Does he like me? (11-12 year olds only)

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Does your crush like you? Find out with this accurate quiz you'll love!

  • 1
    Does he sit next to you in the cafeteria or classroom?
  • 2
    Has he ever complimented you?
  • 3
    Does he spend time with you?

  • 4
    How much older is he than you?
  • 5
    Do you show him that you appreciate him?
  • 6
    Is he nice to you

  • 7
    Is he interested in things that you are interested in?
  • 8
    Have you told him how you feel?
  • 9
    Do you know each other well?
  • 10
    What happened when you first met?

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6 days ago
He says dating is gay but show all the signs what should I do cause i really like him but he shows sights then crushes my hopes by saying anyone who dates in highschool is a simp
126 days ago
It said yes but he walks home with my gay friend of course he doesn't know. And then like ryland he said he likes someone he hangs out with me but he hasnt told me and my friends who he likes and when we ask he looks at me and smiles then starts laughing. But I actually like the other one so if my other friend likes me idk. I have a problem then.
146 days ago
Hey Meeee 97175! I have never been in a situation like yours, but I can offer you a few tips. 1. Is he a nice guy? If yes you don't really have to worry about much. 2. Tell your friends why you like him. If they seem mad at you: 3. Ask them why they hate him so much. 4. If he is staring at you, flirting with you, acting nervous around you or all of the above, don't hesitate to make a move!
151 days ago
Omg it says he likes me and we like talk a lot and I’m friends it’s his friends who are nice. But how can I tell him. My friends hate him soooo much! Some one plz help how do I tell him and what if he regents me I really like him!
166 days ago
@ QuiltyCat

Just talk to him, get some friends to ask him how he feels, and go from there!
166 days ago
@TJC: Just ask him!!!!! It might be easier if u do.

I don't know if where you live is spring break but it is for me and this just happened:

So theres this guy that i really like in my class he is so charming and funny and always knows how to make me laugh/compliment me. One day he said something like, "Its funny when u laugh like that..." Inside i was like whaaaaaaa?
But i just did it again and then we laughed together and before that we like HATED each other but that was like 3 months ago.

ANYWAYS this other girl asked to be friends with me again (Yeah, again, ask me later) and we both know that we had a crush on the same kid, (Lets call him B-boy) and so she had done some uh questionable things, but i said yea cause i go of 2nd impresions. She asked to move to my table group, but she sat next to MY CRUSH!!!!

I really couldn't believe her.

Fast forward a few months, and eh, So-so. B-boy was acting kinda weird one day and when i was working i could feel him looking at me and so i told my friends and they said "Dont break eye contact!" So later, we were gatting out our books and we looked at each other and then looked away at THE EXCACT SAME TIME. I couldn't stop thinking about it and still cant.

That night I thought about how his eyes were the same deep, deep, brown, almost black. I looked like a girl version of him.

So there is a 5th and 6th grade dance at my school and i don't know if i should ask him.
We've had like great moments, but the scariest for me was when i think his friend herd from my friends about it and whispered it in his EAR~!!!

So the other girl who sits at my table (we gonna call her D) might ask him too, but recently she told me that she thinks someone else is cute but she thinks of B-boy as a good friend


Biggest understatement of the year that was in my result:
Guys are not known to get subtle hints, so you might have to 'fess up' if you want him to understand your intentions.

Omg, ty for reading this long thing, plz send advice,

LULU 🏆if u read this.

Ps, even our signs are compatible i searched it...
171 days ago
my boyfriend says he loves me, but he has a friend and they act like they are dating. he tells the whole class that he loves this other person... he says he would never have feelings for this person and he only loves me, but he spends more time with him... I want to break up but if it is fake then I will probaly never be able to get together with him. Hes nice to me and treats me well. but the only thing that is wrong is he treats this other boy as a boyfriend. the other boy has a girlfriend to btw.
178 days ago
Hi Girls. The test says that he probably does like me, I just need to be more friendly to him I guess. We are not exactly enemies (in his opinion, I like him). But he doesn't know that I like him. Overall he is nice and cute too. I hope he likes me back. I've known him know for almost a year. We are in the same class. I'm just afraid my friends will tell him that I like him. It's gonna be a akward position...
184 days ago
So I like this boy I told him I like him in 2021 and he was like he doesn't like me and I was like ok now he doesn't know I like him. The quiz says he totally likes me but I'm guessing he doesn't coz he has a crush but he never told me who it is. Also my friends at school think we like each other coz we were hanging out in the park(not something more than climbing trees and talking). Then we played basketball together and when I threw the ball into the hoop and it got in he commented me and I was probably blushing for the whole time.
187 days ago
He and his gf broke up!! 😁😁 He’ll probably b ok to date I’m about a week or two (it is middle school). I still need help tho! Thx 😊
188 days ago
Hi! So I need some advice. There’s this guy I like in my class who I’ve been friends with since I met him (beginning of the school year) and the quizz says he probably likes me back. The thing is he’s in a relationship with a girl whose in another class 😬😬 tbh they won’t last too long bc it’s middle school so I want some advice for when they break up (literally now one thinks that they’re a cute couple). So in my class he’s one of the two cutest guys and I’m one of the most popular girls in my class, so that helps. I just need a bit of help. Thx ☺️
197 days ago
the quiz sais he likes me!!! :-D ,but idk what 2 do, bc since i told him he's been sorta ignoring me, but still stares at, yea idk
198 days ago
OMG, I told my crush that I like him and he keeps on sorta staring at me, but he hasn't said anything, so idk if he likes me back :0
203 days ago
He likes me as a friend
211 days ago is the hottest 💗 i've ever known......and rumors have spread that he likes me,so yea, idk whatto do!!!!
211 days ago
Bruh!!!!!!He likes me!!!!!!!!
214 days ago
He doesn’t like me buuuuut I’m dating him and I know that he doesn’t like me and I’m cool with it but it is going to be easy to move on because I have liked him for about 3 years now and I was falling for someone else so I don’t really care if he likes me or not and if he tells me that he likes me then I will just tell him that I don’t like him anymore and I moved on from him
214 days ago
Sooooo my test said it that he likes me and I don’t know how to tell him can someone help me
216 days ago
I’m surprised that he has a crush on me and I’m going to ask him out wish me luck
216 days ago
Oooommmmmggggg he does have a crush on meee I’m so glad 😖 I mean a lot of girls like him in my community but I’m sorry girls sike! I’m not sorry because most of the girls that like him are bullies sooooooooooooo sorry not sorry