Does My Classmate Like Me? Quiz

If you want to find out if a classmate you've had your eye on might be checking you out, too, take my quiz now! This is for girls only - sorry, guys! I mean, you COULD take it, but what would be the point? To everyone who does - good luck! I know this is something that's truly important to a lot of girls, so I decided maybe I could help. I hope it does.:-)

  • 1
    Do you ever catch him staring at you in class?
    Do you ever catch him staring at you in class?
  • 2
    Do you two talk outside of class?
  • 3
    If you had a conversation, who would most likely start it?

  • 4
    When you ask or answer a question in class, does he comment?
  • 5
    Do you think he's only talking to you to get the homework?
  • 6
    If you guys ever talk, what do you usually talk about?

  • 7
    If you needed to cheat on a test/quiz, would he help you?
  • 8
    Is he touchy-feely?
  • 9
    Are you in/on any of the same clubs or teams?
  • 10
    If you asked him to watch a movie with you, which would he most likely say?

  • 11
    Are you friends with any of his friends?
  • 12
    Does he have a girlfriend?
  • 13
    If your teacher assigned your class a group project and he was a team leader, would he choose you?
  • 14
    Does he ever approach you outside of class to have a conversation?
  • 15
    How would you describe him as?

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41 days ago
And my last crush was a camp crush so i only saw him for like 5 days then i was r!pped away from him. This guy sits at my table group in class
41 days ago
Im kinda embarrassed i have a small crush on him, not that he's gross or crusty or anything, but more cuz he's way less interested in me than my last crush. Idk if this makes sense, but he looks like he hasnt hit puberty yet (he looks young) he's not even my type i dont think.
P.s. this guys name is Clyde
P.p.s. my last crush's name was Canan

Canan was hot and cute. He was really fun to just be around and i felt truly happy. Around Clyde i just feel really nervous and tight and not myself. Like im trying to impress him or something. When i try to be myself, i dont rlly know how to act like myself cuz what if i say something furking stup!d like do i even have a personality?!
43 days ago
There is this boy in my class called Lynton and he's just so good at everything; from athletics to academics. He has a great personality and good looks too, always hanging out with the group of popular but nice guys. I didn't know anyone in the school since it was the first year of high school but when he appears around me, I just go kinda happy all of a sudden. He never gave any girls too much attention (at least that's what I think) so he might still not remember my name because I don't talk to boys that often if not necessary. As an overall, he probably just thinks I'm a random girl but I guess he will never know about the feelings I have for him ;)
148 days ago
There is a boy in my class his name is nova. I like him a lot but idk if he likes me back. In 5th grade he was sitting next to me i class. He always used to give me nicknames and made weird jokes and tryed to make me laugh. I’ve always been the quiet kid, and no one really talked to me, but he did. He always tryed to be nice and make me feel better. He also somehow found me TikTok account, and he follows me and I follow him. He likes all my TikToks. One day I asked him if he liked me, but he said no. It’s just weird bc then why does he act so nice to me 😭
160 days ago
My boyfriend is S E B and I like him a lot but I can't tell him that I like him a lot and his friends are at Belfast school like me and my boyfriend we hung out a lot at school at morning tea and lunch and we like to be in the some class because he makes me laugh a lot and he would touch me on the shoulder and I don't want to tell you what he does but he makes me laugh a lot at school and on the way to tech.
168 days ago
He look at me all time
301 days ago
There is this boy in my class, sometimes he talks to me, about Anime or we like talk about our classmates who are dumb, cause the have a relationship at 14 and we’re both like: duh! Why are even doing this I mean they are too young for all of this 🐤. He also has 2 sisters and one day I had my blood week yk? And I was like having cramps all the time in maths. And then he said to the teacher that I’m not feeling well. Due I didn’t say anything to him. My teacher said the he should bring me to the secretary as we don’t have a nursery. And when we were outside of the classroom he was like. Do you have painkillers for your cramps? And I was like no I don’t and then after ten minutes everyone had break and he went to his sister with me and she gave me painkillers and she also told me that he likes me and I was like 🐤!

Please excuse my English it isn’t my first nor my second language….
376 days ago
The boy I like is 12 and really cute and he’s very skinny 😂. He literally weighs 70lbs and he is 5’8”. I think he might be slightly annoyed at how easily I can pick him up 😆
420 days ago
ok i think he might like me but im not sure if i like him. i took a soulmate quiz and it gave me his name but im not sure if its a differrent gabe
421 days ago
I think he likes me!
433 days ago
Maybe he does or doesn't
503 days ago
People who ever writes here have you thought of your dream boys read the comments that you wrote like “on accident” like BRO I know girls power is so so so strong but like still I am so scared now because I wrote my actual name AAAHHHHHH I am so dump
503 days ago
It says totally he likes me I am so exsited
503 days ago
I love this I am really interested in him and I need to know if the boy likes me
527 days ago
i was having high hopes but i guess i shouldnt put myself too high. It said we were just friends :)
602 days ago
There is this boy in my class i have had a crush on him for like ever but im not even sure that he likes me he is sooooooo cute he has the best personality ever, but he is is my best friends brother and i dont want to embarass my self by talking to him and finding out that he doesnt like me even though he knows that i like him all my friends told him that i like him and his name us Gauge but he is younger than me i could go on ana on and on and talk forever about him but i rlly cant!
604 days ago
I love this boy,he is in my class,he trys to impress me,he looks at me all the time, he put his legs close to mine,he always hold my hands.He his intelligent,quiet and cute
612 days ago
There's a kid in my class. He likes me! I just know it! But I obviously HATE him. At first in gym, he was on my team and I sat beside him on the bench when we had to go off and he started talking to me, I told him ALL the boys in our class were anoying and he said "Am I?" and I didn't want to be rude so I said "Sure, you're ALRIGHT" and he must've thought I liked him so he developed a crush on me. And HOW I know, he's like a shadow to me. In line he tries to come close to where I am. IT'S LIKE PERSONAL SPACE MAN!!!! And his friend was lying on the ground saying he was tired after Manhunt and I said "You can't be THAT tired" and the kid who likes me was like "yeah! You can't be THAT tired" so that REALLY annoys me! SO MUCH. And he follows me sometimes and stares at me. I KNOW my worth, he doesn't deserve me. Maybe no man will! (Sorry 'bout that, I am independent) But in the future MAYBE I might start liking guys. But in the FUTURE NOT now just in a few YEARS. So anyway I took this quiz to be SURE. And it said he did! I am BRILLIANT. Seriously dude! I don't want no nerd or jock. I want an athelete who is KIND and SMART. Not YET tho. But I have my life planned.
626 days ago
Like she is a softie but I'm the tomboy she is like h h hey and she helps me and she always wants to be near me but is like no thanks girl
626 days ago
I met a girl she is so sweet but nervous near me:^