Do I Like Him? Quiz (Accurate)โค๏ธโ€๐Ÿ”ฅ

"So there's this guy ... "
We all know how it starts, don't we? But we rarely know how it ends! The secret ingredient to figuring that out, is knowing yourself and how you feel about a person. That is the hardest part. But it is crucial and you are here to shed some light into the darkness that is the question: Do I like him or the idea of him?
Well, be honest when you answer the following questions, and you will get to the bottom of it!

So take the 'Do I like him or the attention?' quiz now.

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    Are you friends with him?
    Are you friends with him?

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12 hours ago
@Coraline, okay? But that doesn't seem too terrifying. But I guess I can see your reasoning.
13 hours ago
@immaswifty It's both good and bad if he's noticing the hints. It's good for obvious reasons but then it's bad bc it's terrifying for me. One of the only reasons I haven't told him yet is that we're only in 6th grade. (the other is I'm scared but we don't talk about that)
24 hours ago
but also i think this other guy likes me, so his name is Teague, and i sit next to him in History. (seating chart) and he alwys teases me and stuff. (we went through this whole thing one time bc he was "r@cist" to me and the teacher talked to him about it, and he came over to me and apologized without the teacher asking him too. that's actually really sweet, but i don't think he was actually being r@cist to me, but anyway) so in class, he always teases me. and one time, i spilled water ALL OVER my pants and he whispered to the guy in front of us and point at me "she p33d her pants" and the guy in front said "you have romance" (and he obvi thinks with me, cuz Teague's pointing at me) and me and Teague burst out laughing, but Teague was kinda blushing too. It's really cute when I make him laugh and he covers his face while he blushes. Like, he'll lean forward in his desk a little and make a little arm cage around himself. Then I'll lean forward to see if he's laughing, which he pretty much always is. BUt it's actually really cute. And then yesterday, he was making fun of me for not doing my homework, and calling me dum8 and all that, and then he patted my shoulder saying, it's okay if you're not as smart as the rest of us. BUT HE LITERALLY TOUCHED MY SHOULDER!!! so yeah, i think he likes me. he IS pretty cute, so he's a potential crush, other than that my mom doesn't like him bc of the whole "r@cist thing". anyways...
exactly it's good he's noticing
@caroline, yeah hope you figure it out soon.
@Coraline, maybe he will figure it out. He seems like he likes you, especially if your arms were touching and he didn't pull away.
@immaswifty, oof sorry. My school doesn't really have that. But all the girls try to "rizz up" girls. (aka their friends as jokes) bc we're at a Christian school, we kinda make fun of the whole thing, but just joke around. Like, sometimes with my friends, I'll pretend to rizz them up. Even sometimes we "rizz up" opposite genders (only if they're our friends) but anyway, it's fun.

So, kind of a complicated situation: so my ex-friend (let's call her Quinn) she's REALLY good at ballet. So, they have the nutcracker every year at her ballet place, and she's Clara this year (if you don't know, she's the main part). I AM really happy for her. Like, actually really happy. And my band teacher asked us if we were going to see the play at all, and Bob said yes. And I kinda felt jealous or something. But here's the thing- I think sometimes Bob's mom ships him and Quinn bc once she invited Quinn to our symphony concert and she got them to take a pic together (but not me and Bob) but is it bad to not want her to be friends with him? I mean, I don't want him to be mean to her, but it's like- idk. Besides, Bob is ALREADY coming to my b-day thing, AS WELL AS my symphony concert. So, why do I feel like that when it comes to Quinn? I really am happy for her.
So I'm gonna try to explain what happened between me and her. So 5th grade we were besties- always hung out and everything, 6th grade we were put in different classes and barely saw each other (one of the days I actually DID see her, was my b-day, and she ignored me the whole day) 7th grade- we always ate lunch together with two other besties. But it kinda started just ripping apart. Quinn started to ignore me when I talked to her, and she started to ditch me to hang with someone else. She basically ditched me to become popular (which she's not, but she wants to be). And so did one of the other besties, so now it's Quinn and this girl (who is really rude to me (let's call her Carly)) and me and Kasey. (used to be Quinn and me, Kasey and Carly) so it was just flipped upside down.
So, is it bad that I don't want her to be friends with James? I mean, I think it just bothers me that he doesn't know how fake she is. How rude she is. She's only shown a few people her true colors, but she acts "perfect" around everyone else. Even the teachers love her. Bob's mom loves her too. Bob probably likes her too. He probably doesn't like me. What if I'm just kidding myself here? bc one of my closest friends says he def doesn't, but I'm starting to believe her. What if I'm kidding myself in telling myself I like him? I don't wanna keep on changing my mind about him, but what if I don't really like him? I don't get the roller coaster feeling in the pit of my stomach anymore, but I imagine stup!d unrealistic futures with him! What if I never liked him, but he's the closest thing I've ever had to a REAL crush, so he's the only one I CAN daydream about? idk anymore.
Isnt it good he's noticing the hints?
@immaswifty That kid's weeeeird
Also I'm super scared cause I think he might be noticing the hints I've been dropping! According to his friends, he doesn't know I like him but he apparently told them that I give him origami like, every day. I give him origami cause he's one of the only people who will actually want to keep my origami. But anyways, I think he might figure it out soon!๐Ÿซข
Someone tried to rizz me up in the hallway ๐Ÿ’€
He was like- you have something on your shirt!
Me like- nope *pushes his arm away*
Him like- geez im just tryna help you.

There was nuthin on my shirt. And he was a black boy and im white and he is one of the most obnoxious boys so i was like nahhhhhhhhhhh not today. I prolly just looked like i was done with this cr@p

So, in science class I sit next to my crush (who's also my close friend) and we always play around on our computers during class. Today though, we had an essay to do so we couldn't play games but he had his arm against mine the WHOLE CLASS; he did the work and so did I but while we did it our arms were touching!๐Ÿ˜ณ he looked like he was about to kiss me every time he looked at me he didn't actually kiss me though. Do you guys think he likes me?!?!
girl just wait until high school. it doesnt get better lmao

@ its me yall

yeah 12 is wayyyy too young sorry. dont do it you will regret it later in life.
I think i might have crushed on a nerd cuz when i told one of my friends (she has no idea i have a crush on this dude) that someone shipped me and him, she said 'oof. Tough life ๐Ÿ˜ฌ'. But he's cute, and maybe i like him cuz he's more quiet and nice and WAY less obnoxious than most middle school boys
My crush kept glancing at me during my sixth hour class with him.

@It's me y'all
Gurl 12 is way too early to lose your v!rg!n!ty. Just tell him you aren't comfy with doing it so soon, as you're only 12
thanks hannah. he wasnt here today so i still dont know anything
2 days ago
um, ok? i don't know how to respond to that, especially as you're 12.

@caroline, I think he's saying that he'd like to go out with you more than other girls. He might not like you exactly, but he might. I think if he doesn't have a full-on crush, he def likes you, at least a little. Idk about you tho, you'll have to figure out your feelings yourself.
3 days ago
But I was just texting him and he sent me a very inappropriate YouTube video that said something about cum, and he said that he was gonna๐Ÿ˜˜in me. We r 12!!! But I won't stop him. Then he sent me a heart and I sent one back and he sent all of the heart emojis that he could find. I LOVE YOU BABE!!!
3 days ago
Y'all I love my bf so much. Idk why I even took this test . I just turned 12 and we've been dating for almost a year now since January. Soooooooo...
3 days ago

yesterday my friend (hes a boy) (i dated him two years ago but were close)

my best friend asked him if he would go on a date with him and he said
"well im not opposed to it?"

what does that mean does he like me do i like him what is going on
3 days ago
thats so sweet!!!!!!!!!!! i love when guys are sweet
3 days ago
@W rizz, it IS okay. just pray and rely on God for guidance.
@immaswifty, oh that does sound embarrassing. One time I was playing soccer with Bob and the rest of the peeps and the soccer ball went out into the parking lot- there was a bus coming along, and it honked at me- it was so embarrassing. But kinda funny too because the bus driver was just joking with me.

Oh, another embarrassing thing happened to me TODAY. SO I was playing soccer in the light rain, and it was slippery. I said, "Oh my goodness, I'm gonna slip or something." And right after I said that I fell backward slipping on a patch of mud. I had MUD ALL OVER my bottom. And my jacket. So I hung up my jacket and was freezing cold. I was laughing and Bob asked me if I was okay. He's so sweet! But anyway, I kicked the ball to show I was okay, but when I did I hooked my ankle with my foot, and I kicked the back of my heel. Which hurt my heel but hurt my big toe even more. (I checked when I got home, part of my nail came off) But I was limping because it hurt so bad, so me and my friend decided to leave, and Bob was like, "But actually, are you okay?" And I said yes while laughing. So, that was my day. Also, after slipping, it looked like I p00ped my pants because there was mud ALL OVER, so my friend (my amazing friend) lent me her long jacket which covered everything up. I was SO grateful. Still am. But yeah, Bob is so nice!!!