Does He Like Me Back, Even Though We've Never Talked? (Girls Only!)

So, there's this GUY! No surprise there - there is usually always at least one who catches your eye. Here's the question: Do you wonder if he likes you, even though you’ve never actually TALKED to him? Do you think you might have seen subtle signs he might see something in you? It can get so tricky! Ugh! No worries, just take my quiz and find out if you're right!

  • 1
    I know this is on every single quiz like this, but *drum roll* does he stare at you?
    I know this is on every single quiz like this, but *drum roll* does he stare at you?
  • 2
    What does he do if you catch him staring?
  • 3
    Does he try to sit/stand by you?

  • 4
    Do his friends ever tease him when you walk by?
  • 5
    Has he ever done you any small service?
  • 6
    Does he ever brush against you in a hallway, or otherwise seek physical contact?

  • 7
    Are there rumors going around that he likes you?
  • 8
    Does he glance at you and look happy when you enter the room?
  • 9
    If you yawn, does he yawn, too?
  • 10
    Do you honestly think he likes you?

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3 days ago
ok , so there is this guy and we have like 2 classes together and i often catch him glancing at me but i look away in a milisecond bcz i cant keep up with staring in the eyes . he just looks at me blankly like and just keeps looking but i dont know anything else because i am always the one to look away first. then he always tries to dm me to talk about the most random things ever and yeah he does like all my stories as well. and then he does anything to help me, but otherwise sometimes i feel that he does not give me enough attention......ahhhhhhhhhh confusing!!!
25 days ago
This quiz is so INNACCURATE!!! It says the guy doesn't know I exist even tho I sit next to him in almost all my lessons and he talks to me
60 days ago
150 days ago
Im kinda shy and the thing i hate the most is that one of the teachers is telling him off of very simple things like throwing a pencil in the air because he's bored or like- it is a whole list that goes on forever and ever. He is the best in mathematics and science all those subjects.
151 days ago
So i slight crush on this boy in my class and he's really cute but smart a hell, we've talked like a few times but not like an actual convsation. My first year knowing him, a boy, one grade below me said that i liked him i said no but later the next year i had a dream about me confessing that i like him and that is when i realized.
162 days ago
I got: What I think is, this guy is just SOOOOOO shy!

So you know what to do - help the poor thing out and go talk to him!

He seems to like you a lot, but you might have to do most of the work, at least at first. I know girls like to be pursued, and it's traditional, but you're probably gonna have to let go of that old school stuff if you really want this to move forward. Good luck! Go get him, girl!

But I'M shy myself!!! I really like my crush who is a red belt at Taekwondo, champ of tournaments and all that, but hes SHY. He NEVER talks to any girls of any looks or types. I can't go get him bcs I'm too scared of rejection!
211 days ago
the dude that i like looks at me all the time. i don't know whether he likes me or not, but i do. (btw stan monsta x!!)
219 days ago
honestly i told my friend (shes a year younger than me) who told her brother (whos a year older than me) who told his bsf (the guy i like) i liked him but i got my friend to tell him i didn't and he said he didn't believe it anyway.. honestly he but have a small interest in me, its possible
227 days ago
229 days ago
i reallly reallyyyyyy like him, like i cant stop thinking abt him. sometimes i think he might be interested in me too because i catch him staring alot and occasionally he teases me, but ik he's had his eyes on another girl for like 4 months now :((( and shes so pretty, athletic AND smart i dont even blame him tbh. i hope i have a shot but tbh im starting to believe all he sees is her...
255 days ago
He stares at me, smiles and never looks away! He talked to me once and he's so nice 🤧
310 days ago
So he glances at me a lot and his friends too... I never ever talked to him though
372 days ago
this guy… everybody thinks we like each other… idk if he likes me… but i like him and have for two years… im gonna confess to him at graduation next weeki luv bts
398 days ago
This 😘my boy friend who I love won't like me💔💔💔💔😓😢😭😭😭😭😭
823 days ago
@heyhey Girl shoot your shot! I'm a shy girl and my crush is a shy guy but I will soon make the effort to talk to him! My crush is one year younger as well :)
836 days ago
So there is this kid from my church and he is one year younger and I think he is cute but we don't really talk, but i kinda notice him looking at me sometimes. He is really nice and he has dark brown hair and nice eyes. should i shoot my shot with him??
847 days ago
I really cant 4get about him coz i love him so much
847 days ago
He stares for some time and looks away again and sometimes stares longer am afraid he may not llke me back
847 days ago
okay there is dis boy i have a crush on although he is in ss2 and am in ss1 we have never talked to each other before but i notice he looks at me and then he sees i caught him starring at him he keep staring until i myself looks away he even smiled at me lovingly once but i once sent his friend to him extend my greetings but he says he doesnt know me am worried am feeling he is trying to deny me
1138 days ago
I have a crush on this guy, sometimes I see him staring at me at lunch and gym and if i see him staring at me he looks away, we only talk once or twice because my family when to his house but never at schoo.O////O