Does He Like Me? Quiz (For High School Teens!)

Are you in high school, and there's this one guy you have your eye on or is around a lot, and you just REALLY want to know if he likes you? Your result could be the case whether YOU like HIM or not. Take the test now and in a few minutes, you'll have your answer!

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    Does he make eye contact with you?
    Does he make eye contact with you?

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6 days ago
So im gay and the person i like is bi and it told me definitely should I go for it
9 days ago
he likes me even though he knows im gay. idk what to do
26 days ago
This guy named Drew sits next to me in Bio and he's super nice to me to the point I can't tell if he may like me or if he is just being nice. Some time our legs touch and ill leave it there and after a while he will move it. He laughs when I make fun of something. Their is this little hope inside me telling me he likes me. So it's hard to move on. :(
44 days ago
So there's this guy in my grade and over summer we started talking and becoming friends and he kept asking me our and I kept saying no and then he starts dating my friend they break up and then he still tries to ask me out I keep saying no cuz idk how I feel about him. Then he makes up this rumor that I wanna 😻 him which isn't good. Then school starts and he's in most of my classes and my lunches so I have to see him every day and he keeps talking to me. Like the other day I was in study hall and I was watching a movie on my phone and he taps my friend to get me and I'm like 😻 and then he starts saying UK hey hru and stuff and I'm like good and then he just brings up the most random stuff like do u hate me. And then he was laughing cuz I was watching my movie and not really paying attention to him and I had that class again today and he didn't talk to me at all. And there's a football game TN and I'm gonna see him there and there is the hoco dance tmr and I'm going and ik he is too. So idk what to do.
45 days ago
there's a boy on my class he is hella attractive he always smile at me and we both make eye contact
53 days ago
So there is this boy at my school, his name is James. He always walks to class with me and calls me at night and we fall asleep on the phone. He talks like he likes me all the time. He smiles at me all the time. He asked for my snap and sends me a pic of him with his shirt off a lot. He texts a lot. His sister told me that he likes me. His sister is one of my friends. He also doesn't have a girlfriend. I don't just like him I love him. Can someone please give me evidence on how I should ask him out. Should I ask him out? Should he ask me out?
69 days ago
R Ritchie- this has nothing to do with your relationship but let me just say that you say "lol" alot also I'm guessing if you "just started school" you must live in America because in America the start of the year in winter/half way through year, where I live. So yeah. Also dating advice, I've been with alot of guys and have liked and had been liked by alot people so I know a few things. If you and a guy look at each other a couple times, I doesn't really mean anything. After I dated for a while and had some tough break ups I decided to let the guys come to me not beg at them so, yeah a couple glances isn't a big deal, I've had tons of people look at me even though their in perfectly happy relationships. It's normal you might look and someone would walk past in your eyeliner and then they would get the idea of love. Now Days I'm in a very loving, perfect relationship with someone since the start of the year. Like literally I took the quiz and got like 100/100. I hope all you find someone you love and who loves you!! ❤️
74 days ago
So I’ve been in school for like what, two - three weeks? And there’s this one boy I’m more focused on than the others lol. We had to work in a group for Social Studies (I swear I was like the only girl in the group -.-) and that’s about the only time we’ve socialized. Lol.
His parents work at the school (irrelevant point but I thought I’d just mention it).
Um…yeah. Today I think he was looking at me in THAT way at the beginning of lunch, but he could’ve just been watching the doorway lol.
Idk, we did make brief eye contact today while he was supposedly looking at me during lunch but I only looked at his eyes for like 2 seconds every time lmao. That was the only time I noticed him “looking” at me. I still dk if hw like was looking at me, but considering we made eye contact albeit briefly, he was probably looking at me. Ehm…yup.

We used to be classmates (and as I recall kinda good friends) until I left after Gr. 2 so idk what he thinks of me now. 🤷‍♀️
97 days ago
I don't know why it is blocking the word sick but if it was a typo or not idk. Well let's just say I was ill or not feeling well idk
97 days ago
So I like this guy called Cole and he's like super nice and he's sweet and teases me lots. Many of mine and his friends ship us and say that he likes me yet he denies it with a smile on his face. He's sending mixed feelings but something that deeply makes me believe that he likes me is that when I bring up things about myself or like speak of myself rudely he tells me to stop and that u shouldn't say that stuff. Also I was🐤last week and he was concerned, asking how I felt and things like that. He got angry at me because forgot to take my meds and it was like 2 hrs past the time I should've taken them. He's also deeply concerned for my mental health as I keep on blaming bad things on myself and making rude remarks on my existence which he hated. I believe that he likes me but I still have that sense or doubt as per to whether he likes me or not cause idk if he's just being super friendly and that's just his personality it what. Someone please help me and thanks for reading :)
115 days ago
Okay, so I'm 16 and there's this guy that I've really liked for a while now, but he's 13 and I can't tell my friends because I know they think even liking someone two years younger or older than you is weird. They think it's just gross and doesn't make sense. They haven't met him, but they've heard me talk about him, and one of my guy friends did catch on last year, he was like ooh do you like him and I was like, he's 12! And that shut them up. But idk what to do, he is mature for his age in some aspects, but he's respectful and he's really funny and I feel safe around him and we mess around all the time and he can just always bring a smile to face. And I don't know what to do. He may like me, but the age gap might seem weird to him, idk. For a while my brother (who is younger than me, older than him, and also friends with him) teased me about flirting with him (back before I liked him) and would always tease him the same, normally using funny movie one-liners. But he stopped doing that a while ago. He did also originally think I was 13 or something when we met (I was 15) and he thought that for a month-ish. So I kinda just hoped he maybe developed feelings before realizing the age gap, or maybe he doesn't care about it, or maybe he doesn't like me. Anyways, I just don't know. I think if it's normal to be friends with someone years younger than you then it should be normal to like them too. His and my friendship was just the same as with any of my other friends prior to my developing feelings, so why not? What do you guys think?
142 days ago
Okay, I have no name... I think you should maybe ask him about it. Maybe give some subtle cues, you know?? And also, I have a similar experiance... I am friends with this guy, and he's told my friend that he likes me... And I don't KNOW how I feel about him. He's kinda... Weird. Ig. *sigh* Honestly, I think I may be in love... Its the weirdest slash plesent feelings I have ever had. And I'm only fifteen!!
151 days ago
hey i need yalls advice So me and this guy are friends okay well he always teases me and he Also touches me alot like we were both at work the other day and we were at the same area and he said there is so many people today and I touched his shoulder and said good luck and he touched my shoulder back and said u to also we were at the ball pit area I pushed him in the ball pit and he started smiling then he would push me in the ball pit well when he was pushing me into the ball pit he touched my waist also we were at the battle cource they have foam blocks and he would push me in the thing and hit me with the foam block's and when I was helping a kid get out the foam area he was talking to his friend and said she made my day go by faster talking about me and also he always talks to me but the thing is he has a gf but I like him even tho he has a gf and I hate that I still like him anyway he ship's me with 2 other guys but he doesn't know I like him BTW were 16 and 17 also he pulled my hair softly when we were play fighting I just rlly need advice thanks..for reading :)
153 days ago
@anonymous I can agree with that because Jacob, the guy I like like, let me sit next to him for the FFA meeting on Monday, May 9th because it was the last FFA meeting of the school year and I had asked Jacob,"Hey Jacob. Would it be okay if I can sit by you because I don't feel like sitting by myself?" Jacob said,"Sure because I don't think anyone else will." Then I had asked him if he could grab me one of the meeting agendas and he did. After the FFA meeting that day, we had subway for dinner and he was sitting by my friend Connor Kleist's sister, Rebecca, our coworker Taylor Huelett, and Kendal Kluge and I ended up sitting by Mrs. Kuhn and Mrs. Puntney. Then I grabbed us each a bag of cheetos and he put his cheetos in his sandwich while I was eating them right out of the bag. We had our corn hole tournament after the FFA meeting and I specifically told Jacob not to hit the ceiling and what did he do? I think he was being a major showoff to try to impress me. He hit the ceiling after I specifically told him not to. While we were watching the corn hole tournament after the FFA meeting, we were standing next to each other and talking. Then we ended up standing by the counter that's not that far from the office and Jacob asked me,"Why didn't you play?" I told him,"I just wanted to watch." Jacob said,"That's lame." I even said,"I specifically told you not to hit the ceiling during the corn hole tournament and what did you do?" Jacob said,"I hit the ceiling after you specifically told me not to." I said,"I remember specifically telling you not to hit the ceiling and you didn't listen to me. I wonder why you don't listen to me sometimes?" Jacob said,"Geez, I wonder why I don't listen to you sometimes." Our coworker Taylor Huelett saw us and she told my friend Connor Kleist's sister, Rebecca,"Look at those two, they're flirting with each other. They're always like this at work. He better ask her out soon because they're trying to hide how they really feel about each other." My friend Connor Kleist's sister, Rebecca, said,"Yeah I know, but did you see how his girlfriend Eliza was glaring at him when he was sitting by you, me, and Kendal and not his girlfriend, who happens to be my brother Connor's friend, Eliza." Our coworker Taylor Huelett said,"Yeah, but they're always talking and the way he looks at her mean they really like each other and they're perfect for each other considering he let her sit by him for the FFA meeting." My friend Connor Kleist's sister, Rebecca, said,"Wait, Jacob let Eliza sit next to him during the FFA meeting?" Our coworker Taylor Huelett said,"Yeah, he did. They were sitting super close to each other and they were flirting with each other." WHY didn't Jacob listen to me when I specifically told him not to hit the ceiling during the corn hole tournament that was after the FFA meeting? I think he was being a major showoff to try to impress me. Our coworker Taylor Huelett told my friend Connor Kleist's sister, Rebecca,"When Jacob was playing corn hole, Eliza told him not to hit the ceiling and what did he do?" My friend Connor Kleist's sister, Rebecca, said,"He hit the ceiling after Eliza specifically told him not to. I think he's being a major showoff to try to impress her because you're right, he really likes her "
153 days ago
So, yesterday at work, Jacob and I were working together and he bumped into me twice at work. The first time he bumped into me was when my shift at work started and the second time he bumped into me, we were both in dish and I was paying attention to what I was doing and Jacob wasn't, so he bumped into me. How he bumped into me the second time is I was standing by the counter in dish and Jacob was standing not that far from me and he didn't realize I was standing a bit behind him, so he "accidentally" bumped into my elbow and he realized it was me he bumped into and he said,"Sorry Eliza." I said,"It's fine." He has this really weird habit of almost flicking food at me at work and he's always almost or literally bumping into me and he's always acting like a smart aleck around me at work because we both work at Pizza Ranch. Since he's always almost or literally bumping into me, does it mean he really like likes me?
169 days ago
My best mate waits in the same bus room as me (basocly where you wait for the bus when school ends) but he never really talks to me. The other day he spoke to me like, for the first time in this place, and his mate (which I've like never spoken to) called me by my surname and started saying he knows where I live, so my mate had obviously been talking abt me. But later this kid said that my mate has a crush on me. I could like understand that considering he texts me every day and talks to me all the time. And then this other kid asked me if I had a crush on him [my mate] and I was like no bc I would just say "oh yh I have a huge crush on him" to this random kid I've never spoken to. The he started going all hyper and treated laughing and sprinted over to my mate, so I assumes that he told him that I don't like him.
I just felt so bad bc, this boy is like, rly cute and I would date him, I just didn't have a crush on him.
After that, he texted me "do u have a crush on me" so I said "do you have a crush on me? " he said "no but answers my question" ik that he was lying, but I replied "no" but I felt so bad bc I swear he had a crush on me, so an hour later I said "idk" to make him feel better and to signify that I would date him, but now he's not talking to me and I feel rly bad and I just want us to be friends again, what should I do???
188 days ago
Ya i really answer this question but, some Q is not same to us
203 days ago
@anonymous it sounds like u like him alot and the same with him jusy talk to him x
214 days ago
Hi i love deegan (that his name) and i think he likes me back but im not sure
231 days ago
I like this guy that's in a few of my classes. His name is Zeth. He's tall and he plays baseball. One day, his friend asked if I liked Zeth and I said no because he was right there. That happened on Monday and on Friday I put a sticky note on his desk. I wrote 'I lied, I do like you -My name' He saw it and didn't throw it away. He showed his friends, nobody else. They didn't tell anybody else in the class about it. I noticed him look at me a few times afterwards. After class, he left immediately like he was in a hurry. Now it's spring break. I think he might like me but I could be wrong.