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Have you ever thought that a guy might like you, but weren't quite sure? That's, like, just about ALL of us! Well, good news, because we are about to bring you THE most accurate 'How to tell if a guy likes you' quiz for finding out the truth! Answer the following questions truthfully and hope you'll get the answer you desire! ;)

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    What does he do when you're sitting near him? He:
    What does he do when you're sitting near him? He:

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62 days ago
so like im not sure if these are like signs but yk ill count it lmao

hes asked me random times like he asks me favors for example holding his phone or getting something for him when other ppl are clearly there. also he touched my phone unnecessarily. also, he "accidentally" grazes my arm from time to time and i thought it was one of my guy classmates so i was fine w it until i realized it was my crush LMAO. he also looks at me, i remember that one time where we were required to face somewhere (my position is a spot he cant see me unless he turned his head to me) and he looked at me?? i actually didnt know until i randomly looked at him and we looked at each other for like idk 3-5 seconds. his dead馃尰eyes fr. my friend also mentioned that he always looks at me when i recite (al of us either lookat the teacher or our papers and that only) and he sometimes mentions me in conversations when it isnt necessary. they also told me that when i was gone he sat on my chair (im at the very last row and its pretty hard for me to focus there). and he sometimes sits like legit near me when theres other seats available. also one time i gave him a letter almost in valentines day (its about me appreciating him as a friend) and he gave me one too 2 days later WITH valentines chocolate. he also said he keeps the letters i give him but eh i mean i also keep the letters my friends give me so it isnt pretty much of a big deal. anw theres one more but im not sure if its a sign but ill count it anyways, but he only chats to me (most of the time he replies fast of sometimes he replies in the night) and we never talk whenever we have face to face classes unless theres a group project to do

62 days ago
look i have this friend who i have a crush on, were pretty close n stuff but ive been noticing things from him, but im not sure. i kinda dont believe this quiz telling me that hes developing feelings but i mean you never know fr

man i mean like i actually dont mind if he doesnt like me but i- T-T yea idk rn
81 days ago
Oh, and @Becca dont worry, alot of these quizzes do the same thing to me, be brave and ask him! You'll feel better.
81 days ago
@Kenz same here lol everyone thinks it's weird
81 days ago
Alr it bascially says he likes me a lil i thik he loves me tho and i love him too i kinda wanna take it to the next level like ykkk but i dont wanna make him feel pressured yk? and idk if I'm ready for that either another thing is that I'm on the smaller scale both in weight and in height and he is in the blogger scale. he is abt 3-5 inches taller and abt 90 lbs more I don't mind tho I love all of him forever and always馃
81 days ago
Bro it's so funny reading old comments I've posted 馃槶馃ぃ yeah basically I didn't date any of them but I have a bf now! Hes cool and nice cute but lacks a lil body wise I love him tho so it's alr he's my bsf and we started dating on new yrs (2022) we lowkey tho imma take this test rq
82 days ago
So my guys taller than me, but then again I'm pretty short, anyway, his hair is the color of a sand beach and he's super sweet. If I'm being honest he's kind of a nerd, but in a cute way. He keeps on sending me mixed signals and this quiz didn't help at all
89 days ago
He literally told me he likes me back, like, three months ago, yet I'm still not even sure...
90 days ago
So there鈥檚 a guy in my class and I know I鈥檓 kind of young because I鈥檓 in elementary school but I was walking in the hallway and he was in front of me and he glances back and he sees me and he comes back to me and starts talking and saying that he鈥檚 waiting for his friend but I knew his friend was upstairs and it was kind of cute, but I missed the opportunity and just ran away馃槩
99 days ago
so i really like this senior his name is jacary an hes really cute an tall and i also think that he likes as well bc hes giving me all the sign
118 days ago
My man loves me yay!!!!!!! And I love him I've already planned our wedding lol! And our house and kids lol I'm crazy I know... But I just love him too much. I even have a secret nickname for him, "pretty boy" lol anybody else a victim to Cupid like me?
132 days ago
there is this really amazing guy that i have a huge crush on but i seriously dont know if he likes me back. i have taken like ten of these quizzes but i still cant figure it out. he is tall he loves soccer,he is strong and really good at math. i always catch him staring at me in homeroom but he always looks away when i catch him. when i am walking down the hallway he kind of hangs his head and walks on the other side of the hall like he is embaressed. also for some reason whenever he talks to anyone and im in the same room he always glances at me like every five seconds. im so shy though! i asked my friend to ask him what his soccer coaches name is and it really embarassed me because she said,"hey ! brooke wants to know what your soccer coaches name is". i was blushing so much!!!! [i didnt say his name just incase he ever sees this and for privacy reasons] i dont know what to do but maybe someday i'll tell him and see if he feels the same way.
145 days ago
So . . . there's this guy I REALLY like. But i'm WAY to shy to talk to him, so I admire him from afar. He's funny, tall, my age. I like him so much but have NO IDEA if he likes me too. He's teased me(jokingly) and once our hands accidentally touched when I opened a door and he was right behind. His hand landed on mine. Then the other day I caught him looking at me in band. Also, he suddenly works at the mall I work at. When I first saw him I swear my jaw dropped to the ground. He complimented me on my handwriting when he was passing out an assignment, but I was too engrossed in a book to notice what he said- or even who was talking to me. He's SUPER smart and I like that. But I think he knows I like him. He caught ME staring at him in band one day. Also in the hallway I try to make eye contact with him, but it's hard to tell if he's staring back. I think he's tried to impress me(which I am really impressed with his skills) but I'm not sure. He said he's against dating in highschool, so what does this all mean? Does he like me too? Or is he just trying to make me fall for him?? I'd love if we could go out , but I can't date until 18. And I'm not allowed to have a phone yet, so we can't even be friends on the internet. I feel like I know so much about him. But we're not even friends. UGH!! Does he like me too? Or am I just obsessed??? This test says he doesn't like me like that. Then, what DOES he feel about me?? I've done so many tests, it's kinda a habit. Please someone answer my questions!! I'm so clueless about it all!!
158 days ago
idk if he likes me tho he looks at me sometimes then never and he doesn't want to know but we r very chatty.
165 days ago
so I have this problem and Ive known this guy for like 10 years and his a few years older than me and there's like some of the signs there but IDK if he has a girlfriend or not I really like him like a lot! and he looked at me and quickly looked away a few times but he also lives six hours away annd I hardly see him so yeah. Oh and I can't have social media so like We haven't crossed paths online so help!
167 days ago
I really thinks he likes you Mia

167 days ago
This test really worked I asked him if he likes me and muttered yes I was so excited but the next day he put all worries aside and pulled me behind the pillar and kissed me! He even gave me chocolates at the end of the day he is so romantic once I go home he calls me to tell he loves me he teases me in a good way Once he said to me your funny I was about to say thank you but then he said looking we both bursted out laughing just today at school he pulled me under the back desk while we were working on a project and said I love you and then he kissed me we also take selfies together I am loving life with a boyfriend only in fourth grade LOL. My feelings are:馃挐馃グ馃槏馃尮馃樀鈥嶐煉煒仇煒煒金煫娥煆金煈嶐煆金煈勷煈┾嶁潳锔忊嶐煈煈煆解嶁潳锔忊嶐煉嬧嶐煈煆金煂糕榾锔忊榿锔 馃巰馃拰鈽猴笍馃槉
171 days ago
So I like this guy and one time I told him that I liked him and then he told me he didn't like anyone. 1 month before that maybe less, he was on vacation in London and we texted all the time. We still text quite often. Later I told him I didn't like him anymore (not true obvi)I also catch him staring at me in class and talking about me to his friend. I call him Alvin the chipmunk and one time he asked me if he thought he looked like Alvin I said yes and... apparently he had said do I look hot like Alvin... And he told all his friends what I said and now he teases me all the time for it cause he knows it was an accident... I think he likes me but IDK...
171 days ago
Hey @ShyGirl
I think he likes you! Why don't you have one of your friends ask him?
181 days ago
I also like this guy... but does he like me?
I verse him in basketball sometimes, and in 3x3 tournaments, I sometimes see him looking at me, but he鈥檚 usually 鈥榟anging with his bros鈥.
At school, sometimes he looks at me; in a boring class, at lunch times, etc.
But then I don鈥檛 think he likes me, because even though he鈥檚 very tall, I鈥檓 taller, and don鈥檛 guys not like taller girls? And I appear slightly larger, cause my body shape, and I鈥檓 shy, and I did a speech on feminism that I practically yelled at everyone, and he鈥檚 way more popular than me- his friend group once joked around and called my friend group 鈥榳eirdos鈥.
Once our mutual friend started 鈥榮howing him off鈥 to me, saying he can do all this stuff, but our mutual friend usuall does that.
When he and his friends are being stupid, he usually looks to see if I鈥檓 looking (I usually am, I鈥檓 such a creep).
Sometimes I鈥檒l walk past, and as I鈥檓 going up the stairs, I鈥檒l look back, and it鈥檚 almost like he鈥檚 looking at me...
What do you think? I鈥檓 asking for help AGAIN!!!