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Why does he like you? (Come look) p.s. for girls but you boys are welcome too:)

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Have you ever wondered why he likes you. Maybe you have a nice body and he just wants you for your body. Or maybe he just wants to get in your pants. This test will determine why he likes you.

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    When you first saw him, how did he look at you?

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64 days ago
I'm just Falling for him... and my results are Pretty Good!
64 days ago
please have a👮and Fun with meeeeeee :((((((
65 days ago
Why doesnt he like meeeeee
65 days ago
Ew no he doesnt like me
387 days ago
(Giiiirl he just wants to get in your pants. U are way to easy to get to. Leave him
732 days ago
So, this guy has a crush on me (he’s my friend, I don’t have a crush on him or anything he’s just a friend) and he doesn’t know why he likes me and it’s kinda weird
807 days ago
If he just wants you just for🕊and fun break up with him. And it may not be you who can have kids it could be him. But if he just wants a kid and🕊I doubt he´s worth it in my pov. If you want him to have unprotected🕊with you, then go ahead.
P.S : You won't know if your pregnant or not till at least 2 weeks from the unprotected sex
956 days ago
So my guy LOVES me ok but for my body … I was beginning to think why ? Then I went on a date with him so he planed the date he told my parents that we were going to a movie but he took me to a OPEN court yard and started taking off his clothes and started getting sexual and he started to take off my clothes for me and I did not know what to say so I just went with it !!! ( I don’t know why ) after that we were going home and we were on the car and told me not to tell anyone then we went on a date the next week and did the same thing in the same spot we went on a date 5 more times and he is wondering why I am not pregnant yet so he keeps in taking me to the court yard to do this and if I can’t have babies he will break up with me!!! Guys Shoukd I keep doing this or what ?! ADVICE HELP PLEASE!!!
1001 days ago
Same for me Katie, he is not like that.
1001 days ago
He doesn't know why he likes me, apparently......
1027 days ago
he likes me bc he thinks i’m nice and pretty
1130 days ago
He likes me because of my body
1576 days ago
He likes me just becuase of my body.
Like .
He likes me becuase he thinks that I'm beautiful.
1883 days ago
Unclear? He would never just want to get in my pants he's not that kind of guy