I got to talk to C (what we're gonna call his crush) for a bit. And then he said "but I don't want to talk about myself. How's your day going?" Is what he said next. And I'm just so confused and I don't know what to do. I really think he likes her but it's a possible she's just a cover? A few weeks ago he literally poured out all his feelings for her to me. He told me that she means the world to him, and that she's worth getting hurt over. But at the same time he just gave me a ton of compliments. And he called me gorgeous. I don't really know if he's just being nice or if maybe he likes me. And I really need help. So please tell me what you think. If there are any guys in here please tell me this: Will a guy ever lie about who he likes?
20 hours ago
Ive Known Him For 5+ Years Now & Ive Liked Him Since I Met Him...
20 hours ago
There’s this guy and I’ve known him practically my whole life because we live in the same neighborhood. I talked to him more when we were younger because the only people we knew were people in our neighborhood. But, I would always make fun of him and jokingly kick him and it was my thing that I hated him (keep in mind we were in elementary school). But know, we are in high school and I’m starting to notice that maybe I like him. We don’t talk much anymore because once we hit middle school there were so many more people to talk to and we didn’t have much in common anymore. But, I do see him occasionally and he comes to my house on holidays because we always host the neighborhood parties. I still tell my friends and family that I don’t like him or think he’s cute because they have teased us about it our whole lives. (It’s out neighborhoods thing to find two kids in the same grade and say they belong together. We aren’t the only ones). But everyone things we are perfect for each other but obviously I don’t know his thoughts on the topic. No one even knows mine. But he is cute and he is nice and I don’t want to like him but I think that I might.
Well do you think he could like me?
Bigsis-Hi i'm Evemoon. I'm fifteen years old and i live in mexico.
My chush's name is kenny (well keneth but everybody calls him kenny) and i have liked him for almost two years now. But it has been around a year since i saw him. :/
I have tried to get over him cause i am too young to be in a relationship (in MY opinion) and besides neither of us is allowed to date.
And i don't want to get hurt by liking somebody i haven't seen in such a long time. But he is such a great guy and has never given me a reason to think he isn't that it is imposible for me to get over him.
I think i mostly don't want to get over him cause i still have hope he likes me. Though maybe he has forgoten about me in this long time. But then i remeber myself that he looked so happy to see me when i last saw him (and that was already with this covid thing and we haven't seen on monthswhen that happened )
3 days ago
Omg! this comment section looks so fun!!! I did this quiz out of boredom, but I may participate in the conversation here.

I will add a bit of spice with my own story here:

This guy (lets call him Boy A) and I have been chatting for almost half a year now - we got very close at one point near the beginning (about a month into our friendship) and he made some comments that indicated to me that he was, at the very least, a bit interested in me romantically. I will admit - I was also interested in him, but he lives on the other side of the world so I avoided it because it's very impractical, unrealistic and annoying to sustain a long, looong, looooooong distance relationship.

On New Years Eve 2021 I met a guy (he will be Boy F) at a party (I am in Aus, so there are no COVID restrictions and I am of drinking age (I know - what is an old person doing in this thread!? haha)). It was a fun, drunken night and it was very flirtatious between this guy and myself. During my moment of insobriety, I messaged the group chat that Boy A was a part of asking for tips and tricks to win Boy F's heart over! Boy A is extremely nice and was not expectant at all of me - going as far as to give me advice and support me in a way that a friend should.

To speed things up a little, Boy F turned out to be a total sleaze. He never messaged me, he only contacted me late at night or to drink (for all you young girls, DO NOT ever entertain a guy that is only interested in meeting with you late at night). I would often express my heartache to Boy A, who always comforted me and reassured me of my worth when ever I felt down.

I got rid of Boy F.... and then I spontaneously stopped talking to Boy A.

And then I went through a dark period for my mental health. I struggled for about a month and a half.... and then someone in the GC messaged me which prompted my return to the group, and reignited my friendship with Boy A. (Well, more than a friendship ;) but that is to come later).

I have been actively messaging him everyday - he has been actively messaging me everyday. He gives me ALL the attention I need and want (even with the MASSIVE time difference), and he is SO extremely nice to me. He is honest about his feelings. communicates very well and, is very expressive. I am enjoying this A LOT. He treats me how I wished Boy F would have treated me.
Of course - this distance and time difference is very annoying. But we're both at the kickstarting point of our career. Financially stable (he is actually doing very well, so that's also a win girlies) and ready to leave the nest. He has expressed desire to leave the states because he hates it there (honestly, understandable) so maybe this is a good opportunity for us. I guess we will just take it as we go.

But remember girls and boys:
1) Do NOT compromise for a boy just to be in a relationship.
I lowered my standards SO LOW for Boy F and compromised my own happiness and self-worth just for the vain sake of having a partner. I always had to message first and he rarely ever complimented me. I dismissed it by telling myself that that was "just his personality," but let me tell you ladies (and gents :) ) the saying, "he would if he wanted to,' rings TRUE (don't twist it though, keep it within healthy expectations).

2) You have to accept who you are, and at least try to love yourself first before expecting someone else's love.

3) Be yourself and don't change anything about you.
If you pretend to be someone else, or act in a certain way to please someone, the person who is looking for YOU won't be able to find you.

Stay safe everyone!

Wishing you all the best in love
5 days ago
LS- lol ok will do 😁
6 days ago
so the results says that i do like him . I get nervous around him and I couldn't even look into his eyes cause i was too shy! something happens to my stomach when he comes into the classroom. But now he is in a grammar school and i am in a normal school. Technically, he didn't pass the 11+ ,so he might come to my school !

Pray for me ppl!
8 days ago
Maya- good to hear that :)
9 days ago
Evemoon & Keba - I've been good!
12 days ago
@zowie, well you like his company so that’s a big sign :) I mean, that could just mean you like him a friend, but if you’re here questioning it, there’s a high chance that’s means something is there.
12 days ago
KeBa- i mean i feel happy when ever i talk to him, i don’t really know tbh 😭 we always have really late night calls that i usually don’t want ending
12 days ago
Maya- hey girl i've been ok.
How are you?
I chainged my name.
12 days ago
Brook- i think you should get over that corbin guy. Cause i think your friendship is worth it.
13 days ago
Help pls help. Me and my best friend talk about lots of things one of them being boys. I never really have anyone to talk about because the one guy I thought I liked was more like a brother in the end. Anyways, she like this boy Corbin and I never even thought that it was possible that I could like him. And my friend really likes him like a lot and lately I’ve been feeling things around him. He’s supper sweet and nice and we talk lots at school. Help pls I don’t want a flipping boy to get in the way of my friendship
13 days ago
Zowie- well how to you feel when you’re around him? If that’s not too vague of a question 😅
13 days ago
heyy im zowie and i really need help. i've been talking to this guy and hes really funny and sweet and he makes me laugh a ton. but i dont know if im just being desperate or not wanting to like him because i know he likes me. im just kind of stuck. we talk almost everyday and we play minecraft together too. HELP.
13 days ago
@jj, yeah I think I know how you feel, my crush on a guy in my class began during March 2020 (so beginning of quarantine) and it was hard to tell which feelings were real since I couldn’t test them. I would say, if you like the person he wasn’t three years ago, and that’s not exactly who he is today, then you only like the idea of him. Lemme know if you need more help :)