How To Know If A Guy Likes You! Quiz - Tell me now - 100% Accurate💟

Have you ever thought that a guy might like you, but weren't quite sure? That's, like, just about ALL of us! Well, good news, because we are about to bring you THE most accurate 'How to tell if a guy likes you' quiz for finding out the truth! Answer the following questions truthfully and hope you'll get the answer you desire! ;)

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    What does he do when you're sitting near him? He:
    What does he do when you're sitting near him? He:

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7 days ago
I agree with everyone else, Jackson. Just gotta out my two cents in.
12 days ago
But tell which you like more!!
12 days ago
Tell him it will work
15 days ago
I need help. There is this guy I am dating long distance and I am now not really sure how much I actually like him like that but he likes me a LOT. And then there is this other guy who I am starting to realise I like quite a bit (he goes to my school) but I am not sure if he likes me. But anyways I don’t know who I like more, should I tell the other kid I like him and what do I do about my boyfriend??? Someone plz help
20 days ago
d chances are she'll feel pressured and either agree or make her feel bad, both put her in an impossible position
20 days ago
Jackson I don't know what screws loose in your brain but you're 13!!!!! you haven't even finished middle school, the girl you're talking about COULD GET PREGNANT because I can't imagine a 13 year old girl asking her parents to get on birth control, an
43 days ago
I know someone that goes to the high that likes me. He always looks at me blushes at me. I know that he likes me just because on how he looks at me. I rarely get to see him because me and the boy do not have each other number and don’t know where each other lives.
46 days ago
Ok, anyways, update on my issue. My friend had told him for me (cuz I don’t like admitting to my feelings). And uh, he likes me back! I think if you like someone, just get your friend to ask you, so you don’t have to suffer with rejection.
46 days ago
Idek why I bothered to take this quiz. It’s really well put together tho! And I did like it. I don’t know why I bothered because…it’s so obvious the guy likes me-. He always compliments me, always tells me I’m gorgeous and cute, he cheers me up when he can, he always tells me what he’s doing, always says “good night”, and everytime I post something…he instantly likes it! Idk. It seems like he has a crush on me, but y’all tell me. Cuz I’m pretty sure but I could be wrong.
Lizzie, to answer your issue, there is a slight chance he could like you. I’m not completely sure though. Guys tend to want to make a female jealous. And they may bring up other girls. So, 30% chance he could like you.
Jackson, n o. I wouldn’t want a guy to ask me that at all. I get random messages all the time from giys about that 😘, and they get blocked. Girls don’t like it when guys are so quickly to ask. Because not all girls are sl**ts
47 days ago
this quiz is cool but I am still not sure if this guy likes me I do not like him so it is fine but I've been suspecting it for a while now I mean what do you think? he always tells me everything that happens with the other boys even though we are definatly not friends and he also but on the list(which only had 2 people on it) of girls he would date if he HAD to date someone pls I need advice.
71 days ago
If a boy asked you to have🐬how would you want him to ask?
71 days ago
Emma, that is a tough situation. It depends on how much you like this guy. If you really like him and he really likes you, leave it alone. If he likes you he’ll make the first step. If not, it’s not even worth trying. There is no need to try to date a coward who can’t even ask someone on a date.
72 days ago
Hi I need some help here.
So I just got a text from my bf's friend saying that at school my bf was talk s*it abt me. He blocked me for no reason. 4 hrs later he unblocked me told me he loved me then left. He os ignoring me. So I texted his friend to ask y he said that or if I should text him something rude like he did to me. He said "Idk he rlly likes u but sometimes he gets nervous". I started yelling at him and he said "JUST STOP! IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME THEN JUST DONT TALK TO ME BUT IM TELLING YOU, HE LIKES U! HE WAS JUST NERVOUS!" I wanna talk to him but he has been ignoring me. He hasnt been online for 2 weeks. Im quarantined and school is ending in abt a week. He never wants to hangout and im moving back to the states soon. He lives near me. I just dont know what to do if he continues to ignore me. He acts like a baby sometimes and he is very annoying with i love u then I dont want a relationship like bro pick one! Anyway yea i need some serious help here!!! Plz!!!!!!
72 days ago
This quiz is amazing! It helped me have a relationship with my dream guy! If u dont know if ur crush likes u use this. I told him i liked him and he said he liked me.❤❤
74 days ago
Today at work, I was sc😘 plates and Jacob was standing not that far from me and he had a noodle in his hand and he flicked the noodle at me and after he flicked the noodle at me I said,"Ok really, Jacob." Then he tried to blame me for him flicking the noodle at me and our coworker Colleen told me that she thought he was flirting with me. Also, him and Patrick were trying to wrestle with each other, so they got yelled at by me and our coworker Julia. The first time they got yelled at was by our coworker Julia because she said,"Boys, no hurting each other." Then she got in between them, so they wouldn't wrestle with each other. The second time they got yelled at was by me because I said,"Ok really you guys." Also, I came up with a really wacky idea and I told Jacob,"Hey Jacob. You should totally try out for 🏈." Jacob said,"No because then you would come to the games and I would have to talk to you after the games." I said,"Well, I would be at the games because of pep band because during the fall season I'm really busy with marching band." Then Jacob said,"FYI, I didn't ask." Me being me I said,"FYI, I was just letting you know." Also, jacob got a lunch break and I didn't, so he was bringing his plates back to the dish room and I had my foot by the door and I said with a smile on my face,"Hey Jacob. If you want, I can take it." Jacob told me,"Thank you."
75 days ago
Last week Sunday at work, Patrick flipped Jacob off and Jacob wasn't happy about it because I may have overheard Jacob say to Patrick,"Patrick, that wasn't very T-Bird like." After Jacob said that, I said,"I don't want to have to say it, but I agree with Jacob." Also, there was this one time at work where I had my hands full of dirty plates and I didn't want to drop them, so I had asked Jacob,"Hey Jacob. Can you please hold the door open for me?" He held the door open for me and I thanked him for holding the door open for me because I said,"Hey Jacob. Thanks for holding the door open for me." Jacob said,"Well, you had your hands full of dirty plates and you didn't want to drop them, so you asked me if I could hold the door open for you and I did." I mentioned it this last Wednesday in Plant Science and I was explaining what happened with that and after I had finished explaining what happened with Jacob holding the door open for me, Mrs. P, the FFA advisor and agriculture teacher, told me,"That was really kind of him to hold the door open for you." I like to say that was the most gentleman thing for Jacob to do even though I had to duck underneath Jacob's arm to get into the dish room considering Jacob has this weird habit of almost flicking food at me at work. He's such a really great guy and an amazing friend, so I think he would make a really great boyfriend, but on April 30th we were standing shoulder to shoulder and talking and our coworker Colleen told me,"I can tell you guys like each other as more than just friends because of the way you look at him and the way he looks at you when you guys are talking. He would make a really good boyfriend." After Colleen said that, Jacob told me,"Eliza, I would make a really bad boyfriend." I asked him,"Why do you say that?" He said,"I'm not looking for a relationship right now and I'm also not looking to date anyone right now." I agreed with Jacob about that because I said,"Same. I just wanna focus on school."
75 days ago
So there is this guy I like a lot but I think he has been flirting with me he always looking at me smiling but I am not sure Idk what to do because we work together and I do not want to make things awkward if I ask him out and he rejects me and he already knows how I fell my friends told him so idk if I should tell him and be honest with him.Any thoughts
75 days ago
My friend/ coworker Jacob Hanger and I both work at Pizza Ranch and he acts like a jerk when he's around Patrick, but around me he's always smiling and maintaining eye contact and he's also almost flicking food at me at work because this last Saturday at work he almost flicked mashed potatoes at me then today at work he almost flicked carrots and mashed potatoes at me. When he almost flicked mashed potatoes at me at work today I was sc🕊 plates and I noticed that Jacob had a little bit of mashed potatoes in his hand and he almost flicked mashed potatoes at me and the mashed potatoes almost went onto my glasses. Also, he calls our lunch break at work our "lunch date" and our coworkers are trying to get us to start going out.
77 days ago
Okay so there is this boy I like and idk if he likes me because he keeps staring at me. Like my friends catch him looking at me in lessons and we make eye contact and he smiles at me. Like maybe I’m reading into things but like-
79 days ago
I mean ye I'm 13 wats ur point?