How To Know If A Guy Likes You! Quiz - Tell me now - 100% Accurate💟

Have you ever thought that a guy might like you, but weren't quite sure? That's, like, just about ALL of us! Well, good news, because we are about to bring you THE most accurate 'How to tell if a guy likes you' quiz for finding out the truth! Answer the following questions truthfully and hope you'll get the answer you desire! ;)

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    What does he do when you're sitting near him? He:
    What does he do when you're sitting near him? He:

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2 days ago
Hello! So, I am in the seventh grade and there is this one boys who sit’s next to me in science class. We have 3 classes together and he is friends with all of my friends. He has brown hair that is somewhat curly and brown eyes, he is a little taller than me and I have developed a little crush on him. His name is Jayden. Today at school he asked me if I am lesbian, which is quite weird. And before when we didn't sit next to each other we were always looking at each other. I don't think he likes me though because he said he likes this girl named Lena. I don't really like him that much so it's okay. I would like to be his friend though. What do you think?
4 days ago
His eyes seem cold because he is very serious and they are grayish-greenish. I'm not saying people with those eyes are mean, they are just VERY intimidating!
4 days ago
I also like this other guy (8th grader) but he's 2 weeks younger because I'm a year behind in school. I think he's cute but he makes me nervous. Like I can't look into his eyes. They seem so mean and cold but he seems sweet. We never talk, but when he looks at me I look down at my feet. I don't know what to do because I don't want to like both of them.
I only talk to one and were are really close, but with the other one, I am too nervous. I also don't know what to do b/c he is my guy friend's older brother. Please help.

The other guy is right beneath this comment.
4 days ago
So I like this one guy but I don't know if he likes me. He's exactly 10 months younger than me but in the same grade(7th). I think he likes me because he calls me "love" and "daddy" and "Papi"(and moans in my ear!), but I don't know if he's just playing cuz a lot of guys do that right now. I think it's a phase all the guys are going through, but I really like him. What do you guys think? Please help.
5 days ago
Hello Leann/Liam :) I would say maybe just think about whether you want to date him (obviously don’t stress yourself out too much especially since you just got out of a relationship). He likes you if he got flustered and also he is just messing with you when he bullies you. Otherwise stay cool and calm but have a lovely day! ✨
9 days ago
so you don’t have to read ALL of this but there’s this guy at school and he’s a grade younger than me (6th grade) and i just got out of a relationship with this girl (i’m omnisexual). i don’t know if i want to start dating him and idk if he likes me. he teases me a lot and sometimes grabs my wrist to drag me somewhere. but the quiz said he didn’t like me at all? i’m like 80% sure he does? idk??? i need helpppp :( anyway i saw him today at school again and he drew sharpie on my shoes and it was really cute bcs he got all flustered about it. he also tries to take me to a ton of places?? i don’t know what to think about it i need help >w
15 days ago
There's someone who I think like me(probably, like 85%) but I don't like him...So, what do I do???????
22 days ago
Also Belle- just go ahead and ask him out! If you guys are pretty close then there’s more of a chance of him saying yes, and the worst that could happen is he rejects you…….so I say just go ahead and do it!
22 days ago
I was doing this about an ex-crush of mine who I think mayyyyyyyyy like me, although I don’t have a crush on him anymore. The think about it is that we are friends before I started crushing on him, so we knew each other. I also don’t have a phone, only an iPad, and my mum still hasn’t got me messenger kids yet (btw I’m 12) so I can’t even talk to any of my friends, let alone my ex crush who I would never be brave Anouilh to ask him even of he has a phone, let alone full out ask him for his number! So yeah please help me I have no idea what to do and I really want to know whether he likes me or not!!!!!
23 days ago
@sup- that's relatable same thing is happening to me
30 days ago
This is great
I'm so grateful
33 days ago
I have a boyfriend but im not sure
35 days ago
Belle- do it! You only live once and the worst that could happen is that he rejects you, but you guys are already friendly so even if he does it will be in a nice way anyway, go for it!
35 days ago
Hi! So there is this guy that I might like and I can’t tell if he likes me or not, the quiz says he does. Here are some things that he does. In history class I always see him looking at me and he teases me sometimes, and sometimes we hold eye contact across the room, and he looks into my eyes when we talk. But he NEVER texts me first, and barley talks to me first so I’m thinking he could just be shy but idk because he doesn’t act shy
35 days ago
Omg. This boy that is super popular and i am friends with has been acting differently. Everyone around school is saying that i like him but I didn't i did. All of a sudden i start to really really like him! We have 2 classes together and we have a lot of jokes. We high five a lot and talk a lot. he wants to know things about me and yea. I think he may like me but if my parents find out I am dead. Some girls came to me(friends) and said that he likes me. WHY IS LIKE SO HARD?WHY DO I LIKE HIM?
38 days ago
This is wrong the dude likes me. Everyone says so. I don't tho. Sad for him
39 days ago
Ik so like I just broke up with my boyfriend and like A couple weeks later I feel for this guy. He's funny and sweet and so nervous lol but like he used to have problems with being rejected. By one of my friends actually and he talked to me about it and stuff and now we're kind of close and we have ben friends for a while and I just suddenly caught feelings for him and I don't know if I should tell him I like him or no I'm so nervous. So like what should I do.
42 days ago
He doesn’t YASSSSSSS
46 days ago
Interesting... The guy I like, him and me have one of those childhood friend relationships but in the last two years we haven't really been talking because of the Sha ronna stuff and he's just now starting to talk to me again and geezes💑I realized hot flipping cute he is
80 days ago
This is not true the guy I like likes me