How To Know If A Guy Likes You! Quiz - Tell me now - 100% Accurate💟

Have you ever thought that a guy might like you, but weren't quite sure? That's, like, just about ALL of us! Well, good news, because we are about to bring you THE most accurate 'How to tell if a guy likes you' quiz for finding out the truth! Answer the following questions truthfully and hope you'll get the answer you desire! ;)

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    What does he do when you're sitting near him? He:
    What does he do when you're sitting near him? He:

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567 days ago
Hey so this girl said my crush has a girlfriend but he doesn't act like it or talk about her and he likes me I can tell. She might be jealous cause she knows I like him pls help..
569 days ago
I Like this boy named Luke ,jaxon,Kenny ,ryan , Blake ,
575 days ago
I got....

Ready for your result? He is head-over-heels for you! Yay! Don't worry about a thing - just ask him out. Or you could wait a little while and drop hints for him to ask you, but personally, I wouldn't risk him meeting someone else while you're waiting. Just go for it! The worst thing you could do in this situation is nothing. You seem to be close enough already that, even if he rejects you, your friendship will probably not suffer. But that is something you have to decide for yourself. But judging by your answers you don't have to worry too much. Go for it!

Yaaay! I already now he likes me cuz u told him I like him and he said he likes me back. Now I have just been taking these Quizes to see if there telling the truth then i can rate them.

P.S I am very good helping with boy problems so if you have any just ask me :)
587 days ago
your enemyu, uh if he doesn't have any signs like any of them he won't like you, and also you got so mad about an online website its kinda funny, and uh learn how to spell no offense because I could barely read that.
599 days ago
There’s this guy I like a lot. He’s really sweet but it’s awkward between us. My friend keeps trying to set us up and make us look at each other. And I’m not complaining but it’s a little awkward. And he keeps staring at me and then looking away and blushing. And whenever my friend tries to set us up, he doesn’t stop it. Someone help me please!!!
599 days ago
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605 days ago
Someone boys keep looking under my dress and stared at me Pls Help!!!!
611 days ago
I'm so confused rn. There's this guy in my class and he sits right next to me. I mean he laughs at my jokes (which are pretty stupid) and his legs and hands are pointing at me. And he'll accindently touch my thigh and my foot, and he looks at me right in the eyes. But at the same I'm still unsure if I should shoot my shot or not. PLEASE HELP ME
615 days ago
Lets Goooooooooooo!!! It said he might be developing feelings for Mua!! I going to talk to him dis Saturday!!!

Peace out!!!
616 days ago
So Olivia he definitely likes you you should just shoot your shot you got this
616 days ago
Hey I’m a girl btw.ive liked this guy called Jack from about 2 years now but I don't know how to tell him he is in all my classes and sits next to me in most of them! When we do PE or expressive arts I'll catch him staring and in lesson he will put his arm around me or touch my thighs idk what to do pls someone tell me what to do!!!
640 days ago
So. I have been here for a while. Like I’ve been taking this test ever since I developed feelings for this one guy named Jayden. He’s not over attractive neither am I. But he’s definitely not ugly. He’s in my home room. Even though I don’t sit next to him, he talks to me a lot. He kept bothering me for snacks and I gave him some. He tried to steal my Christmas hat, and Jayden kept trying to get my attention.
I don’t think he likes me, but we could be good friends -- I guess?
645 days ago
Lessssss goooooooooooooo
647 days ago
Idk I think he likes me because one time I heard him say " I like someone who has black hair..( btw I have black hair.) and also one time he put his chin on my shoulder sooo.. sometimes I catch him staring at me soometimes but I look away . And one time he sat next because my bestie wasn't at school with me(btw I was lonley so yeah:.) and it was so akward lol so PLEASE help ME!!!
647 days ago
I really really like this dude from my class, but I'm not sure he likes me? ive been sitting next to him in class for like a month and a half or so, and we seemed to get really close. but the problem is, right when school finished today, I overheard him asking another girl "how can I get my crush to like me" but the name he said was blurred. ive been thinking about this all day long, and he really seems to like me, even 1 time when we hangout with some of our friends we had to squeeze really close together and i caught him blushing while looking at me. can someone please help me out? i really really like him and i hope he likes me 2.
654 days ago
So uhm, I sent an anonymous candy cane and he READ MY HANDWRITING! And now the WHOLE 6TH GRADE thinks it’s from me! But my 6th grade friend convinced them that it can also be someone else besides me.

I told my crush that I wrote it for my “friend” and that she really likes him. He wanted to know who it was but I didn’t tell him. And tomorrow, I’m planning on giving him another candy cane but someone else’s handwriting.

A-LOT of people have asked us if we like each other or if we we’re dating and me and him keep saying no. My friends think he likes me because of the way he acts around me and the way he treats me.

So, me, him, my other friend that’s a boy, and another friend who’s a boy (he knows both of them and is friends with them) are playing a game. We have to tap 2 times on someone’s head and we have to say “it’s ok” (idk why) and we have to get the same person back. So, the 2 boys pats my head so hard it’s like they’re giving me a headache but my crush does it softly on my head and he smiles around me. It’s so cute ☺️.
(Btw, I’m older than him… but he’s taller than me by HALF AN INCH and he keeps teasing me abt it!)

What should I do? Does he like me? Advice please!

Signs: He teases me, has a nickname for me, we’re close friends, people assumed we are a couple and like each other, our families are close so I get to see him a lot, he sits next to me sometimes, he talks to me a lot (he usually doesn’t want to be with me when he’s with his friends but when his friends are gone he’s super close to me.)
656 days ago
Ready for your result? Good news! He seems to be developing some feelings for you. He might be shy and confused about all these crazy new emotions he's feeling. Why not ask him out? Or try flirting with him a bit, see if he responds! If you're worried about losing him as a friend, try talking to him about the subject of "friends to lovers" in general. His opinion on that can give you a couple of hints as to what he's comfortable with. Just wait a bit and see, and you will know with time how much he likes you.:)

I-I'm happy abt the result but argh you can never be too sure:(
662 days ago
on what i got is that he may not have interest in me. to me you don't have to look at someone all the time or give them afection alot, i may have started likeing him in the therd grade but i did start seeing some changes. he started to come to my house more and he may teas me but every one is diferant. even so if he desides to go out with some other girl it is hie happyness that matters.
662 days ago
so that means the guy am talk about love me abi am happy but how long we i have to wait for i just want are to tell me he love me that it
675 days ago
It's fine. At least my friend isn't mad at me.