Does your crush like you back?

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This quiz/test is to see the chances you have with your crush. Whether you should back off before suffering total humiliation, or try to make the first move! Does your crush like you back? Find out

  • 1
    Do YOU think your crush likes you back?
  • 2
    Does he have a girlfriend?
  • 3
    How often does he hang around you

  • 4
    How much do you like him back
  • 5
    Is he good for you?
  • 6
    Are you good for him?

  • 7
    Why is he attracted to you?
  • 8
    What do you share in common?
  • 9
    How much does he look at you?
  • 10
    What do you like about him?

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100 days ago
okok so
I have a best friend of 8 months that I like (let's call him Brad), which is funny cause technically we're complete opposites (he's bi and atheist, I'm straight and Christian). However, we hang out whenever we can, and we've worked on really big projects together.
Now, Brad and I hang out alone at times (we even held hands once, and I caught it on camera), and I always catch him looking at me. We both have special needs (I'm autistic, he's dyslexic), and that's what bonds us together as well.
Last week I got the courage to confess to Brad through text, but his answer confuses me. He said "I don't want to date anyone until I finish highschool" but we've never discussed dating nor did I mention dating in my confession, because I also wanna finish school before pursuing a relationship. What does his answer mean? Does he like me as well?
142 days ago
Guys i need ur help. I really like this guy who ive known for 8+ years. He is on my team, so i see him everyday. Recently, my guy best friend (let's call him L and my crush J) found out I like J . apparently, J already knew i like him, but he doesn't want to date anybody. L texted him trying to set us up. J and L are best friends, so keep that in mind. Now, it's super awkward because J said "I like somebody else so I don't want to date autumn" (he said this to L) and now I see him everyday and I'm always grouped with him but idk what to dooooo
161 days ago
i like a girl-
235 days ago
A kid: she definitely likes you. I mean SERIOUSLY.
334 days ago
Hey shy girl m talk to him see if he feels the same way about you if he does this could be good.
334 days ago
Hey a kid,she’s into you for sure just do whatever you’re doing that’s attracting her and make friends with her friends and her this would be really good for you
388 days ago
I have this huge crusb and i thinksp he likes me back beacause he got me flowers and a baloon to say thx for being a great friend in year 3
How Cute
595 days ago
I've really liked this guy at my church for a super long time, over a year actually! i'm best friends with his sister which makes the thing more awkward
659 days ago
I like this new girl in my class and I really think she's cute... we were doing a coloring page for 7th graders but I just said whatever and the colored pencils were in front of me and she got up and got one and we looked at each other and she colored on my paper just a little scrible scrabble on my paper and I though I just caught feelings for her..... I laughed she laughed and that's all it took..... she made the first move but I made a even bigger move by hugging her... I though she would push me but instead she hugged back so yeah..... all of the girls here I need help from y'all please!!!!!!
865 days ago
I really like this guy and he's supper cute,athletic,funny etc. This test said that he sort of likes me but isn't sure but I catch him looking at me a lot and he acts really goofy around me. I took a bunch of other tests and they all said he really liked me or he sort of liked me.
PS, shy girl, if you think you're really meant to be, talk to him about it. Find some time alone with him and ask him "do you like me, cause I do" but remember you don't have to if you do want to 😄
1183 days ago
omg it the test says that me and my crush should date !!! But idk i already told him but im not 100% sure he likes me . What should i do ? ( if you answer me plz put my name )