Does he Love or Like me?

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As a teenage girl, I know how frustrating it is not to know how a guy feels about you. Most quizzes talk about meeting at school, or texting back and forth; but what if he's shy and hasn't dared ask for your number? What if you don't go to the same school? Hopefully this will help you figure out a small portion of what's going through his head.

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    (Bear with me this is an important one)

    Does he glimpse at you when he thinks you're not looking?

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3 days ago
There are two possibilities in this case:
Either he likes you, but is too shy to admit it. (In this case, just continue being you. If he's not man enough to admit it after a while then maybe he's not for you. (Or, he just needs encouragement!)

did yall notice on question 4 when it said that no he didnt like her or something like that and then in parentheses it said aw sorry!.......
are you tho?? ARE YOU SORRY?? sorry i just kinda needed to get that off of my chest......
2044 days ago
Yeah we've already did the whole relationship thing. Just testing it out.
2045 days ago
Hi I just asked him out he said yes!!!!! He is with me right now thank you for uploading this quiz