Do I Like Him?

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Just butterflies? Just a little innocent crush? Or do I actually like him? In this quiz, you're going to find out! Thank you BELLE for giving me the idea to make this quiz and thank you everybody for taking my quizzes. Please don't forget to leave 5 stars and comment.

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    When you're around him, do you get Butterflies?

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1030 days ago
Lol I got kind of. Thx for nothing! Btw no hate it's a joke thx for the quiz
1078 days ago
I think this test was meant for girls lol eh got the answer I thought I would anyway have a good day or night
- yours truly
1173 days ago
This is a great quiz!I enjoyed it and I think it actually told me how I feel about him, unlike most of the other quizzes out there!
1188 days ago
This is great!!! Whoever created this is kind and I like the tests
1197 days ago
I actually like this guy a lot but I see him occasionally. A friend told me that that guy likes me and I talk to him through texts and calls but his reaction seems like he doesn't not until yesterday when I asked why he collected my number and he said cos he likes me and wants us to be chatting. He hasn't texted till now. I'm confused.
1236 days ago
guys how do you know if you like sb for real or just as a friend. there's this guy who has a crush on me and we could become a couple but I don't know if I want you. I know this sounds stupid but how can you tell if you like sb? he's my friend and I really don't want to hurt him by leading him on. help old!!!
1343 days ago
so, i probably like this guy then..... i know i have no chance, but- UGH π~π *crii*
1352 days ago
Ello I am a random person. Like the quiz... I like him and my parents seem to approve. I have to say he's is great and easy to chat with. I wish I had the courage to tell him.
It's not that I'm inseacure or I fear rejection I honestly fear that I'll end up just making the most awkward situation.

Bets of days,
1401 days ago
Great quiz! Am I the Belle that you said gave you inspiration for this because I think I commented on one of your quizzes a while back and said you should do one like this. I was just wondering. Love the quiz! 💕
1535 days ago
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1536 days ago
Make sure to comment to become part of our girl squad. My girl squad members will be announced at the end of every month! Thanks everyone!
1536 days ago
Guys. Don't put yourselves down. NOBODY is ugly and NOBODY needs to think they are. If he's popular and is gonna be a jerk now, he's not good enough for you. All of us girls have to stick together and be strong so that we can show the guys we are all awesome. Guys can be stupid at looking at the outside and should look at the inside too. Never forget that. Anna, I non-embarrassing way to tell a boy u like him is to basically say you like him, and then ask if he likes you. If he says no, then just tell him it was a prank. If he doesn't, at least you can be sure.
Thank you to all of my girl squad. I consider u all friends.
1536 days ago
you are NOT fat and NOT ugly. even though he became popular doesn't mean he still won't be your friend. You are a girl and own it. If he doesn't like you then he needs to open his eyes.
1536 days ago
My friends seem to like h to, and he got really popular this year, so I don't know if he can see me, through all the pretty, skinny girls in my grade. It doesn't help when your a fatso and your ugly...
1536 days ago
I really don't know how to tell them because I had told them before and one said he didn't care and the other one got shyer and it got awkward between us and I don't know what to do...
1536 days ago
This really helped me because I have a crush on 2 boys at my school and I didn't know what to do so thank you!
1536 days ago
De De, what do yo mean by idol? If u don't know him or never met them, I can't really give u any other advice but to maybe contact him.
1536 days ago
Sophie, I kow it is really hard t take the chance of losing a best friend. If you want to see if he likes you take my other test titled, Does He Like Me. If u get results u like, you ma have to just go for it. I know it's tough we've all been there before. If u think he likes u back, there's nothing to lose. If he says he doesn't like u, tell him it was just a prank.
Thank you for commenting and good luck.
1536 days ago
1536 days ago
what if he is a idol?