Does He Like Me? Quiz (For High School Teens!)

Are you in high school, and there's this one guy you have your eye on or is around a lot, and you just REALLY want to know if he likes you? Your result could be the case whether YOU like HIM or not. Take the test now and in a few minutes, you'll have your answer!

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    Does he make eye contact with you?
    Does he make eye contact with you?

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11 days ago
The school wifi didn't work properly*

If you see an emoji after the word ''wifi'', it's bc I wrote an informal word which they consider as innapropriate.
11 days ago
Well today I'm gonna update some stuff happened between me and my crush...
So basically he promised me that he'll let me borrow 30 mins of his time but in the end he left me and dissapear in the cafeteria somewhere.
The cafeteria is really big so I couldn't find him I decided to text him but bc the school wifi 🚔so he couldn't check my messages but I didn't know that.
When I went in the middle of the cafeteria to find a friend I heard a guy screamed my crush's name, I got so embarrassed that I pretend I didn't hear it and went to join my friend.

Later, when we went back to our lockers to prepare for the next class, I called him and then slapped him and left him questionning abt why did I slap him.
After class finish, I asked him ''Do you know why I slapped you?'', he said ''Yes'' but,
then he started to panic to ask me why did I need his time..
Then that means he didn't even understand why I was mad at him
but, I left it like that since I didn't wanna hold a grudge just bc of that.
After I explained and stuff, he apologized then we made up.

After school, I wasn't sure but I saw him and his friends were waiting for me and well my crush kept looking back and smiled, his friend also kept looking back at me.
Ngl I was pretty embarrassed but I didn't notice them, it was my bsf who noticed them since I tried not to stare at my crush.(///^///)

In conclusion, there's 70% of chance he might like me ig
but...Idk I'm fine with being friends now^^
11 days ago

Well Idk what to say maybe you guys are suddenly shy and became awkward bc of the sudden relationship change? Idk since it's been 8 years since I last dated sb.
So try asking him stuff like what subject does he have? How much did he got on an exam?
Or if you and your bf has any similiar hobbies, you can talk abt them.
It's always best to communicate in a realtionship. :)
11 days ago
Im dating him(for like a week) and his friend said something along the lines of “well he didn’t like you for the longest time and you had to ask him so it doesn’t count” and it freaked me out. Pros and cons list! (This is the second time I wrote this it deleted last time🥲

PROS(before dating)
He stares a lot
He makes eye contact
He watches movies with me every day
He doesn’t let anyone else steal my seat at lathe lunch table next to him
He fiddles with his hands a lot
If I talk to my guy friends he stares back and forth and asks what’s happening
(We know what times we see each other in passing periods) and he looks for me and just waits or stares
He walks really close to me
He touches me (not in a perverted way) like pokes and sometimes pats on the head when he walks by
He asks where I’m going all the time
We watch movies every day during lunch
Someone(3 people) asked me out at lunch and he started staring and moving a lot more when I was saying no. And he got all frustrated afterwards like his time of voice
(I use jokes about problems I’m my life like I insert the fact my dad left for the milk all the time and same with the fact that I was an accident) he tells me I’m not an accident or he says I didn’t need my dad anyways since he didn’t care enough

He doesn’t start smiling until after I look at him and as soon as I turn my head he stops smiling and it feels kind of practiced
I asked him out and he said “sure.”
His texts are always random videos and I always start the conversations
We don’t talk a lot and when we do it’s not easy because it’s passing period and very short
Our conversations are really formal and dry from both sides cuz I’m not good at that either social skills go brr🥶

So what do you think
17 days ago
Welp, I won't mention his name so let's call him mr.Confusing S.
I started having interest for him around September 20
when I noticed my eyes were following him,
before I started talking to him whenever I look at him, he looks right back at me
but I don't get it so ofc I turned back to my friends.
There used to be transparent ''wall'' between us cause our lockers are next next to each other and Idk why but the classmate that has her locker between us was always never there so it was pretty awkward cause we won't talk but also being careful around each other.

Around September 15 I talked to him for the first time and
then after he left I blushed like crazy bc his voice was really soft that it shocked me.
After I started talking to him regularly, I decided to take a step further a bit.
I asked for his ig at October 29 which took me great effort ngl bc I was too nervous.

At November 3, for the first time since I asked for his ig that I texted him first which was good cause the conversation lasted for 55 minutes.
Ever since then I started regularly text him each 1-3 days, well I actually hope I wasn't being too annoying, everything went great cause sometimes our conversation lasts more than an hour.
My friend thinks he likes me but I'm a person who's not patient and dumb at love.

Reasons I think he doesn't like me:
------------------------------------- ----------
1. He never strikes the conversation first although he sometimes does ask me sth to prolong
the conversation.
(Ik that if I never spoke first,
the whole school year between me and him will just pass just like that.)
2. He takes too long to reply but he never tells me he can't text me unless
he really has to study which resulted in me waiting for 1 hour for him to reply.
3.He told he wanna take a break from relationships and he doesn't have a crush on anyone.
--------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -----------
But as I was trying to find reasons that he might not like me,
I started to notice there wasn't that much reasons as I thought.
While realizing that I was wondering,
is it just me that's trying to deny that he might have feelings for me
bc I've been dissappointed too much by love?

Ty those who have read this long paragraph,
I appreciate that you have taken your time to read this. :)
244 days ago
Ben, Brett and I are in a threeway relationship now and we are very happy.
252 days ago
Ok, so Ben and I are no longer friends anymore and when we had the mask break by the track in civics class I was talking to some of my friends and I said,"Yeah, Ben and I are no longer friends anymore." My friend Mckayla asked me,"What happened?" I said,"Oh, it's because he had replaced me as his best friend forever and he still hasn't even apologized to me about that." My friend Brett was walking next to me when I said that, but there was still a bit of space between us. Then my friend Taylor said,"At least you've still got Brett as a friend." Then my friend Brett said while I was around,"No and shut the f... up." I can't believe he said that to my friend Taylor because she had a point and I'm pretty sure Brett better apologize to her on Thursday before civics class.
280 days ago
Oh my gosh, I took this to see if my crush would be able to tell I liked her or not, and it gave me an absolutely perfect explanation of
my position towards her. It was

‘He wants to like you, but he can't because of YOU. You're too intimidating and controlling for him. Try not to be so protective and defensive, and lighten up. Also, he might have his eyes on a few girls, and is trying to get a feel for you - but can't because he isn't getting much positive personality from you.

I really wish she would do what’s described here.
280 days ago
My friend Brett and I are just friends and my ex best friend Luke thinks we are "dating" just because of the look that we had shared with each other the last 4 minutes of chemistry class because during the demonstration that Mr. Hanson had done on Mrs. Beth's first lab table I had ended up standing next to my friend Brett and since I was standing next to my friend Brett we had snuck a look at each other because we're actually the same height 5'3 and that's one of the five things my friend Brett and I have in common. What my friend Brett and I have in common is that we both like to wear hoodies during the winter, we're the same height 5'3, we like the same junior league hockey team because last friday night he was at the dells ducks hockey game, we have the same civics teacher Mr. Flesch, and we're friends.
299 days ago
lol this lit i cant believe this achily work it a really good thing to do
413 days ago
ok this is weird but this like the second or third crush result telling me the same thing the guy is totally into you
414 days ago
Hi I realy like a cute sporty guy from my form what can I do to get his notice me?🤔
433 days ago
Am i too intimidating? Says I am on my result... but I’m literally the shy invisible girl.
481 days ago
i need advice :/ so I'm the kind of girl who falls in love really easily but in most cases it doesn't last very long... but there's this guy in my class who i've known for almost four years now and we aren't even close but I've had an off and on crush on him since sixth grade... I thought I finally got over him since I hadn't had a crush on him for a few months, but then all of a sudden I had a dream about him and I'm super confused. I can't stop thinking about this and about him and I don't know what to do. I told my friend and she said that "if you dream about someone they are thinking about you" but i dont think that's true and I just want to forget about all of this but I can't... what do I do??? lol this test wasn't much help to me............
510 days ago
I got; Ready for your result? Yes! You should reach out to him more...he definitely is interested in you, and you're very attractive and cute to him. Don't let a good match like this pass you by, sis! Let him know you like him, too. If you're shy, you can do this indirectly by smiling, touching, etc., but chances are you'll have to just come out and tell him because guys can miss subtle cues. You could send a handwritten note or email if you're shy or nervous, and are afraid you might mess up. You know, he doesn’t like you, he probably want to be shouting it out that he loves you.
513 days ago
I got:Ready for your result? Just about! He definitely is interested in you, and thinks you are worth giving a try - but the both of you need to come forward and stop being so shy and reluctant. Remember, a closed mouth never gets fed.
513 days ago
I got: Ready for your result? Just about! He definitely is interested in you, and thinks you are worth giving a try - but the both of you need to come forward and stop being so shy and reluctant. Remember, a closed mouth never gets fed.
513 days ago
We hangout a lot and when we aren’t together we talk on the phone. He either lightly taps me or pretends to hit me to make me flinch. He says he doesn’t like me but his mom says he doesn’t wanna date me because we are close friends I have liked him for 3years
544 days ago
I got he wants to like you
547 days ago
I got he wants to like you...and i think it's true upto max extent...