Does He Like Me? Quiz (Middle School)

Have you been thinking about someone and taking these tests, but haven't been 100% sure about your results? Can you sometimes not find the correct answer for you among the choices given? Take this quiz to find out if he likes you, too. Good luck! (P.S.: This is kind of long - I included 50 questions to increase the chances you'll get an accurate result!)

  • 1
    Are you in the same grade?
    Are you in the same grade?
  • 2
    Do your friends say you two should be together?
  • 3
    If you asked him out right now what would you say?

  • 4
    Does he stare at you?
  • 5
    When you pass each other in the halls, what does he do?
  • 6
    You two have...

  • 7
    Have you ever dated somebody?
  • 8
    Has he dated anybody?
  • 9
    When music is playing in class and a love song comes on, does he look at you?
  • 10
    (Be honest) do you think he likes you?

  • 11
    Does he have a nickname for you/teases you?
  • 12
    How long have you known each other?
  • 13
    Do your friends joke around saying you two should date?
  • 14
    Do you have his number?
  • 15
    Is he hot or cute?
  • 16
    When you stare at each other, how long does it last?

  • 17
    Do you two sit next to each other in classes?
  • 18
    Does he act differently around you compared to other girls, in a good way?
  • 19
    How many people have you told about you liking him?
  • 20
    Imagine going it a birthday party, and he is there, what do you two do together?

  • 21
    If he does like you, why?
  • 22
    How often do you think and talk about him?
  • 23
    You guys are...
  • 24
    Do your friends or his friends make a big deal when you two are talking?
  • 25
    (Halfway done) Do you hang out outside of school?
  • 26
    If you kissed him out of nowhere during class, he would?

  • 27
    Do any of your family members know about him?
  • 28
    How long is the gap between when you met him vs when you started liking him?
  • 29
    How well do you know him?
  • 30
    If he told you that he liked you, you would say...

  • 31
    What if you asked him out?
  • 32
    Would he kiss you (on the hand) if it was a dare?
  • 33
    Would he kiss you (on the cheek, ON YOUR FACE DON'T GET DIRTY) if it was a dare?
  • 34
    Would he kiss you (on the lips) if it was a dare?
  • 35
    What does he do when you stand or sit really close to each other?
  • 36
    Does he include you in everything?
  • 37
    Does he play games with you?
  • 38
    Have you ever touched his face?
  • 39
    Has he ever touched your face?
  • 40
    Have you two ever had a special moment where you thought you were dating him?
  • 41
    If you and him were a couple, would you guys tell anyone?
  • 42
    Do you guys help each other with homework?
  • 43
    How does he look at you?
  • 44
    Does he ever dress nicer when he knows you will be with him?
  • 45
    (Be honest) How long do you think your relationship would last?
  • 46
    If you hugged him in public, what would he do?
  • 47
    Could you imagine getting married to him one day?
  • 48
    How close do you guys usually sit or stand together?
  • 49
    Does he act jealous when you’re with other guys?
  • 50
    (Last question) What would he do if he saw you in public?

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93 days ago
I really really like this guy and our parents are friends and my mom and his late uncle grew up together and I know like really weird things abt his fam and I buy earrings from his sister and our brothers r in the same grade. I know other popular girls that like him and I feel like I have no chance. Advice plssss!
105 days ago
So i really like this guy named justin and idk. i think he might like me but i REALLY like him and my bestie just brook up with him and im the only one he will talk to. like were in a freind group and all of us would always talk and nw he only talks with me. IDK what to do!! plz help! And i have him for science and math and were in 7th
105 days ago
bro i dont even know but he love sme beacuse he always smiles hugs and makes eye contact and one time at walmart i saw hm and he liked his crusty cute lips :)Lollllllll
113 days ago
omg yall r so lucky if you got your crush to date u. mine just looks at me and smiles sometimes lmao :)
134 days ago
He seems like a jerk when you just look at him cuz he’s like the blonde guy from movies that’s like REALLY athletic. But once you get to know him, he is practically an angel. I know like 4 other girls that like him .-.
134 days ago
💗, everyone’s talking about their crushes and how they actually interact with y’all like- my crush just looks at me weird lollllll
140 days ago
so we first met in grade 6, I hardly even noticed him and we didnt even talk or anything but then i got seated next to him. Again I didnt pay attention to him mostly because i was to this school but he was so nice and sweet to me and also i use to tease him a lot anyway my classmates called him and asked if he liked me and he said he didnt that was the first time i really started to notice him. I slowly started to like him and now its been a year and he still acts sweet and nice but idk maybe hes just really nice to me because i'm his friend but he acted like this even before we were friends but i really dont know!! undefined
141 days ago
I need some advice. So I am in 8th grade and their is this guy I really like, let's call him Ryan. And so me and Ryan talk a lot, but I am not sure if I am special to him because he talks to all girls in a teasing flirty way. Is there any way to know if he likes me if he treats all girls the same? Also, any tips for flirting with guys who are already super flirty? Like I am more on the shy side and it's hard for me to come up with things to say back to a really teasing comment so any ideas?
145 days ago
so, i'm in 8th grade and I live in europe and so i've been with this guy in my class for like 3 years now because 8th grade started a few months ago. anyways in 6th grade i started liking him really bad but then it passed. and then in april we started talking and got really close and we talked about how we both liked each other and then i started getting bullied and told him i'm not ready for any relationship at the moment anymore. so then i stopped thinking about him and got over it. when 8th grade started he was sick for 2 weeks and after that there was a trip with people who play music instruments. so there he met this girl from our grade. they became bestfriends in just 3 days. at first i tried to tell myself that i don't care but then i cared more and more. i tried texting him but it would alyways take him really long to reply. then my friend told me the girl has a crush on him and i tried to laugh it off. well anyways they always were together and smiled a lot when together. i got a bigger and bigger crush on him again. so then i tried to give him hints even though i knew he probably didn't like me anymore. since i broke his heart before i didn't have great hopes. then we went on fall break and my crush just kept getting bigger and bigger. on the first day of school i thought him and the girl were still that close. when my friend told me they don't have contact anymore. so my hopes started getting bigger. now i told him that i like him over text. he left me on read. at school he always looks at me. when the girl he got so close with walks by, he looks at her and then at me as if he felt kind of guilty. i just don't know what to do with him. please give advice!
151 days ago
Yw (sorry i was cross that a person would actually do that, so i went slightly overboard), maybe you could organise something and invite him to it, saying you need his number to give him the details! It's good to hear you are talking to him more.... About the going blank thing, everyone does that! (i mean, i do and i have known my crush for years and talk to him all the time, at least once a week) Just get to know him more and let him start the conversations MOST OF THE TIME!!! If u dont, then he will think you are not interested! Good luck!!
153 days ago
Bruhhhh I think he likes me tho bc he was talking to his friend and his friend came to me and asked " do u want to date him ? " and i said " yeah " but i didn't talk to my crush for the rest of the day and now its break i have to wait untill school starts . sooo do u think he likes me ? plsss help .
Ps : i think he likes me tho bc we like walk home alot and he held my hand before but idk plsss help
160 days ago
Thx but then we’re actually talking a lot more after that and I just don’t know what to do bc I just get blank when he comes and talks to me. At least, I want his number. But idk how to ask it as naturally as possible…
163 days ago
he just ignored you when you went to the mall? after saying that it would be fun if you were there? Hey, no offense or anything, but that is a really jerky thing to do and if i were you, i would get mad at him. Tell him not to invite you if he is just gonna ignore you. Seriously? ugh what a jerk. If my crush did that, he would be dead meat!
168 days ago
I’m in 8th grade and I have a crush on this guy. I joined just when 8th grade started. I liked him for about 3 months and he suddenly asked if I was free after school on google chat. The thing is that he asked if my two other friends were also free to come to the mall with them (his other 2 friends) or not (like 3 to 3). But both of my friends wasn’t free so I didn’t know what to do. I told him that they’re not free on chat. In our next class he sat next to me and asked if I was coming or not. I always took the bus that went to that mall so I told him that. Then he said that it would be fun if I came. I went to the bus, sat alone, and got out. They were walking in front of me but I just didn’t know what to do. I just kept on walking until I was home. I didn’t even have his number to text him where was or anything. This test told me that he likes me too but idk. He just stares at me a lot more after that and it’s just so confusing. We only spoke about our grades before and once played ping pong together. But that’s it. Like nothing else. Idk if he likes me or not. Idk what to do.. pls help
171 days ago
Yagirl_answerz Congrats! Is my guy cute? Tall for my our age, blonde green eyes and athletic. Our family’s are friends and we get along fine. He is nice but not 100% that he likes me
176 days ago
i am in 8th grade and there is this boy I like. we both liked each other in 5th and 6th grade and this year he jokes around with me a lot and talks to me in the hallway but somehow at the same time acts like he doesn't like me. what should I do????
180 days ago
help idk how 2 see y test results
186 days ago
i have done basically ever quiz on this darn website. and they r mostly like ur confused. wait it out. let time show its roll. LIKE GIRL. I CANNOT WAIT. also heres my story bc i need helpp:

Ok sowe r both in 7th grade. ALL the same classes. We sat next to each other in first and he teased me and stuff we always were laughing and stuff and recently the teacher moved my seat bc we were a disturbance. we still find ways to talk 2 eachother in class. notes, chromebook docs, ex. In pe we r in the same pe group. we always play finger games and we like nudge and touch eachother. he always look eachother in the eyes. ALWAYS. i used 2 have a crush on this other dude. my friends still think i like him i think i might- anyways my friends ship me with him when we r with him and i dont think he ever says no.. but i kinda laugh it off. Also i ship him with other girls and he kinda gets annoyed- idk if i like him as a friend or more. But i think he deff likes me and i kinda like hm at like a 4/10 ok.. but like i always think about him thats why im doing this test ok- and its like DUDE. FRIGGEN TELL ME!!! So i might slip smth in his locker like "someone has a crush on you.. dont tell anyone about this note or i will tell them that u wish they would die!" or something like that.. what do u guys think??? PLS HELP PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS IM BEGGING IDK WHAT TO DO

187 days ago
Does He Like Me? Quiz (Middle School)
So, does he like you, too? There is a chance! Talk to him more and more (as often as you possibly can without seeming to be a creepy stalker!) and maybe try getting his number if you don’t have it already. Good luck!
188 days ago