Does he like you? (Girls only!)

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Does he love me, does he love me not, does he love me, does he love me not? Every girl wants to know the answer to this question, so why don't you figure it out and stop worrying about the answer so much?

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    For how long have you liked your crush?

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35 days ago
Nice a good quiz. Thanks👍
116 days ago
We're in the same grade and same homeschool community, but I only see him once a week. School starts back on Tuesday and I just saw him today at the water park for a homeschool day. Too bad he has a gf! I'm close to his sister, but she ships him with 3 girls, here's the order from most to least: his gf, another girl in our community, then me. I'm last, but at leastshe ships us! Oh well.
158 days ago
Any tips from guys on?? Anything would help
212 days ago
ILYSMBUKYDLMB!!!!!!! Although, maybe not that much... I honestly just don't know anymore. He, I don't think even, even knows I'm in the room. We only have one class together. P.E. he's kinda... popular I guess. I'm a nobody, but he's not like any other popular boy. He's kind, and also isn't chauvinistic, which is pretty rare if you're in Middle School, then I guess I kind of have to admit, is cute. But I still don't know. Maybe it's just a small crush... but the hardest part is that he don't know me that well. He'll have no idea, because I'm not the girl to go around and tell everyone. (I'm not like every other girl. I'm Indie :) :) so don't try to make me fit into stereotypical girl category, okay?) Maybe I'm okay with this. I don't even seem his type.

Sorry, this is long. I don't know if anyone is even reading. Why would you be? I don't know, I read throughout the comments sometimes lol. :) I hope you all get lucky. I know I won't. That's fine, I'm used to it.
225 days ago
to annonymas hippopodamas:

take a quiz for guys and see if she likes you
you dont want to overdo it if she doesnt feel the same. if she does, here's what most girls like:

hug her
kiss her
call and text often
hold hands

i dony know where you see her, but made sure PDA is allowed. this also depends on your age
225 days ago
the guy im thinking of is so hot. he's 14 and embraces me all the time! we met at our youth group and always sit together. he saves me a seat and vice versa. sad thing is, i'll probably be taller than him :( hope it works out. quiz said he does
236 days ago
I got a 50 percent chance so I guess that's good? The boy I like is named Carter And he's pretty hot tbh despite his height. Idk if this is s crush but I feel like he's out of my league
255 days ago
It says he likes me but like IDK?
283 days ago
omgggg my crush's friends asked me is he was my bf and like i rlyy love himm
309 days ago
This is stupid it says dosent like you but he’s nice
309 days ago
This 💋it says he dosent like you he is nice like what
349 days ago
I just used this to figure out if my Oc's crush likes her because I'm rping with this one guy and my oc likes his oc.
610 days ago
He might like you, it's a 50 percent chance. He might like you, and there is a chance that he'll ask you out! You just have to get out there and make him notice you!

He actually doe notice me! : )
762 days ago
can i have some help? I'm a Dude, just so you know, I have a crush on a girl. I have found that around 50% of the time I'm looking at her, she is already looking at me, and sometimes I'll look at her she'll look away, then I'm like "Augh she noticed!" then I'll look away then she'll look back and it just goes on for about 20 seconds. she is freinds with my freinds cousin and, she is the sister of my older brother's freind, I don't know what to do. I'm fairly sure she likes me I just don't know how to acknowledge to her or tell her that I like her Plz help, I'm hoplessly confused...
782 days ago
He likes me!!!!!!!
It is good cause i love him!!!!!!
I want to see him now i wish the quarentine finished!!!
802 days ago
Well, it says 50 % he does.
I doubt it. And it´s not helpful. A wanted a realistic answer. Like 60% yes or 60% no.
879 days ago
hey where’s my comment
929 days ago
well this was helpful
1002 days ago
he said hi to me at the shops when he was with his two other friends in a lowkey obnoxious way but two days after he put my pencil case away for me unexpectedly. he tells me to stop being shy. does he like me or does he hate me? lmaoo
1078 days ago
I don't know if HE likes me but I do.