Does He Like Me? Quiz (Middle School)

Have you been thinking about someone and taking these tests, but haven't been 100% sure about your results? Can you sometimes not find the correct answer for you among the choices given? Take this quiz to find out if he likes you, too. Good luck! (P.S.: This is kind of long - I included 50 questions to increase the chances you'll get an accurate result!)

  • 1
    Are you in the same grade?
    Are you in the same grade?
  • 2
    Do your friends say you two should be together?
  • 3
    If you asked him out right now what would you say?

  • 4
    Does he stare at you?
  • 5
    When you pass each other in the halls, what does he do?
  • 6
    You two have...

  • 7
    Have you ever dated somebody?
  • 8
    Has he dated anybody?
  • 9
    When music is playing in class and a love song comes on, does he look at you?
  • 10
    (Be honest) do you think he likes you?

  • 11
    Does he have a nickname for you/teases you?
  • 12
    How long have you known each other?
  • 13
    Do your friends joke around saying you two should date?
  • 14
    Do you have his number?
  • 15
    Is he hot or cute?
  • 16
    When you stare at each other, how long does it last?

  • 17
    Do you two sit next to each other in classes?
  • 18
    Does he act differently around you compared to other girls, in a good way?
  • 19
    How many people have you told about you liking him?
  • 20
    Imagine going it a birthday party, and he is there, what do you two do together?

  • 21
    If he does like you, why?
  • 22
    How often do you think and talk about him?
  • 23
    You guys are...
  • 24
    Do your friends or his friends make a big deal when you two are talking?
  • 25
    (Halfway done) Do you hang out outside of school?
  • 26
    If you kissed him out of nowhere during class, he would?

  • 27
    Do any of your family members know about him?
  • 28
    How long is the gap between when you met him vs when you started liking him?
  • 29
    How well do you know him?
  • 30
    If he told you that he liked you, you would say...

  • 31
    What if you asked him out?
  • 32
    Would he kiss you (on the hand) if it was a dare?
  • 33
    Would he kiss you (on the cheek, ON YOUR FACE DON'T GET DIRTY) if it was a dare?
  • 34
    Would he kiss you (on the lips) if it was a dare?
  • 35
    What does he do when you stand or sit really close to each other?
  • 36
    Does he include you in everything?
  • 37
    Does he play games with you?
  • 38
    Have you ever touched his face?
  • 39
    Has he ever touched your face?
  • 40
    Have you two ever had a special moment where you thought you were dating him?
  • 41
    If you and him were a couple, would you guys tell anyone?
  • 42
    Do you guys help each other with homework?
  • 43
    How does he look at you?
  • 44
    Does he ever dress nicer when he knows you will be with him?
  • 45
    (Be honest) How long do you think your relationship would last?
  • 46
    If you hugged him in public, what would he do?
  • 47
    Could you imagine getting married to him one day?
  • 48
    How close do you guys usually sit or stand together?
  • 49
    Does he act jealous when you’re with other guys?
  • 50
    (Last question) What would he do if he saw you in public?

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448 days ago
@PLEASE HELP ME GIRL I would say he does like you if he’s trying to get your attention like that
458 days ago
Ack!! I texted him and HE LEFT ME ON DELIVERED 😭😭
459 days ago
it says he likes me!!!!!! but ive asked him when no one was around and he said no but hes held my hand?
461 days ago
The test said he likes me, we’re in 7th grade
461 days ago
So… I have a problem. I like this guy. I’ve had an on and off crush on him literally since I met him (six years ago). And I know for a fact that I am the only girl that he’s ever had a crush on, and it was only once last year. We’re really close friends

So point is, he knows that I like him now, and I’ve been getting some pretty mixed signals. One day we’re having like total and complete couple moments and he’s staring at me and we’re talking all day. Other times he acts like I don’t exist. Now it’s Christmas break and I’m wanting to text him and ask him for a straight answer on whether he likes me or not. What should I do??? I don’t want to screw up our friendship it’s so important to me it’s like we can read each other’s minds, we’re the two smartest people in the grade, and I can’t even explain what we have to my friends. I don’t want to lose that, but at the same time I’m worried what if we could have something more, something that lasts, at the same time. Should I text him and ask, wait for him to have the first move, or just try to get over it?? Please help me!!!
461 days ago
To what…?:
It’s gonna be okay. It’s never happened to me, but I would probably tell him that I was open to the idea of being like mutual crushes and just promising not to get a gf or bf before both of you were ready to date. I feel really bad for you. Rember though your worth is not decided by who likes you and who you like, don’t change yourself for him. Best of luck
463 days ago
So does he like you, too? There is a chance! Talk to him more and more (as often as you possibly can without seeming to be a creepy stalker!) and maybe try getting his number if you don’t have it already. Good luck!
466 days ago
So... he got a girlfriend.

I cried.

And then was happy, bc I know that he and his girlfriend are happy... but then at the same time, I know that he still likes me. I feel like is dating her bc he knows that I cannot date, (I told him that) and that he didn't want to make her feel bad. I feel like he talks to me more than her though... so many people make fun of him, bc he's more of a shy person, the girl he's dating is super popular, so of course she told everyone, but he doesn't like attention. (I'm the same way) now that we hang out a lot, people think that he's cheating on her.

The sad thing though is that she was one of my closest friends at the time they started dating. She knew, and didn't even tell me four days after they started dating.

I still like him, and I'm pretty sure he still likes me. I'm just so confused. Then on top of it, I'm pretty sure there are two girls that like me, (and I'm not gay...) and then another guy, cause he stares at me and tries to impress me.

We stare at each other, talk to each other, play with each other, and if I had a phone, we would probably talk a lot.

Someone help me.
470 days ago
HELP - i like some guy, and i think he likes me back. he would
476 days ago
So I like this guy and I think he likes me back but I might be wrong. IMPORTANT DETAIL, we are both Punjabis so according to our culture and families we are too young for romance therefore we would NEVER tell everyone we are dating and touch each other in a strange way. But I was gonna say that he looks at me but when I look back at him he quickly looks away (He tries to secretly stare at me), he teases me by saying that I'm from Lahore when I'm from Chandigarh, he tries to stand close to me in line and in gym. He also did this weird thing today, I was walking home with my friend and he was very far away but then he looked back and noticed us and that his friends were in front of us so he ran back and started talking and laughing loudly (as if he was trying to get my attention) while walking backwards and looking at me. Also, the other day he was flipping his bottle trying to beat his record of landing it and I was watching then every time he lost his record he would look at me even my friends said so. WHAT DO YOU THINK? DOES HE LIKE ME OR NO? PLEASE HELP BY REPLYING! In order for me to notice a reply, please write @PLEASE HELP GIRL. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :D
489 days ago
Update... so, we've been rly close, and I have PE with him now! He's being more of himself around me. Which I'm really glad about. I think he's scared of my sister a little bit... he kind of tries to be avoided her. I really like him though. Although, my friends have gotten worse for teasing me. It is insanely unhealthy. :-)) lol
495 days ago
I TOLD HIM I LIKED HIM!! He said that he liked me too, (Over chat.) and now we talk every day, he always stands really close, but we aren't officially together. He kinda avoids when I ask the question. One girl in the hallway asked if we were dating and we both just looked at each other awkwardly. otherwise, he waits for me in the hallways by the stairs after lunch, I wait for him in the second to last period, bc we have last period together, and we try to be close, then we both walk to the bus together. (He's rllllyyyy awkward...)
My friends keep teasing me about him, even when he's not around! Dude, it's like unhealthy. We can't talk over the weekends tho bc I don't have a phone, and they took away chat on our school G-mail cause of cyberbullying. I can't tell if we're just rly good friends, or if we're together.
Can someone help me? Give me some advice???
495 days ago
it says he might but y'know probably not, I've never had more than 1 month long relationship :(
499 days ago
Okay so update, the boy in my class constantly teases me and sometimes gives me candy and his snacks. I sit beside him and sometimes I can feel him staring at me but I’m not sure if he’s staring at ME or the chalkboard that I’m probably blocking a little. He also constantly says stuff about how I’m smart because I have the highest average in my class. However, he also called me the b-word. He also butts into me and my friends’ conversation and starts talking with us when we weren’t talking to him. Idk if he wants to be friends, if he likes me or just doesn’t care. I also talk to him pretty often but then again he talks to most people he sits beside.
499 days ago
i am a boy taking this to see if my crush knows i like her

it says it's possible

💝 i love her so much
501 days ago
Also because like I talked to his friend, and I only have one class together, my friend sista behind him my other friend too my friends think he's ugly idk what I think, and once me and one of my friends changed seats so, yeah but anyway that's all I'm never coming back to this website
501 days ago
This is for :/, I agree I'm also in sixth i sorta like him why would I have his number why would we kiss what is this talking about?
502 days ago
Npt very happy with resault since a lot of the quesrions were about if i liked him witch i DONT AT ALL but he keeps staring at me so i dont think this was a very good test and this is for middle schoolers why we be kissing? Bruh im in 6th grade. Not very happy
508 days ago
I’m so glad I got a definitely, I took this test because my friend in class would always flirt, but touch my hand, get close to me and I didn’t know if he was wanting to be more than a friend. Everyone in the whole class would always say we should date or we would be a couple we would just laugh. I knew he liked me but I wasn’t 100%. He also would do this thing (I was wearing hair coils witch are like hair ties but plastic and look like brackets) and one of them would be on the table and he would mess with it in his hands for a while and try to put it is hair 😂 and I would just laugh. Another thing is that we would glaze at each others eyes for a while. Like even if he was across the room we would end up looking at each other.
510 days ago
Okay, they broke up... he doesn't rly seem very affected, and I want to tell him, but I DON'T KNOW HOW!!! I mean, I'm pretty sure he likes me too, but still!