Does your crush likes you?

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Have you ever thought whether your crush will ever liked you? Personally, I do have a crush and we always talks during recess or lunch. His friends and my friends ship us together and created a ship name. We kinda get awkward and I always say 'Hell, No' But deeply in my heart, I do love him much. So, take this test to see whether your crush likes you. It seems pretty accurate to me but good luck x!

  • 1
    Does your crush know your existence?
  • 2
    Do you catch your crush staring at you often?
  • 3
    Does your friends and your crush's friends ships you guys together?

  • 4
    Does he tease you often?
  • 5
    Does he randomly touch your things example. pencil case, books etc?
  • 6
    Won't be affecting your results but do you think you likes him or just crushing?

  • 7
    When your crush and you sits down on the same table and do your own things, does your crush's friends say like ' ooh.. he must sits with _________"?
  • 8
    Does your crush's friends say like ' Hey, your boyfriend/girlfriend is over there!"?
  • 9
    Does he usually start a conversation?
  • 10
    Does you and your crush have a lot in common like favorite color etc?

  • 11
    Does he walks you home or to a bus stop?
  • 12
    Most importantly, do you like him?

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155 days ago
Wow, there's alot of you ladies here isnt there? Hope you're all doing well and are keeping your spirits high! ( i did this for fun tbh )
175 days ago
I have had a crush on this boy since freaking Gr. 2 and he have never shown any signs of liking me?! HOW DO I KNOW
231 days ago
I hated this quiz because a lot of the questions involved your crushes friends, but here is the thing. My crush has no friends and he is pretty lonely and it is super sad. I want to walk over to him and just talk but i'm wayyyy to nervous to do that. Anyways, since my crush has no friends, I want to answer the question with a flat out no. But no isn't an option! I am in love with him and we talked a few times when I sent him an email but that's really it. He stares at me all the time during lunch and I love it. I just don't love this quiz. No. Just NO.
413 days ago
I have the same exact problem Emily. Except it said he MIGHT like me. I DON'T KNOW IF I LIKE HIM!!!!!!!!! We're friends, and we have some similarities, and sometimes, i find myself blushing near him, but that's only been a few times.
538 days ago
it says he likes me but doesn't know if I like him. so, he is just waiting until he finds out so he can be comfortable
541 days ago
Hi guys. I have something to say. Please listen if you can. Here we go...

First of all, I am a swimmer. On my summer team, there is a boy who I used to... let's just say we were kind of competitive with each other at times, being the same speed in the pool. I would argue with him because I felt awkward around him. You know what I mean. I was not even 10, after all. The thing is last year at swim I developed a crush on him. Buuuuuut... here's the catch: I'm sure all of you have a crush at school, right? During the summer you can't see him, and it makes your heart ache, am I right? Well... I have to wait 3x that long to see him. I just was wondering if you have any tips on flirting. (I'm an introvert.)
630 days ago
I can't really awnser these questions but right now he called me cute a lot but he is in a different class and since Coronavirus we can't talk he's always staring at me to and he's really cute and hawt
883 days ago
1187 days ago
were made for each other me and well 'natasha' my crush
1233 days ago
Ugh... I don't like the types of tests/quizzes where they always ask questions in which they don't have the option that I have in my situation. Like the fact that I don't have friends right now in school cause I just started going there only a few months ago! So when it asked "What do your friends think of him and you" then I searched for something but NOPE. And i don't know who his friends are right now! I have only just met him at my school so like???? At my school also no one takes the bus! All of our parents just take us home. Ughhh
1352 days ago
hi,nadia are you sereious?
1355 days ago
Thank you sooooooo much know me and him been dating for six years
1420 days ago
1420 days ago
@Unknown if you search online I think, I actually found this lady's name on Google who is a Love and Romance Expert..
1454 days ago
So not accurate like all the other tests I took said he really likes and this one said "No he doesn't like you". I'm confused. . .
1521 days ago
Bruh I know he likes me even my friends know it
1551 days ago
He doesn't like me
1551 days ago
My crush does like me l'm so happy,but it said to hang out with him more to get to no me better or something. But there is one guy in class he won't leave me alone he even said he likes me ew!!!!!!.
1552 days ago
OMG my crush likes me 😨😨😨
1552 days ago
lmao.. It's a yes :) I really THINK he likes me all those signs..