Does He Like You Back? (for girls) (shy guy)

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Hey! Do you have a crush on a shy guy? Do you want to know if he likes you back?
Coming from a girl currently crushing on a shy guy, I have some tips to help you:) **UPDATED**

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    First question: Do you ever see him staring at you?
  • 2
    Okay, so this question is one I’ve personally being dealing with recently...

    Let’s say you are in the same area as your crush (so he can see you, and you are within a few feet or yards from him)
    And you see a guy friend of yours and you guys start talking! You’re laughing and having a good time catching up with your friend..what does your crush do?
  • 3
    Does he ever try and get your attention, try to impress you or start a conversation?

  • 4
    I know this may be a little strange, but does he ever “ignore” you or not talk to you..
    (Like not all the time, only occasionally)

    For example, sometimes I’ll see my crush, and he sorta seems like he’s in a bad mood and doesn’t talk to me that day
  • 5
    When you guys are talking, does he tease you at all?
  • 6
    Have you told his friends/people he knows that you like him? What was their response? What do they do?

  • 7
    Has he ever complimented you?:)
  • 8
    I know this one only happens in certain situations, but has he started wearing cologne or dressed nice when he knows he’ll see you?

    (My crush started wearing cologne and fixing his hair)
  • 9
    Almost done!

    This is a simple question but it matters, believe me!

    When you guys talk/hang out, how does it go?
  • 10

    Let’s say you are arriving at some form of social event or see your crush, he see’s you..what does he do?

  • 11

    Have you noticed your crush coping you? For example, he see’s you doing something new (let’s say you both play the same sport and you start working on a new drill) then a few days later, you see him doing the same thing!

    (But make sure you know he’s coping it from you, not someone else lol)

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127 days ago
yay he likes me same ef i love u
708 days ago

Awe! You’re too sweet! So happy you like it! 😁💕

708 days ago

I love those songs! I’m a huge fan of Britt! Thanks for sharing! ❤️❤️

711 days ago
I love love LOVE your quiz!
Thank you for making it
712 days ago
another one is Hold us Together by Matt Maher. It's another Christian song.
714 days ago
#songaboutmycrush "Gold" by Britt Nicole. It's a Christian song, and idk why it reminds me of him. it just does.
718 days ago
Hey everyone!! I’ve created a new & updated quiz! If you’d like to check it out, the link is below 😁

XOXO Lexi ❤️
721 days ago
a song that reminds me of my crush is "i hate u i love u" by Gnash and Olivia O'Brien

@anyone willing to help
ok, i need some advice
i have a crush on this guy, let's call him c. idk if he likes me or not. i have 2 classes with him, 1st period and 5th period. in 1st period, he always asks me to help him with his homework and to compare answers with him. idk why he does that, he's super smart and he normally always gets the right answer. once, when we were transferring from 4th period to 5th period (our 4th period classes are right next to each other) he chased me from 4th to 5th and when he caught up to me he hugged me from behind. when we sat next to each other in 5th, his arm would always be on my desk, brushing up against mine. sometimes i would get annoyed at him and i would move my desk away from mine, he would use his long legs to pull my desk back towards him and then he'd lean on me. the thing is, one of my closest friends also has a crush on him. if he likes me and asks me out, idk what to do. i don't want to ruin my friendship with her, and i don't want to say no to him if he even asks me out. do y'all think he likes me and if he asks me out, what should i say?
723 days ago
Alright guys, so I kinda have a challenge/game...? Lol idk what to call it. But comment a song that reminds you of your crush! It can be any song, happy or sad, or whatever you want lol. I’ll be reading your answers and replying! (And possibly listening if I haven’t heard the song before) Also add the hashtag #songaboutmycrush along with your answer

Thanks guys! Hope you find this “game” (lol) fun! :)

The song that reminds me of my crush is “everytime” by Ariana Grande

Xoxo Lexi ❤️
723 days ago
Hey all! I’ve added a new question!

I also wanted to give you some signs that a shy guy would give off if he’s interested in you!

1. He stares & glances at you often - Shy guys often are scared to walk up and start having a conversation with you because they don’t want to say the wrong thing. If you even catch him staring at you (and he does it often) that is a pretty sure fire sign that he likes you. What I like to remember is, if a guy isn’t into you, they aren’t going to pay any attention to you, so if you see a guy (constantly) looking at you, it probably means you’re on his mind and he likes you!

2. HE’S NOT AVOIDING YOU!!! - Okay, that was a little strong lol But seriously, I know you could be stressed that he isn’t talking to you, but if he is still getting around you and being in the same area as you, he definitely isn’t avoiding you, he’s just shy! I’ve noticed my crush comes around me a lot and does some things with me, but doesn’t always talk. If he wanted to avoid me, he wouldn’t even come around me! See? Lol

3. He says little things to make you laugh - *blushes* This one happens to me often lol Most guys in general like making their crush laugh & smile. So, with that said, if he likes you, he will definitely make an effort to make you laugh. Most of the time, my crush is actually funny but if he seems nervous, and you can tell he’s trying, just give him a little smile/laugh. It’ll make him feel good :) Guys, especially shy ones, can get stressed with a girl they like, so try to ease their mind a little lol

Anyways, I hope these tips help you! If you have any other questions and recommendations, please let me know! Thanks to everyone for taking my quiz and commenting! ❤️❤️

Xoxo Lexi
727 days ago

Wow! What a story lol! I think you’re right though, he could be overwhelmed. Boys have a very hard time admitting their feelings. I think it’s because they don’t want to seem “vulnerable” so they just deny everything even if they do actually like you! Boys can be weird sometimes lol. Hope it all works out for you! Keep me updated & thanks for commenting! ❤️

Xoxo Lexi
731 days ago
Thanks! I think your quiz was pretty accurate. So I kind of have this awkward thing with him 😂. So l liked him last year and he knew cause ppl told him but then I told him I didn’t anymore and he believed me (he might have liked me then too tho haha 🤣) . Then this year I like him again and my best friend was friends with him and she asked him if he liked anyone. It took her a few days to figure out but every day he would like give her more hints and then eventually he said it was me!! 😁. And what as funny is that he was so surprised I like him lol.Then the next day one of my friends went up to him and started bugging him to then he said he lied about the whole thing. Now every time I say something or laugh he will stare 😂. The drama though 😂. Me and my friends think he probably likes me it’s just he was overwhelmed. One of my besties just recently started to become his friend so I’m happy about that cause maybe we can find out the truth 😂. Hope all is going well with you ❤️
767 days ago
Exactly! Luckily though, I had the courage to talk to my crush today (we haven’t talked in like a month) and I felt so good about it. Sometimes all you have to do is talk to someone. That’s probably the best advice I could give.

Hope all is well with you :)

Xoxo Lexi
772 days ago
lexi, I get it. I feel as though im pretty good at giving relationship advice but I cant comprehend anything about my situation.
778 days ago
You know, it’s actually kinda funny you say that because I feel like with other people’s situations, I can help them, but with my own, I’m a know? I’ve just really been going through a tough time with my crush. But, overall, I’m glad I can help you love 🙂
784 days ago
@Firebreath (Hugsandkisses)

Lol! Thanks girly! I appreciate it! I’m so glad I can help you 😀❤️

Xoxo Lexi
793 days ago
Thx Lexi! man, you should put an ad somewhere that says, "Need relationship and love advice? Call Lexi _____ (insert your last name in the ___) at ________________ (insert your phone number in the second ____)!" you would sooo rock at that job!
805 days ago
Hey @Hugsandkisses!

Sorry for the late response!

To be honest with you, this is just (I’m assuming) a teenage boy being a teenage boy! Boys are strange creatures lol I think in his head, he was trying to get your attention. Boys think differently then us girls 😂 I wouldn’t worry about this too much. Based on things you’ve said in the past, I’m pretty certain this guy likes you!

Btw, I love Veggietales! I used to (and still do) love it as a kid lol 😂🙂❤️

Xoxo Lexi
825 days ago
So I drew a picture of Bob and Larry from Veggietales a few Sundays ago. (I know my crush from church) and showed my crush. then he insulted it in front of a guy I hate (and my crush KNOWS I hate him because the guy I hate is awful to all girls so why WOULDNT we hate him?) and im wondering if my crush likes me less. nothing like that has happened since.
825 days ago
Hi lol