Does Your Crush Like You Too? For 5th-6th Grade

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Really like a guy? Do you think he likes you but aren't sure? This test is for you! Find out if the guy of your dreams has the hots for you too.

  • 1
    Does he sit close/near you?
  • 2
    Does he tease you/tell you jokes?
  • 3
    Does he tell/ show you something personal? Like pics of his house, baby photos, etc.

  • 4
    Do you ever hear him talk about you to his friends?
  • 5
    Does he smile at you?
  • 6
    Have you ever texted, emailed, etc?

  • 7
    Do you make eye contact?
  • 8
    Does he touch you?
  • 9
    Has he asked you "do you like anyone?"
  • 10
    (Most important) Have you held hands?

Comments (14)


39 days ago
OK soooo we already know we like each other butttttt i took this any way to test it and obviously he does. we already walk with each other after school and hang by a creek. (:
93 days ago
OMG!!!! I've like this boy since first grade and he lies m back!!!!!I kinda want to ask him out but.... i still dont know I'm kind of shy.
169 days ago
Well, There´s this guy I like but the quiz says that It´s more like a friendship now. I´m happy anyway. Anything is good for me. I really like him though!!
181 days ago
He probably likes me I knew him since 2cnd grade and had a crush on him ever since AND I GOT HIS NUMBER A FEW WEEKS AGO
We talk daily 😍
181 days ago
He probably likes me I knew him since 2cnd grade and had a crush on him ever since AND I GOT HIS NUMBER A FEW WEEKS AGO
260 days ago
''UhhhWut?''I got the same answer but why the HECK are there no quizzes 4 shy guys that apply covid conditions too!?!?!??!?!?
369 days ago
ghsfcgasfcfdshvffgjfgfgfgfgjglhfgxhf Dude I've liked this guy since KINDERGARTEN WTH R U TALIKNG ABOUT! HE WAS MY BEST FRIEND AND HOW DOES You might like each other a little but right now it really is just a friendship. Get to know this person more and come back to take this quiz in a few years. Don't ask this person on a date. They most definitely don't like you that much. APPLY TO THAT HUH?
A few years huh? whatever I've known him for a while so thats quite inaccurate cuz Ik quite a lot about him so..
450 days ago
I have a crush i rlly like and my test results said that i was slightly admired. (I knew it!!)
520 days ago
I like this boy a lot but we are qountend and I’m not aloud to date what should I do??😬yaaaaa)
539 days ago
I really like this boy but I can’t tell if he likes me because other people they like to say that he likes somebody else I don’t know of I should believe them or not.
666 days ago
I like him and he likes me a lot! ❤😊😁💕
1112 days ago
i have a crush and he likes me.

1207 days ago
Its said he likes me but not enough for dating. I need to talk about a weird dream I had or I'll dieeeee:

I was walking home with my friends but we decided to go the long way that takes to a street behind the neighbourhood. We start walking on a side walk but later we reach a dead end and there was no side walk left, so we wen't on the road and it eventually started to rain. I see my crush walking with a hoodie on and an umbrella and he walks over (with this guy that I rejected who now likes my best friend) and said: "I'm glad you didn't get hit on the road" And then we just kept walking.

Eventually we hugged and I got so freaked out that I woke up from the dream.
1306 days ago
I mean I love him but it hurts a lot that he just kicks me to the curb! :C